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  1. Christ this is exhausting just reading. I thought it was a great night in the end, even if it wasn't an inspiring start. I don't really think the organisers really did anything wrong, it was well publicised on social media and slotted into the diary as best it could be to work around the commitments of those taking part. Saints are not a well supported club. The reasons for that are many and well documented. Of course it was disappointing not to have a fuller crowd for Dave, but it wasn't surprising. The attendance has very little to do with who is playing, what the ticket price is and what events are on. The simple fact is that if that had been free on Friday night we wouldn't have broken 3000 fans. My personal take away from this was getting to show an appreciation for a lot of Saints players that we didn't really get a chance to say goodbye too. I also got to relive a little bit of my childhood in seeing Roddy kick a Dundee player, score a goal and look like he needed a stretcher. I left the ground grinning like a lunatic.
  2. 2 goals in 30 appearances in the 4th tier of English football before a serious injury? I hope this journo has been on the sauce and we're not seriously interested.
  3. I would rather they didn't bring their religious fundamentalism anywhere near our club.
  4. Saints playing at a good pace. All the energy and commitment that was missing from the first leg. Trakai happen to see this out with a draw by the look of it.
  5. I think we have to accept that these are halcyon days for our club. Without a drastic change in circumstances, an additional 2-3k supporters making their way through the turnstiles we simply cannot sustain any kind of investment. Bottom line is spending cannot outstrip revenue and the club is structured this way. Not a popular opinion I will admit, but I'd rather see use solvent than in the Premiership. I have a hope that the Bertha Park development will be the seedbed for a new generation of Saints supports, but that's a possible long term answer to a very immediate need.
  6. I thought too many players failed to provide any kind of performance. They looked far more rusty then their limited time off would suggest. It's never nice to single out players, but I simply don't understand what Cummins brings to the team.You can talk all day about his running and hold up play, but far too often he is half a yard short on the end of a pass or fluffs it in front of goal. He's a million miles away from the kind of performance we saw from him in his first season. He also falls over with the slightest breeze.
  7. If you don't squeezing into the back of a Golf then you're more than welcome.
  8. Cash at the gate, so I'm defo going. I'll probably be heading up after work (Finnieston), but happy to detour if you need picked up.
  9. Hi, I plan to be heading to the game; will be able to confirm as soon as the club puts tickets on sale and I can get one. Happy to give you a lift. Where in Glasgow are you?
  10. Hi, guys. Seems very quite in here. With the new season fast approaching should we try and get a bit more of a social feel about the place? Perhaps a wee meet up and a few beers before the Euro fixtures? Maybe even try and find a place in Glasgow that has a feed for our away leg (very long shot I know).
  11. This has all gone a bit Follow Follow.
  12. Graham had a stinking attitude on the pitch. I remember Dave MacKay laughing at him when he proper chucked his toys out the pram when he didn't get a pass he was asking for. Has a propensity to dive too. I'd quite happily pass. We need pace up front. Cummins is pacey, but he's a half yard short too often.
  13. Hendo

    Indy Ref 2

    I think the timing of the vote, if a vote is authorised, will be key. The Westminster government needs to be be given as much time as possible. They need to prove to the Scottish electorate that Scotland are partners in the union and not just along for the ride. What I think is clear is that this vote is a choice between 2 unknowns, it's no longer a case of voting No to maintain the status quo.
  14. Old Firm? Rangers died in 2012. That said, I'd be willing to give Celtic and The Rangers the East Stand and the North Stand. Although my season ticket is for the West Stand and I'd be hacked off if I were asked to move. Perhaps a free pie and Bovril as compensation for those displaced?
  15. We hate Dundee. The classics are the best.