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  1. May as well stick 2 up front for the last 25 minutes
  2. I’m getting absolutely scunnered watching the same storyline every week
  3. Mccart is brutal for that, everytime it’s a long ball to no one
  4. 17May

    Saints v Accies

    I’ve seen enough, time for him to go.
  5. 17May

    Saints v Accies

    This is absolutely awful
  6. 17May

    Saints v Rangers.

    Anyone starting to get worried about this season ? We’re powderpuff at the moment
  7. 17May

    Saints v Rangers.

    Can someone tell me what Conway actually offers us, guy is sh*te
  8. Wtf was Kerr doing when he gave that corner away before the goal
  9. This is frustrating as f*ck, we’re watching the same game every week
  10. Does anyone have problems with the stream sticking every 20/30 secs ? Absolutely doing my head in
  11. how many times did we put the ball across that 6 yard box for everyone to be standing on their heels! hes got to change this formation for next week surely, get May & Hendry up top together they were both firing last season
  12. Liam Craig red card at the end, shambles
  13. Can’t believe spoony is sitting on the bench for him. also, it has got to be 2 up front in these types of games