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  1. No way round this. If Callum stays and we lose against Dundee there will be hell
  2. I agree but clearly something is wrong at the club. I feel it would be better if he went to give us a bite of staying up
  3. This is probably a good thing in the long run. I have no words for this capitulation
  4. Wrong again. Teams at least play these palyers more than couple of games before deciding they have screwed up.
  5. This Vertainen racket is becoming tiresome. How could someone at the club get this so wrong?
  6. Pretty low bar being set for our targets; I don't get it. Shopping in Aldi when we need to be shopping in Waitrose or even trying the for "quick sale" isle in Harrods. If we go down the loss of money will be catastrophic. Even Martindale has alluded to Livi going out of business if they go down. Someone better wake up and smell the coffee soon.
  7. I don't recall many games last year when he was playing to a decent level. I'd keep him as an impact sub.
  8. All good points but along with a central playmaker I also think we need to be having somone who can get down the wings from midfield and get some decent ball over! One of our strong suits when Tommy was here was wingers like Wright and Kennedy and even MOH when he was in decent form. I don't see anyone hitting the line now and crossing and it's been like that for months.
  9. I don't think a good 3-0 humping would be the end of the world. We'd be able to concentrate on relegation and anyone who was diluded into thinking we're not in trouble would maybe start to believe we are in a world of hurt. We're not winning the cup this year anyway.
  10. Definitely forget the cup. GIve some of the fringe players a chance but it would be daft to let Cifti have anymore than a half hour to keep him sharp. The Dundee game is a relegation decider.
  11. I've alluded to this recentley but it also has a hint of preparing for the future; sadly that looks like being the Chamionship
  12. I'm starting to get that heavy feeling that we have had it. First half looked decent and I was thinking maybe we could get the win to change the course of the season but we just folded after the first goal and still have a lot of aimless disjointed play all over the park and no real threat and certainly no wide thread to bring our forwards in the game. Are we really surprised? We have signed no one of significant calibre to change things for us despite it clear for everyone to see that we need change. I hear people saying that there is still a couple of weeks left in the 'window' ; No there isn't! We have one week from today because make no mistake if we don't get a point out of the Dundee game we can forget any chance we have getting anyone to come here who is any quality at all. I don't know who is out there and what value they will command but we need to 'invest' £250,000 to £500,00 in player recruitment or our time in this league is over.