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  1. Really quiet unbelievable that we are away again on opening day! Wouldn't it have been a nice gesture to the club to give us a home game where both cups could be presented to the fans? Also, we have the Dundee teams and Aberdeen all looking for a nice holiday fixture or two to bring out the crowds and give us something to celebrate and we get Celtic at home on Boxing day and Livi to travel to as our new year fixture; Contemptible!
  2. Fairplay BH that's another good post from you. I think Tanser is greatly underated to be honest; he is a real threat going forward and his dead ball skills can win games. I always enjoyed watching him and wish him well. There will be a huge pool of decent young players looking for a team and I would expect CD to find some uncut gem to bolster our squad and keep Booth honest.
  3. I recall this and thought you were blethering. Well done
  4. Steve Tosh was in and out of the team back in the day and only after he was released did he bloom in to a really fine player for Queens. One example of many I suspect.
  5. I'm with you sixtie; the lad plays his socks off every week and I've said it for years that no one realises the work he does off the ball. Great Saint and im chuffed to bits he signed another contract.
  6. I agree the it may be around pre season training which in keeping with the route map we should be close to normality in some ways.
  7. I don't see a problem with a parade in the coming weeks; it's outstide and restrictions are being eased in accordance with a route map. I think the club should be doing everything possible to have a parade through the town - it would give us all a huge lift and an achievement like this needs to be observed properly.
  8. Well bugger me! For someone of a certain vintage who endured the dog days of relegation and losses at cup finals they will feel like me and and pretty sure be pinching themselves. I cried at full time. I was with my Dad who's gone now in 1969 when we lost the first of these and I thought time was running out for me - I can't tell you the pride I feel. Thanks to all you guys here on WAP for sharing this season. St.Johnstone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Cheers Smarmy, Classy as always. hope we can get the fans back soon.
  10. I'm getting nervous. An adult bevearge will be needed tonight to calm the nerves.
  11. Lets hope the town will be buzzing on Saturday with lots of noise and colour after the game! Brings me back to the 2014 final after the game we got dropped at the bridge on Bridgend and all the cars were blasting their horns and waving at all the fans coming over the bridge! It was magic!
  12. Getting nervous too. No doubt BBC Football Focus will be throwing us a couple of minutes tomorrow lunchtime.
  13. I agree completley. Kane up front and I think he'll keep Middleton as an impact sub. I was like a lot of people on here and doubted Bryson's contribution but he is a really tidy player and keeps things simple and links well from midfield and the front men. This will be a cagey game and I think CD will want to keep Hibs quiet early and hope for an early goal.
  14. Breaking News! CD has confirmed that he will have a full squad of players available for selection including returning players from isolation. He will delay in choosing his starting line up to see everyone in training. Great News!!!
  15. That's fair shout but dare I say it - these are strange days at the tail of a pandemic. The club are clearly struggling at the admin side of things or there would be more momentos for the big day to purchase.
  16. I noticed that too but I rationalsed it away as Middleton had a huge game for us in the semi and also scored the winner aginst Hibs in the last league game. Hopefully he'll have a huge game for us in the final. I decided not to buy the programme becasue there was a third party involved and I'm waiting on the club selling a virtual ticket so they get all my money.
  17. "Lamplight"! Well done sir. Like you say had some great nights there and then picked up a couple of Rolls (still warm) from McIntyres from across the road for breaky! Takes me back.
  18. At the end of the day it's the money that will decide but getting European Football can be another factor players will have to add to the equation when deciding their next move.
  19. I was going to post exactly the same thing! Back in 2014 there was a nervous excitement and the lead up to the final was brilliant. I remember driving through to the Barrossa club to pay for my groups bus tickets and I had a stroll around the town, everywhere there was signs that we were in the cup final! On here we were talking about who was going from surrounding areas, blue beer, where we would have breaky before leaving etc. etc. Very different feel this time around but the tension will build I'm sure. I think the Covid outbreak around the club has also put a dampener on things.
  20. What's the word in Perth on setting up outside fans zones to watch the final. Pretty sure there will be some smart publicans thinking they could get a decent amount of people to watch to justify the cost and hassle of setting something up. Bear in mind that indoor drinking will be allowed by next weekend too, it's just the interpretation of the rules that might cause problems.
  21. I agree bh; it's nothing more than a gesture and defeats the point of the exercise. Let the club and their families be present and we'll watch it on the telly.