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  1. Different route but 3 of us are staying at City Gate Edinburgh (train) -> Luton -> Vilnius
  2. I agree, we can speculate all we want but none of us really know what's being offered/turned down/negotiated. It's naive to think it's a simple as 'getting players signed up'. While potentially losing players is concerning, I'd be far more concerned if we were throwing wild amounts of cash about.
  3. Players like Liam Craig are the reason St Johnstone have had (relative) success over the past few years. Maybe not the most technically gifted but determined to win and willing to run through a wall to make it happen if need be. We NEVER get any less than 100% effort from him. If you want players who can show flare when things are going well but are lazy and hide when it gets tough, buy yourself a Hearts top with Nicholson on the back.
  4. Are the FCU heading up to Dingwall tomorrow?
  5. Is it too expensive ? yes. Is it the best thing to do for St J ? yes. The home crowd would be humped by the tele/kick off time anyway so let's at least fleece the tic fans. Shame a few loyal saints will get caught in the crossfire but in the greater scheme of things it makes sense. That said, I like the various suggestions about 2 games for £40 and handing out £5 discount vouchers in advance. Anyone want to talk football? I'd say this is a good a time as any to take the game to Celtic. We're 12 games unbeaten (including a 2-1 win against them) and they'll hopefully have to put in a shift tonight. If we can produce our trademark brand of effort and ability then I see no reason not to be optimistic. Mannus Joe Ando Brad Beast Alston Midge Muzz Swanson Macca Zippy Zander, Kane, Liam, Spoony, Paton Scobbie You could argue everyone on that bench would be unlucky not to start,
  6. Sounds like there might be a good few hundred heading north, despite the best efforts of the RMT f**kers activists. Fair play to all the designated drivers taking one for their teams! First day of the season Road trip Another ground ticked off the list Beers a plenty. Should be a great day out
  7. Ghostie and everyone else who pays to follow their club have the right to shout whatever they like. What I just can't understand, is shouting things that are detrimental to the performance of the team you've paid to see win. Booing a player who's low on confidence??????? Causing chaos at set pieces by hollering instructions at players about who's free and who they should be marking??????????? Telling loan players to 'f*ck off back to Celtic' ???????? Demanding that Tommy 'get Kano on' following a defensive error (or funnier still, when we've made all our subs)??????? Jeering when players get subbed off??????????? It gets tho the stage where people are actually looking for a player to make a mistake so they can be proven right in their verbal abuse and have another opportunity to dish it out. I get that people want to vent frustration/disappointment but FFS, it just add's to the problem.
  8. angus-saint253

    Top Six

    Great post! - clearly highlights that after 24 games this season we were 2 points better off than we were 2 years ago. Good progress, the future's bright! Seriously troops, enough doom and gloom. Bit of support for the boys and we'll be back to winning ways before long.
  9. angus-saint253

    Top Six

    We've just come off (hopefully) a horrific run of 7 league games without a win and the result is....... we could be fourth again by Saturday night, everyone calm down
  10. Despite the best efforts of some on here, I'm still buzzing for this. Dundee away when we badly need a win sounds like a great opportunity to me! Heading through from Edinburgh on the train after work with the usual suspects and a sizable carry out. 'Braw'. Depending on fitness I'd go with.... Mannus Fisher Ando Joe Beast Thomson Muzz Midge Swanson Macca Cummings Spoony to come off the bench and change the game after we inevitably go 1-0 down and midge gets injured. 3-1 saints
  11. Yeah, I think it's winnable. Just need a bit of confidence and spark back. This is the first time in weeks we've not had any transfer/cup speculation hanging over us so hopefully this reflects in the performance.
  12. Time to show a bit of bounce-back-ability Mannus Dave Ando Joe Beast Thomson Davidson Craig Spoony Macca Cummings Saints to be boo'd off after a spirited yet unlucky performance against a very strong team.