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  1. Marley Watkins isn't out of our range. From speaking to one of caleys main sponsors, Watkins is on around £750 a week with bonuses, as was Billy McKay. Shinnie was highest paid on around a grand and went to Aberdeen as they offered him £4k a week!! I believe tansey is now their highest paid on £1100 as he just signed new deal recently. Watkins would be a great signing for us and would give us a better option than croft
  2. Are you really that petty? Do you not think fans that drove up the worst weather hit road in the UK on a freezing Tuesday night in January deserve something back from the players?
  3. It showed last night right enough. Full time they couldn't feckin wait to get off that pitch. Nice of them to acknowledge the 158 who sat through that shit
  4. The body language last night was horrendous. At 2-0 down after 50 minutes with the performance we were puttting out I would expect the manager to be pacing the technical area roaring and encouraging. What did we see last night? Wright leaning on an advertisement board with his arms crossed. A stance he took for nearly the whole second half. There was zero effort, commitment or passion. I genuinely believe there is a morale issue at the club. Look at things, the huffin at no passing, mcFadden sending off reaction, o'halloran sub reaction, last nights performance. This from the team who prided ourselves on being a unit who worked together and fought together. It's day and night. We won't go down, think we'll be the best of the bottom six. There's 4 or 5 players who just don't cut it and Wright needs to be harsh in the summer
  5. That is all
  6. The boys club top table is suffocating the club. These freeloaders have done absolutely **** all since getting these "jobs" at the club. We've gone from being a top 4 club with success to being an absolute joke and a shambles within 5 months. Hey, as long as the salmon and caviar tastes good for the lads though
  7. Looking back, football was the loser last night
  8. With a nice smooth car park and an astro turf no one can afford to hire
  9. Midge was not marking Mcleod for his goal, completely lost track of him
  10. Sorry, but Millar didn't track Mcleod for the goal