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  1. Unfortunately it looks that way zimmer zimmer zimmer
  2. Am sure he could do a job for us supplying stevie may
  3. Someones been on the pop
  4. Haha haha its all coming out now
  5. Am sure he could do a decent job for us
  6. Totally agree it was pritey obvious at the time why he left and you can't blame him at all and who knows what was happening behind the scenes shameTommy didn't get the northern Ireland job but good luck to him at his next club
  7. He plays for non league gloucester city now
  8. dunkeldneil

    New Manager

    Hahaha ha oh Johnny you know you don't mean it
  9. I never thought I would see anything like this the world is changing daily keep safe
  10. Good night and stay safe fellow saintes
  11. With the Browns coming out recently hinting about wanting to sell the club doesn't look good to me
  12. Oh what did he say
  13. Put up a really good fight