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  1. Superb thread, great laugh. I remember being at the 4-3 New Year game at Dundee in ‘78. I always got the train to Dens so I could keep my fitness up sprinting doon the Hilton on final whistle. The next week we were on the supporters bus, which was a double decker berry bus, to East Fife where a few lads sang the Bye Bye Dundee song they had written through the week, fantastic. That aways remained one of my favourites.
  2. I did email Beverley directly a week ago but she could only direct me to Premier Sports
  3. Update; Premier Sports have no avenue for overseas supporters to watch their platform live. They said that Bein sports have the rights to show it in Australia. Great news I thought. But after checking their tv schedule turns out they aren't going to show it live but broadcast it 11 hours later. They do have a streaming branch called Bein xtra that can be accessed but no notification of the cup final, they are almost impossible to contact. I've contacted SaintsTV but they haven't responded, maybe they can't announce anything as yet. That looks like last chance and if that doesn't come through then it's fingers crossed for Hesgoals.
  4. I have beinsports through the Foxtel platform and it wasn't on here in Australia
  5. I understand that Premier Sports have the rights to show the game at home. Does anyone know if it’s available to buy for overseas supporters, Australia in my case? Or are we resigned to a Hesgoals stream?
  6. Anyone know of any links to watching the game streaming on computer?
  7. Just got email from Sophie, out of stock. Thanks all for the help
  8. No reply from the 'enquiries' email address, just tried the 'sophie'' one now. Quite astounding that a club wins its one major trophy and their DVD isn't in the shop window
  9. Cheers, I'll give it a try
  10. As Santa wasn't forthcoming with the DVD, can anyone tell me how I can order one. I live in Melbourne. I guess you'll be aware that it doesn't show up on the official website, as doesn't the other 'cup winners' shite that goes around. Not even in "featured items', go figure. Anyhow, "contact us' has no email and neither does Campus Sports. Who'd have believed it was easier to get to the game from Australia than getting a keyring and a dvd, you'd think they'd be ramming them down oor throughts.
  11. Would love see whole stadium scarf swirling doing full version of Sweet Caroline. This and all fans footage captured on video is always amazing to see. Living in Melbourne and missing the buzz just reading about it all in the build up. COYS
  12. Excuse my ignorance here. Am I right the match is on Sunday, 3rd August? How did the collection go? How much did we manage to collect? Any left over? The money was used to buy a ball for the game? Are we getting a mention in the programme, as a group, 'Exiles?' Any other points of interest. Well done to all, contributors and organisers.
  13. Donation sent from new bank account. Received? Barra
  14. I've seen a few people asking if they're on your list as they've sent a donation. Any chance of putting up your current list of those still to send, so we can see where we are in the pecking order cheers