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  1. Was working at the new stadium today.Nice wee ground.The framework for the four stands has been erected ,with the concrete base for three of the stands up.There is still a road going through where the pitch will go.Left overs from the old housing estate that used to lie there before.I have photos i took today and will post them if anyone is interested.On the downside since the job started a number of syringes have been found in and around the site.My workmate almost stood on one today.But it is ferguslie park.......
  2. Give it a try at Hamilton saturday ! See if we need to fine tune it for the semi.
  3. God , another semi . Im getting dizzy . Our recent history against the gers sounds good . P 1 W 1 F2 A0 . Easy meat .
  4. Hope my uncle is ok . Not seen him since the Dundee game a few weeks back when he had a sore foot .
  5. Im sure John Balavagee could still do a better job than they two