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  1. After finally getting that elusive first win in the league we turn our attention to the league cup against a decent Dundee team who will be desperate to reach a cup semi final. Should be a decent crowd through from Perth and a big home support out for this one so should be a cracking tie.
  2. I have co workers travelling past Perth each day so I'll get them to collect; how are tickets going? Are we expecting a decent support?
  3. Anybody know how to get tickets for the Dundee cup game? Can't see anything on Saints official site, assume you can buy and download these.
  4. Rangers visit us on Saturday for the early game. I assume there will be a lot of interest in this game from Rangers point of view still smarting from us dumping them out of the Scottish cup! We of course start a new era with a new captain and a midfield grafter after Jason's and Ali's departure. We'll get an idea of how we are going to fair this season playing against a very strong Rangers side. Time for Saints to show their teeth and get our season off the ground.
  5. I think you'll find that now that the dust has settled and the detail of the deal is known fans are starting to see the bigger picture and a lot of that anger has dissipated. Fans are always unhappy when one of their favourites leave that will always be the case. I totally disagree with all your points. St.Johnstone are a business that is the envy of every club in Scotland.
  6. That's too simplistic a view. There is a reason good decent players - (Spoony, Kane and Zander) as examples have been happy to sign contracts with the club. We have offered pretty good contracts commensuarate with ability whilst leaving the door open for them to play themselves in to the shop window. Young McCann knew his star was rising, with performances and youth on his side not to mention an agent bending his ear it was inevitable he was going; there is a fine line to tread making these decisions. We could have kept an unhappy player and he could have in turn lost form and become less attractive to clubs. We'll see the full value of this transfer and another McCann will appear because our strength as a club is producing these talented players.
  7. Doubt it will appease people on here but good statement.
  8. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down. It's sad to see two of our best players leave but we all knew this day was coming. I agree it's below our valuation of what we think McCann is worth but potential 2 mill in today's market is a huge figure for a club our size. Jason has been a great servant to the club and will always be a legend here; when he pulls on that Scotland Jersey I'll be proud because he will always be a Saint to me. If we could pay the wages theses lads are being offered down south they might have signed another contract. We have a had an amazing succesful period and it's great to see more fans coming in but when the 8000/ 9000 who turned up to the Euro games start attending regularly to see a league match we can start adjusting our ambitions accordingly. Whether we like it or not we are a selling club and are the envy of every team in Scotland regarding our prudent management and fiscal policy. There will be another Kerr and McCann and hopefully soon. I'd like to thank both of these young men for giving me some great entertainment over the past few years and wish them all the best for the future. We still have a great side and adjusting to losing players because of injury or otherwise is part and parcel of the game. We will continue to be successful because we are who we are are.
  9. Leigh Griffiths is in Dundee and has signed up for a season long loan move. That's the last word on this part of the discussion.
  10. You need to choose your words more carefuly then. There is no way Griffiths will be coming to Perth but a lot of comments here does the posters no credit. Draw a line under this guys.
  11. Don't agree at all. CD sees these guys in training every day and knows the market for a similar type quality player. Both May and MOH have parts to play this season and I still think Callum Hendry will turn the corner.
  12. I have to agree with Cagey I thought MOH tried but was pretty ineffective all night. He'll come again but there was no hitting the bye lines and getting decent crosses in from him or Middleton.
  13. Surprised that anyone is questioning the tactics or the manager. The game was finely balanced at half time and it was always going to be one goal that seperated two evenley matched teams; there was no fluidity in midfield and Lask had done their homework keeping McCann queit, they actually reminded me of Saints. Small margins change these games and if we had scored in the first half maybe Lask would have lost their shape and we could have gone on to win. I don't think we anyone bar Muzz had a great game but it was a battle; Kane had two players on him all game and MOH and MIddleton were dissapointing. Zander was outstanding again and you can see the confidence coursing through him. The reds were correct decisons and just a a bit unfortunate. Proud to see the majority of the big crowd stay until the final curtain and applaud the team for a great effort.
  14. Don't see Spoony starting this match; on the bench due to lack of game time