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  1. I'm totally knackered after that! I was as nervous as a rapist that last five minutes. Congratulations to our brilliant team. I'm still having to pinch myself to believe this season. Well done to all you fellow Saintees too; we are together through thick and thin and it makes me a very proud man being being born and bread in Perth! Even better when your office is full of Dees and Terrors! My MOTM was Booth by the way - what a performance. Spoony - you get keys to City of Perth!
  2. Weather seems perfect for tomorrow's game, wee bit wet underfoot but fine. I'm remarkably calm just not but ths time tomorrow I'll be a bag of nerves.
  3. Real shame this Covid outbreak has upset our build up but let's move on. Come on, lets get back to looking forward to a huge game; these players will be charged up just now and ready for the battle ahead. Our backroom staff will have a game plan and confidence our guys. It's the weekend and we'll be able to have a few adult beverages tonight and tommorw to calm the nerves and be able to find out who the other finalists will be. Enjoy and look forward to the game. Come on St.Johnstone!
  4. Still gives me goosebumps watching this. Gets you right in the mood for a momentous game.
  5. I certainly don't want that. If we win a European place on merit that's brilliant but I wouldn't want a place at the expense of another team because of regulations; I wouldn't have this opinion if it was the old frim or one of the other "pop star" teams in Scotland of course.
  6. You make some good points and fitness and professionalism ( Fitness, diet, tactics etc) can't be underestimated. Having seen all these teams from different decades I think the Ormond era teams were more entertaining but I think some us of a certain vintage often look at things through rose tinted spectalcles. These last ten or more years we've never had it so good - long may it continue.
  7. Not buying it and I don't mean either paper. Zander will be fine.
  8. Spoony picked up a knock last week but is in the squad for a start. Muzz might be on the bench but by the sounds of it he is still a couple of weeks away before he starts. I suspect Bryson, Conway and Middleton will get a shot this week with the defense picking itself. Sadly looks like Tanser will be out, maybe for the rest of the season.
  9. Back to the day job and the lads visit Easter road to try and reel in Livingstone for that important 5th place. Hope to see Muzz getting a wee run out at some stage and hopefully some of the fringe players getting game time to keep us all sharp.
  10. Yes Prem sports too. The other Semi Final is exclusive to Premier sports- 4pm on the Saturday.
  11. Live on BBC - 9th May 2.15pm Kick off. Huge tie and a great oppertunity to do the unthinkable.
  12. I watched the highlights again this morning; wish there was more of the celebrations to see. The pure joy when big Zander and McCann embraced with the team running towards them had me a bit emotional to be honest. What pride. What a team. What a shame the fans couldn't be there.
  13. All of our penalties were text book; how cool was McCann even with d/head McGregor trying to fase him? Take that!
  14. For a wee laugh you couldn't spend a better half hour this afternoon reading the bile on "The Bears Den"! Awesome. Getting beat by a diddy team. Oh the pain.............................
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    Lie Doon will ye.
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    I've defended Zander all season and it was clear to me the lad was going through a bad spell because of a lack of confidence and a lot of that was how badly we were playing at the back. Since the back line sorted itself out he has grown in stature and his confidence has returned. I can't tell you how sweet that performance from Zander was for me last night; he was oustanding. Shame some posters in this thread who have continually slated Clark couldn't have the humility to admit they were wrong- I hope their enjoying a big portion of crow pie this morning!
  17. Away from the Scottish cup thread thought I'd start this as it deserves it's own. Rangers will bring back all the big guns and will really fancy their chances. If they play to their strengths and move the ball about at will I don't see us having a shot. However............If we we employ that closing down game we did on Wednesday and take the undoubted chances that fall to us we might cause the biggest shock of the season. I think we have to score twice to win this. I don't think we get through but something keeps nagging at me that they haven't felt defeat this year - who knows................................
  18. I remember back, must be getting on for twenty years now and Paul Wright scoring late late show to deny the ****. I'm Sure Wright did this more than once against Rangers. Sweet.
  19. I listened on the radio and watched highlights if they can be called that. The tug on Rooney in the box was a pen, okay he went down like a bed settee but these are given 99% of the time. Hope we can rekindle the energy diplayed last night on Sunday it was excellent.
  20. Early evening kick off in Perth for this one. Not sure how CD is going to approach this; we could without doubt provide a stiff test to Rangers and I can't believe we wont take something from them this season from four games but we have just never laid a glove on them in the previous encounters! I can see us setting up in a stuffy defensive formation and hope to spring a surprise. One eye undoubtedly on Sunday's cup game so how both teams approach this will decide which type of game we get. I think Rangers will rest a lot of their first team.
  21. The never ending fountain of secret Random intel.