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  1. Cheers. It just wasn't to be. Life goes on. Exactly that... a pair of bawbags. All the Saints fans I met both over here and in Scotland were sound. I'll be emailing Alex Frei to let him know of Stevie May's contract situation. Get him tapped up for next season. ;-) The FCL fans are actually part of the appeal. Going to away games with FCL is brilliant. For example, Sion away involves a 4hr party train and then non stop singing, flags, pyros, beer, etc etc. It's like how it used to be in Scotland in the 80's.
  2. Luzern had the chances in the first game to kill the tie. They never took them and when it went to bloody penalties there was only going to be one outcome. Meh. Oh well, there's always next season (maybe). As for the bottle incident, this happened right in front of me and my mates. There's a wee pathway near the crematorium on Crieff Road. Some throbber hiding in the darkness threw a glass bottle into the crowd of FCL fans who were being marched by the police back into town. It hit a guy on the head and he had to be put into an ambulance. Nice to read comments about the FCL fans making a good atmosphere.
  3. St J 0-3 FCL But it's going to go to bloody penalties, isn't it?!?!
  4. Sorry lads, after seeing how much it will cost for a pint in Scotland compared to what we're used to over here, it's been quite hard to get enough players to commit to being in the same place at the same time to want to play a return game. Plus half our team are cycling from Newcastle to Perth instead of utilising modern transport methods. https://www.facebook.com/fclfanfotos.ch/photos/a.404575749652781.1073741832.401976866579336/560969967346691/?type=1&theater Here's to a good game on Thurs and maybe we will see some of you around Perth. Cheers, Michael
  5. Absolutely. We had a fair few chances in the match over here to send you back to Scotland with a 3-4 goal deficit. They weren't taken and nor was luck on our side. It has to be attack, attack, attack in Perth to get an away goal. I can see this one going to ET and penalties. Rumour has it that our Sporting Director, Alex Frei (Switzerland's highest international goal scorer), has entered into negotiations to sign up "mad shagger" Stevie May, using a couple of beer passes and the wee durty types at Roadhouse as bait to seal the deal.
  6. Oddly, not one St J fan I spoke to thought you'd miss him on Thurs.
  7. Yes, i'd say that Sion created more chances than Saints did. It was a scrappy game really with lots of fouls. Bloody typical of FCL to concede a goal right at the end of the first half. Again our #21 Dario Lezcano missed a sitter near the end of the game. If we'd won today i'd be much more confident for Perth on Thurs. I would say that FCL had better chances on Thurs vs St J than they did today. Highlights (hopefully that works in Scotland)
  8. Lame attempt. Must try a lot harder next time.
  9. Ten mins to go. 1-1. Starting to wonder if all in Perth I have to look forward to is cheap beer, fish and chips and friendly banter.
  10. Will there be away tickets sold at McD? I know a couple of lads coming from England to join the FCL fans.
  11. The name rang a bell. Living in the past a bit though, no? Meanwhile, FCL vs Sion in our first league match. 12:45 KO today. It will be on the usual streaming sites.
  12. Any match highlights from the PSJ game?
  13. We probably met. There was only a handful of Saints still at Zone when I left. As we are being ripped off for the tickets, the cheap beer will make up for that. There will be some arriving on Wed, the majority of FCL's will arrive around lunchtime on Thurs. I expect that I'll be in Perth around 10am or so on Thurs. Barossa St and The Tulloch Institute have both welcomed us. Hopefully there will be at least 500 FCL fans looking forward to some Scottish hospitality.
  14. As expected, I met nothing but a bunch of sound folks. It was quite lovely to have the town invaded with friendly Scots. The older guys I met in Legends on Tuesday, the PSJ lads whom we had a game with, and the fans who came to Zone on Wed, to the randoms dotted about all over town on the Thursday. It was a good craic. I'm quite sure there will be a Saint or two coming back to LU for a wee holiday. I was outside Zone when the kerfuffle took place. A few daft laddies (who'd probably been getting smashed in the sunshine all day) almost letting the side down for you by goading and throwing beer at the worst kind of bams with hooligan tendencies. Thankfully there were enough sensible punters on both sides to stop it from being anything more than drama queens swinging their handbags at each other. Quite a few of the Swiss lads have commented to me how sound they found the Scottish fans to be.
  15. Could someone kindly organise decent weather. It doesn't need to be as hot as we offered you, just sunny and dry will do.
  16. Meanwhile on BBC Alba, let's cross over to Ibrox where we're absolutely f'king delighted to bring you an epic encounter as Rangers take on Montrose. Living the dream.
  17. Relax. There will be space in the stadium. There's 16,000 or so capacity. It's highly unlikely to sell out. There will be St J fans in other sectors. You'll meet a lot of folks with this mindset here.
  18. Away and drink another beer and get over it. 3-0 to FCL. In front of a crowd rumoured to be around 200 folks, St J started off as the better, fitter team, however, after expending all their energy in the first twenty mins, the power of the sun kinda got to them. After all, this is a race of people from Northern Europe where 15°C is classed as summer. FCL went in at half time with a 2 goal lead and scored a third direct from a sensational style corner. Yiz wur pumped. Danke. It was a good craic and thank you to all who played a part in organising it and making it happen.
  19. Cheers for the game lads. We sent you homewards tae think again!
  20. You're out of luck. Best you can hope for is getting the highlights later on in the evening on SRF2
  21. In Legends earlier I met a few punters off here. It was nice to put a face to a forum name. All St J fans thus far in good form.
  22. Mystery prize for the first kilt wearer still to be claimed at Legends.
  23. Here's an electronic copy of the match programme: https://www.yumpu.com/de/document/view/26398098/fc-luzern-matchzytig-n1-14-15-sion-st-johnstone