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  1. Red would have been a bit tough but certainly a yellow. Does the retrospective panel or whaterver they are called get involved in this type of simulation or are they just on duty when the old firm are involved?
  2. Really important win and great to see the lads come back from that sucker punch (dive for penalty) to grab a deserved win. Defence looked pretty solid and midfield players really dug in. McCann was immense and has the composure top class players display - we done well to get him signed up - if he continues this form we'll do well to keep him after this year. I thought Tanser was a standout also and Spoony is playing his best football for a few years - great composure to place the winner when he must have been tempted to welly it. Concerned about Drey Wright going off - we need all hands on deck. The way the results panned out over the weekend shows how tight this league is and we need to get a couple of players in to help keep our heads above the waterline.
  3. An early home goal and a decent performance will get the fans up for this!
  4. Get a f%&$"ing life!
  5. £20K to Cally to release our pre contract and £50K down payment on Ross Wallace from the black cats.
  6. It's a good point but maybe there is somone in the background who is procrastinating and needing a prod. I'm not buying it that TW sanctioned Kennedy leaving without someone in mind.
  7. "I have hunch that We'll get news today that Kennedy is away; I just can't see Aberdeen letting this rest when they know they are very close. The Sheep are restless up there. If Matty was 100% staying he would have played some part on Wednesday." And by the way I've been right so far.
  8. I agree here. Let's not read too much into this either - "If people don't like me saying it, that is tough, but that is where we are. " He might be directing this at fans being impatient. I think we will have a quality signing in and playing against Celtic on Wednesday.
  9. Hold on a minute. We've just let a pretty good midfielder ( Callaghan) go to Dundee- brought to the club by TW along with Swanson. I back TW to the hilt but if we were that threadbare why are we letting cover go? Also, Tommy must have agreed to letting Matty leave so there again why leave yourself short at a critical time of the season.
  10. I have hunch that We'll get news today that Kennedy is away; I just can't see Aberdeen letting this rest when they know they are very close. The Sheep are restless up there. If Matty was 100% staying he would have played some part on Wednesday. Purely just my opinion but referenced for relevance. (Hunch)
  11. Killie visit Perth on Saturday and are on a terrible run which we need to take advatage of. News that Muzz will be out with a broken arm is a dissapointment but we should still have enough replacments to handle this lot. I can see Hendry and Chris Kane getting a start for this one and we need to be positive setting up for a battle. Chris Burke needs to be kept quiet and an early goal for us would settle the nerves. We are long overdue a win against these guys and Saints haven't put in a great performance in Perth for ages- I think we'll see it it on Saturday - it's time this team stood up and got counted.
  12. You were at a different game clearly. If you want the find the negative in everything you'll find it. I try to see some positivity.
  13. The positive thing about this place is you are very close to the action and can see very clearly who is playing well and who is hiding. Like Random I thought there was little between the teams and on another night we could have won this - this Livi team are brutally physical and have some tidy players playing to their strengths - what Hibs were smoking when they realeased Marvin Bartley is anyone's guess - he was excellent. Here's my thoughts; 1. Zander is seriously back to his best - even looked good coming out for difficult crosses. 2. Defense looked pretty solid with Liam Gordon again a standout - everyone needs to understand how important he is - constantlly talking and geeing up or berating his players - Captain material. Ralston was a bit in and out but put in some nice crosses - still a bit fragile for my liking. 3. Midfield was a battle and Ally and Liam Craig were kind of lost in the fog of battle - Dre Wright looks still a bit short of thrust to where he was last year but he's got lots to offer this team. Starting to see the best of MOH now, on another surface he would have had a great game - he has to be given a run in the team. 4. Steve May was fine and as usual drove himself in to the ground with his running the channels- he still has all the touches and we'll get goals from him I'm sure - playing this Livi team would make most strikers take up bowls - they play that tight. 5. Losing the goal just after half time was a killer - we maybe left it a touch too late bringing on the subs but Kane and Hendry looked really purposeful and caused the Livi defense a real challenge - hindsight etc. but I wonder if we strated with them if it would have been a different outcome. 6. Summing up I've felt a whole lot worse leaving a game after a defeat - there are positive things from this team but we must beat Killie on Saturday.
  14. Cagey catching fire for this post but I guess what he was getting at is he would be sorry to see Liam Gordon getting dropped which a fair comment. Our team has completely turned around since he has come back in to the side and arguably more important than our Captain. This is all specualtion about Devlin anyway and I just don't see it.
  15. I'm convinced that Kennedy will be away by next week if not before. There is too much attention on this subject to simply just quiet down. Not convinced of either Main or Devlin being part of this deal though.
  16. No Cash gates. This is a pain in the ass - the ticket office is on the opposite side of the stadium where the away fans are. Might seem a wee thing but just another obsticle that puts fans off going to games.
  17. I agree it's not a great inducement at £25. I will go however, ony becasue of the importance of the game and becasue it's one of these grounds like Fir Park where you can get in and get out of easily.
  18. Back to the day job. A tough visit to Livi who continue to defy everyone with another impressive season despite their budget. We managed to scrape a draw in Perth at the start of the season but it was clear then that this team work hard for each other this is their strength. They have a blue print to make it difficult for visiting teams on the plastic pitch. If we could continue our good form and manage to get a win it would transform our position in the league and with some big games coming up we really need to be taking something back from east lothian. Team on the same lines as Saturday's cup win with Hendry getting a rare start in for Chris; Kennedy not to feature again so conspiracy theorists will have a field day.
  19. Two Minutes applause for our old Manager Bobby Brown before kick off.
  20. I'm interested to see if Matt Kennedy gets a start tomorrow; I think as much as TW would like to see him stay and keep in good form he knows he still has some manouverability if we keep him available for Aberdeen for the cup; we could still end up getting something out of this deal.
  21. This is another veiled dig at Steve Brown from you at it's becoming tiresome. Let's see where Cove are in twenty years.
  22. I laughed aloud on reading this. This was just before Bob Crolls I believe. I don't recall the manager he was just before my time but he was held in high esteem by all in Perth and always will. RIP Bobby
  23. I agree Cagey. The lad had a real motor about him and added a good bit of stability in midfield. I was sure he would come back in to the picture, seems strange he just dropped out of favour. He always gave a 100% - good luck to him.