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  1. Our pitch is no worse than a lot of our competitors. Tannadice was shocking yesterday. Looking back at our game on Saturday we were pretty solid at the back and it was going to take something pretty special to beat us. Liam's goal was a peach and he was pulling strings in midfeild all day; his tackle on Nisbet was perfect. Liam Craig has been a brilliant servant to St.Johnstone and not since Roddy have we had a Saint who is held in such high regard for his contribution over the years.
  2. It's great to see fans wanting Kane in the team; the lad has had a hard time from some fans on here and shame on them. I'd like to see Guy and Kane start too but CD is pretty much a technician when it comes to balancing his teams so we just have to go with him. We have nothing to fear from HIbs and if we stick to our game plan we'll bring the points home.
  3. We have a game tomorrow- just saying.
  4. Must win game if we want to break into the top six. Hibs were very lucky early in the season and so I feel we are due a bit of good luck against them. I see Kane coming back into bolster our attack and maybe CD might use Melamed with him as a front two. The team for sure will be freshened up.
  5. I watched the game, again, last night and it really struck me how together the whole squad and staff were at the celebrations. There was real joy and everyone was involved even those who hadn't taken part. We really have a great togetherness and it makes you proud to be a part of this great club.
  6. This will not be easy but we should have a real confidence running through the team and I expect us to win this. Some changes? I expect to see Melamed start along with Middleton and maybe Brown too. MOH will get a run at some point. Hamilton 0 - Saints 2
  7. Great post. I don't think I could go through that every week. I was perfectly calm all week but when the game kicked off I was as nervous as a rapist! I lost the plot at the final whistle I was so emotional. Sparked open a bottle of Bubbly and sent pictures to all my friends and family and then............. such a strange feeling. I had an irrational urge to drive to Perth. My wife hid the car keys in case I attempted to because I was several sheets to the wind. Looking back I don't think we were ever troubled and should have won more convincingly. Some great performances and lets not forget the much maligned Zander; his early save was brilliant and pivotal.I'll defend him to the moon and I still maintain that when our defenders got in the groove and settled a couple months back his form improved too.
  8. A bit surreal lead up to the cup final but it is what it is. I think we'll see Muzz and Tanser back and I think we'll see Melamed start. Might be hard on Booth who has been brilliant as first alternate but I think Tanser is a potential match winner with his free kicks. Kane is definitley starting but I think Melamed is a handful so he's got to be a serious possibility. Muzz is Muzz and he'll be ready. History awaits us lads lets hope we can seize it.
  9. I have a feeling we'll be just short, hope I'm wrong but staying in this league is always my goal at the start of every season.
  10. I was at the cup final in 1969 with my old Dad. It was the first game we ever went to together. It's one of these games which lives with you forever; Hampden - the smell of the grass, the huge crowd, the noise. We lost to a Celtic team full of the Lisbon Lions that day and if we hadn't lost that early goal we could well have went on to win it - Billy McNeil was giant that day heading a Buck McCarrie header of the line late on. I recall the press being very generous of their praise for us My old man had passed when we won in 2014 and I suspect like a lot of people thinking of absent friends, at the final whistle my first thoughts went to Dad. Still a poignant moment for me. I have no right to be greedy because I never thought we would win a major trophy in my lifetime but having been to two losing league cup finals..... if we could win this one I would be a very happy man.
  11. I remember feeling almost physically sick on the way to Parkhead from the pub in Glasgow. I just hope no one is getting ahead of themselves; this is going to be a serious battle between two well matched teams.
  12. Why minus Zander? He didn't have a lot to do but had brilliant save midway through the first half. I just don't get this negativity around Clark; it's strange that now that the defence has settled into a solid unit Zander is having better games too.......
  13. That is a pivotal win in our season. Fantastic performance. Training next week should be interesting! Headache for CD you better believe it.
  14. Lets get back to the Well game..... Cup Final is next week. This game has huge implications for the season and for the mindset going in the cup final. I still hink CD will give Melamed a start with Kane and Muzz will either start or get an outing. Booth played well against Celtic so I think he'll stick with him giving us another headache for final.
  15. This is what I done to watch the semi. I was tempted to get the six month subsription for 10 bucs a month but glad I didn't because there is nothing I've seen on the channel that I would watch to justify it.
  16. I certainly wouldn't turn down that sort of dough but that's not the point I was making - it was your flippant suggestion about our wage scheme which you might have not intended to be fair.
  17. I don't see the point in discussing this - he's on loan to get game time and it's a win win situation for both teams. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves he's played 15 minutes and looked good lets hope he continues his good start. "Bag of peanuts" - I don't think there is merit in disparaging our wage constraints. We are who we are and players come here because they know we are a well run club and they will get a chance to do thing they love rather than train all week and then sit in the stand.
  18. I agree. He did look to have a good bit of juice about him when he came on and was runnning at defenders. It's a good place to be with so many options but we need to take something home from Fir Park on Saturday.
  19. Would you give yourself a telling! Kane is nailed on to start in the final and he has been superb all season. After Guy's showing at Tannadice I expected him to move up a gear but he has been patchy. I suspect he'll start against Motherwell with Kane and May coming on in his usual role off the bench.
  20. I agree Johnny B - I'd start with a strong line up with the hope of getting Melamed and MOH some time also.
  21. After a decent performance against Celtic we travel to Fir Park on Saturday for a really crucial game. Motherwell are starting to show some form in spite of their doing at Hamilton and this will be a tight match. Eyes will be cast to the following week's cup final but a result here will set us up nicely. Lots of permutations available for team personnel. Will we be tempted to rest players? Will Guy get a start? I have to think there maybe some changes and if Muzz is remotely fit I suspect he'll get some game time.
  22. Can't argue that was a significant win for the Terrors yesterday. They have really turned the corner after staring down the barrel. If they get a decent offer for Shankland they'll take it and they should.