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  1. Really quiet unbelievable that we are away again on opening day! Wouldn't it have been a nice gesture to the club to give us a home game where both cups could be presented to the fans? 

    Also, we have the Dundee teams and Aberdeen all looking for a nice holiday fixture or two to bring out the crowds and give us something to celebrate and we get Celtic at home on Boxing day and Livi to travel to as our new year fixture; Contemptible!

  2. 41 minutes ago, blueheaven said:

    I'll never blame a player for moving on for more money but really you have to wonder just *how much more* money it could realistically have been, from a club of St Mirren's size? Enough to make him turn his back on European football and what Saints have built under Davidson over the past year? Enough for him to apparently change his mind about why he wanted to leave in the first place (to go back to England - although of course that would rely on there being offers on the table from England in the first place). Or maybe he just felt he wouldn't get a game here next season?

    St Mirren have improved under Goodwin and seem to be making some decent signings, but let's face it: they'll still finish bottom 6 and win nothing.

    Personally I liked Tanser but I don't think anyone would dispute that Booth is the better all-round player and would have continued to keep him out of the team. I wouldn't want to have to depend on Booth going a whole season without an injury though, so we'll definitely need some strong back-up.

    Fairplay BH that's another good post from you.

    I think Tanser is greatly underated to be honest; he is a real threat going forward and his dead ball skills can win games.

    I always enjoyed watching him and wish him well.

    There will be a huge pool of decent young players looking for a team and I would expect CD to find some uncut gem to bolster our squad and keep Booth honest.

  3. 29 minutes ago, blueheaven said:

    Purely for the purposes of being smug, I wanted to mention that Ricardo Santos, who I mentioned on here a while back as a defender we should look at, went on to sign for Bolton Wanderers and has just been named their Player of the Year (as well as winning the EFL League Two Player of the Month award in February).

    I recall this and thought you were blethering. Well done

  4. 1 hour ago, saintee in exile said:

    Yeah my nephew has trained with Saints for many years.I know the commitment it takes from them and the family so I can well imagine how devastating it is to be let go.I guess football is littered with young boys that were released only to come good years later  though

    Steve Tosh was in and out of the team back in the day and only after he was released did he bloom in to a really fine player for Queens.

    One example of many I suspect.

  5. 6 hours ago, sixties saintee said:

    Well said Smarmy plenty on here and elsewhere have been giving the lad dogs abuse fir the last couple o years now hailing him Shame on them. 

    I'm with you sixtie; the lad plays his socks off every week and I've said it for years that no one realises the work he does off the ball. Great Saint and im chuffed to bits he signed another contract.

  6. 3 hours ago, blueheaven said:

    Don't outdoor public events still need to restrict numbers and adhere to social distancing? I'm not sure how you'd achieve that with a big free-for-all event filling the whole town like we had in 2014.

    I guess all the players will be away on their holidays now anyway, so I don't think we'll see much happening until they're back for pre-season training.

    I agree the it may be around pre season training which in keeping with the route map we should be close to normality in some ways.

  7. I don't see a problem with a parade in the coming weeks; it's outstide and restrictions are being eased in accordance with a route map.

    I think the club should be doing everything possible to have a parade through the town - it would give us all a huge lift and an achievement like this needs to be observed properly.

  8.  Well bugger me!

    For someone of a certain vintage who endured the dog days of relegation and losses at cup finals they will feel like me and and pretty sure be pinching themselves. I cried at full time.

    I was with my Dad who's gone now in 1969 when we lost the first of these and I thought time was running out for me - I can't tell you the pride I feel.

    Thanks to all you guys here on WAP for sharing this season.


  9. 42 minutes ago, Smarmy Arab said:

    Fabulous achievement stands with any in the entire history of Scottish football!  

    After 10iaR bring rammed down our throats for the last decade, totally smothered by a Saints double!  Celebrate lads!  You are slowly catching up with the Dundee United’s of this world! :wink:

    Cheers Smarmy,

    Classy as always. hope we can get the fans back soon.

