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  1. i think he will change the squad up abit i think the starting line up will be: Manus C.Davidson Ando McCraken Write Craig Morris Moon Croft Sherdian Haber
  2. I dont know yeah he is a brilliant player but he will try take anyone one.He is one of my favorite players but seeing we wont have him longer how will fill his place?
  3. I knew most people would say Sandaza but he is greedy!He could at least set up a few goals for other strikers!
  4. He's a good player but not the best
  5. For me it has to be Marcus Haber,He shows a lot of potential he just needs speed,he sets up goals all he needs to do now is score them!
  6. I like Robertson but he is not at SPL level just yet we should of put him away on loan in the January transfer window
  7. Rugby Park because of the wooden Stands its horrible
  8. He has signed for Arbroth FC as far as i know till the end of the season.......He will be tank for them!!
  9. Mini saint


    i like to see this is all most a year old and its still going strong
  10. even though i only had 5 10 mins i well enjoyed it thanks for letting me play really enjoyed it