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  1. I like the top, just because it's different to the usual shade of blue and collar change Boring having the same strip every year bar a couple of alterations .
  2. His brother is a cb though, laughs hysterically
  3. Dissapointed to hear the midfield maestro has let himself go a bit, smile emoji, thumb emoji.
  4. Ooooooooooft a red and blue matchwinner top.......sexual
  5. I'm raging he's not phoned me personally for buying a season ticket and for buying a retro saints top. The guy needs to get his priorities right.
  6. I got mine, great picture of Drew Rutherford attached to it
  7. I seem to still be able to see SLF'S posts
  8. no ginger and proud, Come on keep up
  9. 2 Perth hoolies in London the other night P P
  10. WAP in childish rumours scandal
  11. Does this mean Lomas was singing the sash in the Royal then
  12. Can we not offer Sutton to Rossco in exchange for Graham
  13. yeah but he gave the ball away in a game ages ago. Surely that must go against him.
  14. If I had been home I would've went through to this. I know a couple of committee members at Oakley
  15. Congrats Hannah. Hope you're all doing well. Know you went through quite a bit x
  16. Last one. Fitting as East Stirling have dropped out the league. MBS in Falkirk. I remember being outside the ground when the FBI ( Falkirk bairns Inc) turned up looking for Perth a good hour before the game. Turning up late was always the perth lads ploy though.
  17. Maybe 2 years too late but better late than never. Listening to interviews from Liam Gordon, Blair Alston etc etc the spirit at this club has never been better. So many local young lads breaking into the team and promising talent from the rest of Scotland and afar pledging their future to the club. So excited for the season to start and getting my seat in the Tommy Wright stand
  18. Oooo ah Oooo ah can you take a cucumber Oooo ah Oooo ah can you take a banana
  19. Gav Stewart has a good story about Elgin
  20. i think it was along the lines of the Rangers fans were just as equally to blame. The majority of other teams supporters would of left the stadium. The Rangers fans were more interested in confronting the Hibs lot on the pitch. I think he said the pitch invasion was just passion
  21. our luck they would get Ghostie or Dan Shek to model it though