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  1. I did hear the steward shouting at the top of his voice at the end of the game, not to go to the left when you left the ground as in his words " our young team and your young team are gonna be scrapping under the bridge"
  2. Hearing how Malpas etc had to adapt when they were that age at United I take it things have changed. Unless Ando is in the habit of giving Hurst a sore face or McLean clocking Gordon.........forget the last bit
  3. I predict I'll hear Ghostie all the way up to Inverness, during the game, then all the way back down again.
  4. Can't remember seeing any trouble inside McD or outside. Thumb emoji
  5. I remember my mate sat in there for years with his lad and he said there was loads of times it nearly kicked off. Mainly if saints scored or won and opposition fans couldn't take it.
  6. Then again if you keep Liam in the 11 you've got 10 players trying to kick him up in the air. He usually plays his best games against the Jambos
  7. Has Cummins missed any more chances than McLean this season so far ?????
  8. ACAB, I'll take it although I won't be at the Jambos game. My laddie will be Thumbs up emoji
  9. I thought Alston should of moved into the middle at Liams expense when spoony came on.
  10. It's the first game of the season and although I was at the fringe yesterday, drinking heavily I'll be shouting and singing just as loudly as any other game, with the help of ibuprofen. Mon the Sainteeees!!!!!
  11. More chance of finding out what happened to Lord Lucan
  12. sixtiessaintee is sacked for not giving minute by minute accounts
  13. Im sure that's not the first time you've periscoped for the lads
  14. No updates at all. I blame Ross Cunningham, Steve Brown, Tam Scobbie Alan Mannus and Gary MacDonald
  15. Height and physicality were the major problems last night and maybe Turriff were a bit more streetwise than the young lads. Some great passing and the saints goal, I think the whole team touched the ball before Hurst scored.
  16. I trust Tommy and Callum over a mechanic, a factory worker and candle stick maker
  17. It's just garbage and is everything that's wrong with football nowadays.
  18. Thank God, the football is back. For just over 3500 of us this is all we pretty much live for, sjfc. Squabbles apart we are the life of the club and there is nothing better than walking through the entrance, taking your seat in anticipation of what lies ahead during the next 90 minutes and ultimately the rest of the season. Let's hope it's another incredible one Mon the Sainteeees!!!!!!!
  19. I actually like both training tops as it's a bit different