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  1. The whole stadium was packed with saints fans from the past celebrating
  2. Exactly what I was thinking does well for us then snapped up by someone else for free
  3. A young youth Scotland player would be just want we need for our aging midfield
  4. Lets hope Shankadinhio can score goals like that for Scotland if he gets any more caps
  5. Haha haha keep it coming guys this is pure entertainment!
  6. 19 goals in 7 years!!!!!!!!
  7. Your a useful addition to this forum random happy Christmas
  8. Still a young Lad then 4 - 5 seasons left in him
  9. Brown's a thug not long until he retires
  10. Hahaha ha how tall are you Abernethy?
  11. It's all coming out now SIR Abernethy
  12. Unfortunately it looks that way zimmer zimmer zimmer