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  1. Will gary McDonald come back into the reckoning here? Its dissappointing how he seems to have been frozen out this season
  2. Motherwell are a good side. Gary Locke will have them right up for the game on Saturday
  3. I think people are remembering Liam Craig as a better player than he was. He had loads of shocking games in a saints shirt in his first spell!
  4. Probably been the better team but once again suicidal defending costs us. Unmarked header for Mcpake, think it was Scobbie. Horrendous mistake for midgey for second goal. Cummins almost scored, Maclean looks finished don't think he has touched the ball. Sutton on at half time please
  5. Really enjoyed that game. Both teams played decent football and county look a much improved side from last season. Scobbie isn't a premiership defender, simple as that. Again costing us the first goal tonight. Wotherspoon again was anonymous. Other than that though I thought we were quite impressive in spells. Murray looks back to his old self and O'halloran in his current form is too good for us and is a privelage to watch. Anyone else find Dodds and McIntyre's constant abuse and attitude to the fourth official shocking?
  6. St.johnstone 2-1 Ross County O'halloran 2334
  7. Sad to say it but we really do miss Gary McDonald
  8. Another very tough game. It would be very harsh to drop cummins after his record so far and I reckon a partnership of him and sutton could cause county problems Mannus Shaugnessey. Wright. McKay. Easton Millar Wotherspoon. O'halloran Davidson Sutton Cummins
  9. Brown is primarily a defensive midfielder though when these three players play a little higher up and aren't in the team to protect the defence to the same extent. Browns positioning especially costs us goals whenever he plays IMO
  10. It's all very well saying that but tommy sees the young players every day and is the best man to make the decisions. Scott brown played over in Armenia and was absolutely dreadful and Liam Caddis has never looked like a premiership quality player.
  11. Should we be looking to sack him? No place for this at a so called 'family club'
  12. Celtic Aberdeen Hearts St.Johnstone Dundee Motherwell Dundee United Inverness ct Ross county Kilmarnock Partick thistle Hamilton