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  1. This is my take on the Etu signing as well. We have plenty experts on here who know everything but the reality is we know nothing of what goes on behind the scenes and if the lad didn't toe the line you can't be part of what needs to be a close tight knit group of players. When the morale and displine goes down the pan the team becomes fractured.
  2. Everyone is forgetting that despite a decent start in the European ties we were rocked with losing key players at the "window" and the general shape of the team seemed to change weekly. I'm not saying the personnel we have is enough to suggest a decent season, we need to unearth a striker, but let's not forget that we got the job done by staying in the league and were definitely going in the right direction as the season came to a close. If CD can get his ideas and formation across to the players in pre season we might get a positive start to the season and promote some confidence.
  3. Disappointed to see such doom and gloom from the site even if the evidence points to a season of struggle. I'm hoping that we can get a decent shape sorted out for the team and play to that strength. I think Drey will find his old form and be a good addition to our wide play. I absolutely believe we will be better in defense and Captain Liam will be have us well marshalled. I guess I'm also hoping that we can see McPherson kick on a bit and Crawford start playing consistantly. We definitely need to find someone to help Kane up front and we have to get a decent quality goalkeeper from somewhere. I agree the season ahead for us is a bit of a Johnny Nash but if we can determine an identity and I believe that has to be the old Saints of a few season back working hard off the ball being a tough team to play agaisnt we might just surprise ourselves.
  4. Honestly, the negativity around everything we do is laughable. I'm delighted that the team are going away for some training and team bonding - we rarely do this so it's nice to see us taking a proffessional appraoch for a change instead of srapping about in the highlands or Ireland. There is still a lot of work to do and some new faces to come on board. It's the start of a new season, please lets at least begin with some ambition for a better season.
  5. I'll be astonished if we don't get a home game this year to start the season. We have been away from home for about 8 years on the spin. That can't be right.
  6. I hear on good authority that Callum Hednry has signed for Salford.
  7. Now that the dust has settled on the play off game I thought it worth highlighting again just how brilliant the crowd were the other night. What a brilliant turn out and this is something we need to aspire to; we need to find a way to get as many of these fans back to games. We are often ridiculed about our fan base but we have a great support and it just needs to be encouraged.
  8. I was pleased for Callum last night and he deserved a bit of good fortune after the season he's had. I still think it would be best if he moved on; we can't pretend the months of negative football and some really poor managerial decisions didn't happen. If I was him I'd take a break - his stock would still be high and a number of clubs would take a chance of him when he came back with a nice looking CV even if the reality was different. He's a smashing honest guy and should be held in high esteem in Perth. Will he go? NO chance and I fear that if we have a poor start to the season the fans will turn on him big time - he has no wriggle room. Jim Goodwin at Aberdeen will get three months and if he doesn't make serious inroads to a better product for a rabid Dons fan base he'll be gone - I just wonder If Callum will outlast him?
  9. SaintJet


    I have to say I had a wee lump in my throat last night as Zander went around the pitch - I think the fans gave him a good send off too. He's been a class keeper and I wish him well for the future and if he wears that Scotland Jersey one day I will still regard him as one of ours!
  10. Outstanding night at McD! I can't remember a more celebrated win from the fans - the atmosphere was brilliant and the explosion of relief when the second went in was palpable! A big thanks to the young team and all they bring to the game - you were brilliant. To the game - we were nervous and disjointed in the first half and I was anxious that we were done for as Cally looked dangerous on the break and I couldn't see us having the mentality to come back if we went down. My pulse quickened more when May was brought on at the half! What a brilliant performance in the second half - Stevie, you will always have a place in our hearts in Perth. Some positives in my opinion: 1. Brown was excellent at the back and looked great coming forward - ( not always the case) 2. Cleary had his best game for saints - Gordon and him looked solid and will get better 3. Hallberg - class and I like him in that forward role driving the team on 4. Very controversial - McPherson looks a player! I was slaughtering him in the first half because at times he thinks he's playing for Barcelona - pinging long passes all over the place to nobody - he can be really careless in possesion but he really is a tidy player and if he can harness his ambition he can be a great player for us. 5. Mahon- outstanding and looked like he played there all season Honourable mention to Rooney, Hendry and Zander who were all pivitol in our season and who will be away after last night's game. We live to fight another day.
  11. Don't know about anyone else but I'm as nervous as a kitten! If Callum managed to eat anything today I'd be very surprised. This is it.
  12. I can't believe we've been through all this and still haging on. All these days throughout the winter sitting watching putrid games trying to scrape the odd point here and there and Hendry giving us that winner against 'Well. What a season of hellish emotions.
  13. CD's strategy of signing players seemed to be of a scatter gun approach - get as many in as possible and hope one or two of them work out. At the moment that's none! The biggest influence on us not being relegated stright off was Hendry returning from Killie.