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  1. Last time I seen us rip Stirling apart like that Totten was manager and it was 6-0 on the astroturf at Annfield
  2. Tbh at 3-0 up and cruising it's hard to keep the noise going. Next Sunday will be a different animal. I hear Hamilton away is the next DB Away Day on Saturday 24th of September Choo choo the noo
  3. heard a rumour saints have put a bid in for Greg Stewart. Geoff maybe giving them a help ala Billy Dodds transfer Don't shoot the messenger.
  4. Fantastic day with a magic turnout. Only gripe was if the chef wasn't so busy taking pictures, the food queue would've went down quicker
  5. Obviously spending too much time with disreputable folk in the big shmoke
  6. I wasn't at the game but had my reservations and it wouldn't be as easy as some were predicting. It's a tight ground and by what folk have said the first half wasn't up to much. A few changes second half had us controlling the match pretty much with their keeper in fantastic form. Was relieved we got the equaliser for the point then penalties is just a lottery. 2 wins and a draw, hardly knicker wetting material just yet. Rossco out, Dundee on the brink.......Motherwell Hamilton Inverness United and Killie all with a little to do to get through. Any team changing a few players will struggle as we've seen a few times in the past. Positive from the start on Saturday and I think we'll get the win we need. Mon the Sainteeees
  7. I'm not knocking it, just can't see what the difference is having it at t in the park or at a concert, to walking down the road in a small city to inside a football ground.......... Although the latter can get you the jail
  8. At least Mannus and Scobbie are getting a wee break
  9. It's a belter of a video. I take it pyrotechnics is ok outside the ground then, just not inside . Emoji thumbs up. Emoji laughing hysterically
  10. Went for midge, dynamo that kept us ticking and looking a constant threat
  11. I think that's a perfect area for you as it encourages the rest of the stand to join in. Also never heard Ghostie the whole game
  12. Yip, just a pity it didn't go into one of those exciting word association games the wapers get titillated about
  13. Should be another exciting game. Think we'll nick it by the odd goal. I do think there will be a problem regarding the Falkirk fans though. Think they maybe should of opened the away stand. It's been a few years since we've played them, seeing how many travelled to Killie in the play off, it's cracking weather for football too and the big win the other night for them, this is a must win game now for them. Used to love the games against Falkirk