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  1. SaintJet

    Season Tickets

    Cheers. So it's through Saints TV; what's the quality like? Is it Good coverage and commentary?
  2. SaintJet

    Season Tickets

    I've not bought a season ticket yet - I'll get around to it the next couple of weeks but has anyone got any idea how the virtual season ticket works - being able to watch live? Ironic that our two opening home games are on Sky but how do you get access to watch these games for anyone who doesn't have Sky?
  3. I think that's a bit unfair; he was decent player at the Terrors and he was deperate to make it with us but admitted he couldn't get to grip with our style of play. He was an honest pro- good luck to him.
  4. I agree but can he realise success with a Hamilton or St.Mirren for example; It will be some bulding job and would he get the time? It just seems just a damn shame that he couldn't be encouraged to have a break and come back to St.Johnstone. He knows what potential our team has and must have been looking forward to this season. But I've moved on also and wish Callum all the best in taking us forward.
  5. So you are a thief; do you think you deserve to be given the chance of redemption?
  6. I laughed when I read this; I got it in the neck from Random and Mainstand too ( two most in the Know guys on the board) - but fairplay to Random he has put his hand up.
  7. away to Aberdeen Boxing day Home to Hamilton 30th Dec - evening fixture Away to Ross on 2nd January Awful schedule for the holiday period
  8. If we don't get a home game to start there is something far wrong; we've been away for three sraight years and had only one home game in the last five. Sadly I would have hoped for a home opener against Utd. but we wont be allowed in.
  9. You need to know nothing about me. I don't like your tone or your insinuation. Mackay has been in charge of our national team and has been appointed by people who have a greater understanding of the situation than you or of course perhaps you think their guilty of the same transgressions.
  10. He's not a racist; his comments could be construed as racist I understand this. He made loose comments without thinking about the consequences and he has learned from this. I'd wager there are many people in our game who have said similar comments without weighing up the implications or gravity of them. Fortunitely the world has changed and people are beginning to realise this now. People make mistakes and if there is no route for redemption that is sad.
  11. I'm not defending MacKay but he was done up like kipper by a vinditive chairman at Cardiff. His comment was blown out of all proportion and he has payed heavily for a minor error of judgment. Time to move on.
  12. I'll be honest I thought Hearst would go for TW and he would have been good for them; Hearts are deluded ofcourse. If they think Neilson will just transform them they are in for a shock, it's going to take some effort to win the Championship two years on the trot. Also, people forget that there were planes flying around Tynecastle with 'Neilson out' banners. Good luck.
  13. SaintJet

    New Manager

    BBC reporting Callum will be new manager. Great Appointment
  14. Fair comment but I am very dissapointed in the lack of information on the official site. There seems to be nothing about the team back in training , how our players have been coping during the lockdown etc etc. Again, we have a general manager who could surely be updating the support. Instead - nothing of relevance, which is very poor indeed.