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  1. try Works for me with BBC whereas none of the bigger well-known ones do.
  2. Is the game on Saints TV for international supporters or do I need to subscribe to Premier again? I can't see anything on the Saints TV site!
  3. If you go to the Premier Online website it is listed as live but no sign of it after you log in - I assume it will just appear at 13:00 as advertised.
  4. I took out a 1 month subscription to Premier online. It does not work with v*n when using UK as location but does if you use ROI.
  5. DubaiSaint

    Stevie May

    As a Norwich fan I watched most of their games last year. Hooper didn't score many but was by far our best striker. The team's failure was down more to Houghton's setup than the players. What we missed was the directness that Stevie could bring. I'd be very happy if Norwich came in for him. We just signed Lafferty - I think Stevie would have been a better buy.
  6. My English team (my wife's from Norwich) has just signed Kyle Lafferty. Good signing ? Bad signing ? We were relegated from the Premier League last year, primarily because we couldn't score goals. We've loads of strikers: Hooper, Van Wolfswinkel, Becchio, and a new arrival, Lewis Grabban, from Bournemouth. Van Wolfswinkel is almost certain to leave and there are rumours about all the rest too. How would Lafferty fit in with any of those ? Would a pairing of Hooper & Lafferty get any of you excited ?
  7. Check the Uefa home page, middle right hand side - the Scotland review gives us quite a mention !
  8. I won't be able to make it from Dubai but will be watching on iPlayer. 31 days to go..