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  1. Agree with your points about Hendry. After his winner at Tynecastle last year he went from strength to strength and he was looking really good prior to the Covid break. I think he's got a long term future here but I'm a big fan of Kane and hope he gets another year contract. I accept he is Marmite to fans but for me he gives 100% effort every game and his workrate outstanding.
  2. Pretty positive performance from the lads last night. Watched the highlights on sportscene and we were worth a point. I was a bit alarmed at the chances Hibs got around our goal; Murphy really should have scored and we were well off our men several times. A good nights work and just a pity we didn't hang on for the win. Dissapointed that Hendry hasn't kicked on from last season and seems well down the list for starting. Anybody got any reason why he's dropped out of favour?
  3. This will be a good measure about where we are. Decent Hibs side this season who stole the points earlier in the season at McD. Defence has settled down in to a robust unit and we are due a good away win. Lets hope it's tonight.
  4. Too much conspiracy Cagey. That was a great performance from us at home last year against a stuffy Killie side. I would be happy with a similar outcome.
  5. I'm with you on this. I't's tough going just now on and off the park and not being able to shedule a visit in to see the Saints leads to less highs and lows. Lets hope all this ends soon and we can get back to feeling sick as dogs after a defeat.
  6. Agree 100%! I just don't understand how anyone would seriously not want him in the team. He holds the ball up, pressurises defenders and runs himself into the ground. I'd start him every game.
  7. Motherwell are in a false position; they are good side and will be confident despite their postion. I think this could be a decent game and possibly a few goals. I fancy a draw wouldn't be a bad result for us, id like to see Muzz and Kane getting some game time too.
  8. I laughed at this Random and your right; JHK just says things to antagonise people.
  9. Very dissapointing result. As full time approached I was thinking we were unlucky not to take all the points and then that awful penalty. It might have been a genuine shout but I've seen so many over the years when our players have been mugged and not received a peep - ( Steven Anderson at Ibrox comes to mind) Agree with most here that we need Hendry playing aa a proper old fashioned center forward and being in the box - he was falling back further and further. On the whole it was a marked improvement from Thursday, Milwall must have some squad if they can ship out young McNamarra he's been oustanding. Not convinced on Conway; he's shown nothing to convince me he can change a game. I'm afraid i think the whole picture at Saints just now is another Johnny Nash - More questions than Answers.
  10. Shocking effort after such pronmse from the Utd. game when we looked hungry and very fit. Craig and Sponny looked good but we have to use these senior players correctly or they will be burned out and injured by December. McNamara looks a real find. Defense dissapointed when I had such high hopes for this young back line. What's the situation with Muzz, Kane and May?
  11. I read with interest that Gordon Smith former SFA supremo is making noises about teams foreiting points in the future if they break the goverment guidlines. That's fine, but what about the clubs who have broken these guidlines now? If someone goes down within the Kilmarnock team set up in the next week all hell will break loose. No wonder we have no respect for Doncaster or these clueless idiots who run our game.
  12. This is exactly my point MS. If there was a serious penalty for offenders it would really make teams sit up and pay attention. Can you imagine Celtic being docked points - ( games against Killie, St.Mirren and Aberdeen ) for this indescretion? SFA should act now and show some backbone and leadership.
  13. 100% on the money. There has to be a huge deterent going forward and every player needs to know this.
  14. I don't entirely agree with this - the ramifications on suspending or ending the season would be catastrophic for the proffessional game and football clubs throught Scotland. The loss of the SKY contract would have a major impact on every club in the land. The tools are there for these clubs to manage this situation as long as they abide by the regulations. I firmly believe that the SFA should hammer offending clubs - points deductions - this would bring it home loud and clear the penalty for offenders. Also got to realise how difficult this is for younger players who like going out and enjoying the social life they would normally be entitled to. We are asking these guys to do their job but not enjoy the limited faccilites afforded to the rest of society.
  15. What a sad state of affairs. After all we have been through this year and how well all the teams have prepared for start of this football season it's sickening that this has happened because of a bunch of selfish pop stars! St.Johnstone have done nothing wrong and you can bet this will only hinder our start to the new season; whichever way you cut it the chances are we could be bottom by Wednesday night. If you throw in how the rest of the country will be looking at this farce with SKY having to rearrange their schedule for tomorrow - Aberdeen should get hammered for this.
  16. That was a pretty decent performance and with a little luck we could have won it. Unlucky at the penalty and MOH was just plain stupid on half time. But what a response! Spoony was outstanding today and Liam Craig just shaded my MOTM ahead of him. The defense looked solid as a rock and great character to come back after half time. Just a word on the coverage today. Pictures were brilliant and clear - no commentary 1st half as I chose the away team coverage but the Utd commentators came on midway through the second half anyway. I was gripped the whole game so I'll definitely be happy if this is a short term fix. Lots to be happy about.
  17. Agree, Should have had tractors
  18. I cant see a link on their site for PPV; I registered but not seeing it Can you assist please?
  19. I know of 4 private clubs in the Dundee area that are planning to show it on an outside screen.
  20. SaintJet

    Gary McGinnis

    He was decent player for us and Captain during the Totten era. Very intelligent player and liked a pass; was probably not the toughest midfielder in the world and because he played alongside the like of "Tucker" Tommy Turner, who was as tough as Teak he was often derided. HIs finest hour was captaining us to a brilliant 3-2 home win over Celtic at Christmas time back in the day; he was outstanding that day.
  21. You maybe right BH but if they don't have the technicalities sorted out by now they are going to have real issues. Social distancing would have to be observed but if any publican was minded to ignore broadcasting regulations I don't see large numbers of punters in their boozers being a deterent.
  22. Still nothing on the Terrors site about signing up for this match; I've got to belive this is going to be last minute to stop pubs getting this and promoting this under the radar.
  23. I was meaning the away game on Saturday - it's now available to PPV
  24. nothing on the Official site to show how to purchase this; can anyone assist.