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  1. 4th year in a row away for first fixture and 3rd year in a row away on Boxing Day . Do not know last 4 years fix details for other clubs but a bit unfair on us i would say ? .
  2. Glad to see he has got himself a new club. I always thought he was Ok but Tommy pretty much froze him out
  3. Whilst Fletcher could be considered a bit of a gamble I think it would be a good appointment. Freshen things up and he will be desperate to prove himself as a manager. Davidson would be a less risky bet but also less exciting. Coyle, McIness, Lomas were all a bit of a gamble but in their own ways were all very successful.
  4. My feelings are that finishing this season must be the Football authorities main priority. Whether this is August/Sept/Oct or whenever they just have to find a way to do it. After this has happened and you have Champions/Promotion/Relegation all sorted out then try and find a workable solution for next season . 2020/21 will not be a normal season but with a bit of invention /compromise a solution could be found.
  5. Sounds Ok but a bit of a kick in the teeth to our season Ticket Holders.
  6. McDiarmid is a pretty depressing place when it is only 25% full and 2 empty stands behind each goal . To make watching football enjoyable you need a decent game plus a good atmosphere. At the time of the relocation most people thought 10,000 was the correct size ( some actually wanted a higher capacity ) but these days McDiarmid is far to big for the majority of our matches. Their is no easy solution to this problem but the lack of atmosphere may be another reason some people are not going to our games these days . £25.00 to sit in a cold empty stadium is not appealing .
  7. I have always been a big admirer of the way The Brown's have run our club since Geoff stepped in back in the 80's. Saints fans have enjoyed some fantastic moments over the past 30 or so years and whilst Managers and Players have obviously contributed greatly to this period I feel the most significant factor in this hugely successful spell in the clubs history is conduct of the owners. It is starting to sound like the Brown Ownership is coming to an end and they will be a very hard act to follow. I must say I am a bit disappointed and slightly perplexed by some of recent stuff in the media coming from S Brown and I feel he is perfectly entitled to his feelings but it would have been better to keep those thoughts private and I do not really know what he is achieving by making these thoughts public at the present time. Some interesting times may lie ahead !! .
  8. Regarding losses/budgets the current make up of the Premier League is not helping Saints. Although Hamilton, Livingstone and Ross County are all there on merit, from a financial view it would be far better if these teams were replaced with Dundee Utd, Dundee and say Falkirk or Dunfermline ( all carry decent away supports ) .
  9. Timing of this interview/comments a bit strange but I basically agree with what S Brown is saying. With our limited support it is important that the club lives within its means. With our cash reserves ( available through good previous financial controls ) we can cover a few loss making seasons but if this becomes a trend then the reserves will soon disappear . I feel the Brown Family have been excellent custodians of St Johnstone F.C. and I hope S Brown is at the helm for a good few more years.
  10. Very surprised Melbourne Saint thinks our Goalkeepers are fine . In my opinion this position is probably our biggest concern.
  11. Great team effort and deserved to win. Either Tommy has blind faith in Clark or Parish is useless because our keeper is our weakest link. What was he doing for their second goal. Either come out and command the 6 yard box or stay in your goal, he did neither.
  12. Tommy's man management skills are great and he gets the very best out of our players most of the time. He would be very hard to replace but I must say he has had the tendency to squander quite a bit of money on loan players over the past few seasons. Last season we had a couple ( midfielders from Ipswich and I think QPR ) who were given very little game time and in my opinion were a waste of our money ( wages ) . This season the defender from Estonia has been a waste of wages .
  13. Shaughnessy's move to Southend not worked out well for him ( although wages are probably quite a bit higher than we pay ) so maybe chance of him returning ? .
  14. You are correct , should really be in different section , still a bit of an amateur with Fans Forums ! .
  15. Figures are for 12 months prior to signing shankland so the next set of Accounts will probably be even worse.