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  1. used to drink in there around 80/81
  2. who put saints in the premier league... Andy, Andy who put saints in the premier league.. Andy, Andy B
  3. deserves a testimonial
  4. Why is the title of this thread "Wright v Brown" suggests they are not on the same page and that there is acrimony between them ??
  5. jfxr242

    Stevie May

    Given the debate here..... I think we really have to question whether the Mods / Admins here are qualified to run this board or should they go, they obviously need lessons in PR... BBD - thoughts ?
  6. jfxr242

    Stevie May

    I agree that saints shoud try and get fair market value or sign him up for longer but fair market value is what a willing buyer and a willing seller are willing to accept. The length of the remaining contract factors into what fair market value might be. I also don't disagree with you about the comparisons with other players giving an indication what fair market value might be but if there is only one club sniffing around and that club is only willing to pay X then its a take it or leave it as in my opinion it would be folly to break the wage structure for one guy (if that would be what is required for him to stay) so will have to disagree with you on that point,
  7. jfxr242

    Stevie May

    In any business you can't break the wage structure that is in place for one person never mind how much oyu want to keep that person, if you do all the other employees (players here) will form a queue at your door or get pi@@ed off and leave so I'd presume an offer has been made at the top of the wage structure that is in place If it's not accepted then best route is to sell.
  8. Can't get back to Perth but will be watching it in Legends Bar in Manhattan with a couple of other Saintees