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  1. Harry cochrane is available for a free
  2. I imagine this is how it is!...if spoony does eventually move to Canada good luck to him he's been a great servant to saints over the years
  3. I would prefer to keep them for another season rather than sell them now for low offers and have a good crack on Europe
  4. Great news well deserved
  5. Incredible stuff the ground is filling up
  6. When we won the cup in 2014 I really thought I would never seen it again now we are going for the double!!!
  7. Well if any season ticket holder didn't won't a ticket to the final I would happily take it off there hands..maby be good to met up at times square (glasgow) again some other venue or the club set up a fanzone outside mcdiarmid
  8. A huge amount of money for us or any Scottish club transformational
  9. The whole stadium was packed with saints fans from the past celebrating
  10. Exactly what I was thinking does well for us then snapped up by someone else for free