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  1. If we don't get a home game to start there is something far wrong; we've been away for three sraight years and had only one home game in the last five. Sadly I would have hoped for a home opener against Utd. but we wont be allowed in.
  2. You need to know nothing about me. I don't like your tone or your insinuation. Mackay has been in charge of our national team and has been appointed by people who have a greater understanding of the situation than you or of course perhaps you think their guilty of the same transgressions.
  3. He's not a racist; his comments could be construed as racist I understand this. He made loose comments without thinking about the consequences and he has learned from this. I'd wager there are many people in our game who have said similar comments without weighing up the implications or gravity of them. Fortunitely the world has changed and people are beginning to realise this now. People make mistakes and if there is no route for redemption that is sad.
  4. I'm not defending MacKay but he was done up like kipper by a vinditive chairman at Cardiff. His comment was blown out of all proportion and he has payed heavily for a minor error of judgment. Time to move on.
  5. I'll be honest I thought Hearst would go for TW and he would have been good for them; Hearts are deluded ofcourse. If they think Neilson will just transform them they are in for a shock, it's going to take some effort to win the Championship two years on the trot. Also, people forget that there were planes flying around Tynecastle with 'Neilson out' banners. Good luck.
  6. SaintJet

    New Manager

    BBC reporting Callum will be new manager. Great Appointment
  7. Fair comment but I am very dissapointed in the lack of information on the official site. There seems to be nothing about the team back in training , how our players have been coping during the lockdown etc etc. Again, we have a general manager who could surely be updating the support. Instead - nothing of relevance, which is very poor indeed.
  8. SaintJet

    New Manager

    I would normally agree with you about a left field appointment but I think we'll try and keep continuity with how we have progressed in the top league over the last ten years with stability within. I still think Davidson but if not I'm definitely all right with John Hughes.
  9. Fair Comment mainstand I'll respect your point of view. We have at least one thing in common and that is that we've been supporting Saints for 50 years.
  10. He alluded to knowing the reason and made it clear it was because of Kirsten. Seriously, you are relatively smart aren't you; do you for a minute believing TW walked out without a job to go to? Why would we let our manager walk away; his stock hie sky high and if the Irish came in for him we would at least get some copmo. Instead of trumping the party line it's time you started asking the hard questions.
  11. Your not often wrong but your wrong again. Biscuits said he regarded Tommy as a personal friend and that he was heartbroken for the club how Tommy had left. (Verbatim) When Stuart pressed him about TW and Kirsten being pivotal in him leaving Preston was non commital and was keen not to give anything away but clearly knew. Remember TW had 2 years left on his contract and no job to go to. Join the dots and you can see that we have shot ourselves in the foot.
  12. Off the Ball will be available tomorrow on BBC Sounds podcast if anyone wants to listen but it's tough go listen to without coming to the conclusion that Tommy had had enough of that bitch; Killie parted ways with her for the same reason.
  13. Listening to off the ball tonight - "Biscuits" and Stuart had a guarded back and forth which basically confirmed that the reason that Tommy left was because of Kirsten - this is f@@@ing tragic! Farewell Tommy - and thanks for all the memories. You will never be forgotten.