  10. 6 minutes ago, garydavidson said:

    I don't think the club could or would as that would then have people in and around the stadium, with the potential of attracting more, and they are actively discouraging that:

    Lets hope the town will be buzzing on Saturday with lots of noise and colour after the game!

    Brings me back to the 2014 final after the game we got dropped at the bridge on Bridgend and all the cars were blasting their horns and waving at all the fans coming over the bridge! It was magic!

  11. 1 hour ago, blueheaven said:

    In both the semi-final win over Hibs and the recent league win over Hibs, we played one central striker flanked by two wide forwards. CD has also said in the past that he prefers that system at Hampden. In the semi-final against St Mirren we departed from that system and it could be argued it was less successful as Melamed had such a quiet game. I really can't see Melamed starting this one. I think he'll go with Kane through the middle, Spoony on the left, and either MOH or Middleton on the right. I have a feeling he may go with MOH, purely because Middleton seems to be so much more impactful when he comes off the bench.

    If everyone's fit and available then I'd say the team virtually picks itself and there's really only one place up for grabs, which MOH, Middleton, May, Melamed and Conway are all scrapping for.

    I agree completley.

    Kane up front and I think he'll keep Middleton as an impact sub. 

    I was like a lot of people on here and doubted Bryson's contribution but he is a really tidy player and keeps things simple and links well from midfield and the front men.

    This will be a cagey game and I think CD will want to keep Hibs quiet early and hope for an early goal.

  12. 7 hours ago, Melbourne Saint said:

    Have to say a very good article about Rooney in the Courier, by Eric Nicholson (haven't read the CD one yet, but link at bottom of article). He's certainly done his homework & written a really good article, not lazy "soundbite" clichés. Gives a quite thorough insight into "Big Dafty". Recommended.

    Nice read

  13. 1 minute ago, Johnny B said:

    This a program to be cherished and passed from father to son for generations. He is not guaranteed to start or play. Grandson to grand father who is the player was he a famous St Johnstone player Grandfather I can't remember, I think he played well in the semi final

    My last rant

    That's fair shout but dare I say it - these are strange days at the tail of a pandemic. The club are clearly struggling at the admin side of things or there would be more momentos for the big day to purchase.

  14. I noticed that too but I rationalsed it away as Middleton had a huge game for us in the semi and also scored the winner aginst Hibs in the last league game. Hopefully he'll have a huge game for us in the final.

    I decided not to buy the programme becasue there was a third party involved and I'm waiting on the club selling a virtual ticket so they get all my money.

  15. 38 minutes ago, montrosesaintee said:

    I'm finding it really difficult to get excited for the weekend, I remember in 2014 it being a fortnight of anticipation, shops in Perth with window displays, scarf and had on the grouse, a massive buzz on here.  It all seems so flat this year due to covid and I guess the relentless fixture list in the lead-up to it.  

    I think the simple things like tickets arriving in the post, getting flags made, making travel plans etc are intrinsic to the enjoyment of a final for fans.

    Anyone else struggling to get in the right spirit?  

    I was going to post exactly the same thing! Back in 2014 there was a nervous excitement and the lead up to the final was brilliant.

    I remember driving through to the Barrossa club to pay for my groups bus tickets and I had a stroll around the town, everywhere there was signs that we were in the cup final!

    On here we were talking about who was going from surrounding areas, blue beer, where we would have breaky before leaving etc. etc.

    Very different feel this time around but the tension will build I'm sure.

    I think the Covid outbreak around the club has also put a dampener on things.

  16. 1 hour ago, blueheaven said:

    600 fans is absolutely pointless. Just imagine the amount of work it's creating for both clubs to now sort out how to distribute these tickets, and the extra work now required to get the stadium and surroundings Covid-safe, all for such a small, pointless number. They might as well have just said none and it would have made life easier for everyone and the number of complaints from fans would have been the same.

    As it stands I'm on board with the idea of the club just distributing the tickets amongst its own players and staff to give to their own family and friends, so that they can all have the day out. They've all worked tirelessly for the football club throughout a difficult year and they deserve it.

    I agree bh; it's nothing more than a gesture and defeats the point of the exercise.

    Let the club and their families be present and we'll watch it on the telly.