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  1. Aberdeen 1-0 winners, Hibs 1-0 up and looking like penalties but the speedos 2-0 down and out
  2. I hope you stick to roughly the same area though as it adds to the atmosphere
  3. Saints Highland tour 1987 in Rothes. Just under 30 years ago Ian, Alan, Alec,Danny and Don. Don't know who the two wee fuds are!!
  4. I'm going up, cause it's free and it's a chance to see what the other lads in the squad have to offer
  5. Loving the new Rik this season already
  6. Maybe you should phone the Mallard to alert them
  7. Hope you top the 100 mark on Saturday.
  8. Alas, a bit of comedy on WAP. thumbs up emoji, thumbs up emoji.
  9. Great support up considering the lack of buses and rail disruptions. Great game, some slick passing from both teams and some well taken goals. Midge had 4.......Yes 4 shots at goal GC missed a few chances with the keeper making a few saves too. A few misplaced passes but it's still early doors. Very happy with the overall performance though. Very strong attacking bench.
  10. Congrats Bev. We as we are perth regulars demand upto date information about what you're upto throughout the day,week and maybe even the night. We wanted the same from Ross Cunning but he's just being as sly as a fox. Yours the real fans at We are Perth
  11. Then Danny telling him " to fvck off ya wee prlck "
  12. I liked that one too. Anything a bit different
  13. I have his mobile number Bear
  14. My favourite are the 83-86 strips from Umbro and the following Matchwinner blue and white and red and white. Away tops are my favourite as they change them from the normal. The maroon, season ticket white top, teal and magenta and Es Es red and black are my favourite.
  15. First competitive game and Ambrose is centre half. How many seasons never mind games has he been a bombscare. How bad is their academy that they can't find anyone better than ambrose. Most embarrassing result in Celtic's history.........more like Scottish football. Rodgers was already being negative before the match almost anticipating the performance.
  16. I was planning on going but working instead
  17. We've had all the interviews with the new players so at a time when there's no football, can't see what there is to report. Maybe try and get an interview with Mostivoi to see if he is definitely signing for us or why he didn't. Least we know if the undersoil heating goes on the blink the next time we have plenty folk to give up they're useless air. Sun and Daily Record readers