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  1. Not me , but people i knew . And i have , loads of times against the o.f. , as well as Hearts , aberdeen , utd . And prob hamilton if id of been there .
  2. I think we should go back to the 90s when 1/3 of the east stand was full of the old firm.It was William from larkhall or Kieran from drumchapel.And as soon as you went to a steward to say you had been threatened,they through you out.Then you go to the main door with your season ticket to complain to a board member you are told "if you dont like it ,DONT COME BACK". Some of the same board members you are going to try and convince now.£.
  3. No old stonkers from the main stand(slf)Only joking,I think most people who enjoy a sing song will be up for this,as long as the board ok it.The only thing i can see a problem with is the stewarding. Oo a,oo a, can you take a cu cum ber!
  4. I mind my wee brother going up to John Collins in the main stand and saying as he passed "awright Joan",and he replied "p*** off" .Still makes me laugh thinking about it.
  5. You wer no complaining when she was all over yi.You coud nt keep yer hands off people on saturday just ask that steward. Cant wait for dens . Only 26 sleeps to go .
  6. Dont want to go on about the attendance again but think there is someone on the take.The herald says we took 1600 fans to eep yet says the stand which holds over 3000 was almost full.Say each section holds 600.The end sections have 2 tunnels and the middle one does nt have any.I just dont think i seen 3000 pars fans although it was hard to say with them spread over three stands.
  7. Can i suggest one of the posters record on their mobile our various chants especially the espanyolesque chant for later posting on here.If evoryone's recording it on their phone then they aint joining in.Maybe the conducter,Ginger perhaps:laugh:
  8. Ten of us going on the service bus . Meeting up with a few more in Thirstys.Well done again to ginge and well done to all the saintees that go to eep.OO to ,OO to be ,OO to be a ,SAINTEE.
  9. Had a really good meal in Laings on the Roseangle off the Perth road the last time the wife and i stayed over.Wont say what pub it was , but last tuesday the couple in the next table stole the cutlery. The barman says stuff like that happens all the time . He said an old gezzer came in a few months back , opened up a condom and started sucking out the contents.No be going back there again!!!
  10. Stuart Beedie scoring a scorcher at kilbowie only for it to be ruled out after Jim Gallacher(Paul the pars keepers old man for all you younger posters) hit his head off the post.
  11. I think he ended up in Almondbank with icicles
  12. Humped everytime we went to Clydebank,Tranent after Berwick,Girvan before and after Stranraer(ferry trips to Ireland),Stonehaven on the way back from Fraserburgh,The Starks bar,We want Falkirk Grahamston,Port Glasgow dancing on the bar and the Local in Glasgow on the same day,The Bier keller in Blackpool,The Prince Of Wales in Ayr,Several stops at Thirsty Kirstys in Dunfermline,Bayview on New Years day,Eaglesham,The two trips to Dublin,The pub at Shrewsbury,Cellery,£1 a drink at the Carousel.
  13. Spurs v Liverpool at 5.15 and a few beers whilst you wait.Bound to be a later bus
  14. The dundee fan that was going with us has decided not to go in case of bad press.Only joking she cant get a baby sitter and no she isnt a single mother.So only 1999 going to eep.
  15. I have found that old firm fans either drive flash cars and talk with lovey accents or have the arse falling out of their trousers.I could sit down and have a conversation with a Celtic fan about football but would end up having an argument with a Rangers fan about how much better their team was than ours.Dont like the cb's much.
  16. Me personally i think ginge must be applauded for the way he has tried to get the troops rounded up.I know by speaking to my mates that they have got extra people who would nt normally go and watch saints to go to the game.It is probably a bit to soon to think we can get buses from every pub and club in Perth and every town in Perthshire.It is a start and i hope he sticks it up,not only to the fife tinks but also to savothegreat if he is infact a saints fan.Come on the saintees.SAVOTHEGOAT
  17. I have a Dundee fan going to the game with me . Now to see if Dees for life can be persuaded.
  18. Is there not an age limit. Just ask for Thirsty Kirsty,or is that the bar next door. Meet you there . Some go by train and some go by service bus . Roll on the 1st
  19. My wee brother got hit on the bonce with a tomato sauce bottle thrown from the Dundee end . It was at Muirton on a saturday nite friendly game in the eighties . Town was mental that nite .
  20. Was a bit steaming that day and ended up in the pars end.Met up with a few more saintees in the wrong end.We had a carry oot and were passing it round to keep safe.
  21. Theres nothing of him either.But im just a bitter terrier.