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  1. 85 Mins, 3 Shots, None on Target (BBC) Pish
  2. You're right mate, It was only 34. Hearts 1 St Johnstone 2 on opening day. It was the last season of the old first division. The top ten teams would go on to form the new premier league. St Johnstone finished 9th, beating Celtic 2-1 at Muirton Park in the last game of the season. Memories a bit hazy but the winning goal was scored at the town end. St Johnstone 1974-1975 : Results League Results Scottish Division One (old) 1974-1975 1 31.08.1974 Heart of Midlothian away W2-1 2 07.09.1974 Dundee United home W2-0 3 14.09.1974 Aberdeen away L1-3 4 21.09.1974 Airdrieonians (old) home L0-1 5 28.09.1974 Hibernian away W1-0 6 05.10.1974 Kilmarnock home D2-2 7 12.10.1974 Morton away D1-1 8 19.10.1974 Dunfermline Athletic home W2-1 9 26.10.1974 Clyde away D2-2 10 02.11.1974 Rangers (old) home L1-2 11 09.11.1974 Ayr United away L0-1 12 16.11.1974 Dundee away L0-4 13 23.11.1974 Motherwell home L0-1 14 30.11.1974 Dumbarton home W3-0 15 07.12.1974 Arbroath away D0-0 16 14.12.1974 Partick Thistle home L1-3 17 21.12.1974 Celtic away L1-3 18 28.12.1974 Heart of Midlothian home L2-3 19 02.01.1975 Dundee United away D1-1 20 04.01.1975 Aberdeen home D1-1 21 18.01.1975 Hibernian home D2-2 22 01.02.1975 Kilmarnock away D1-1 23 08.02.1975 Morton home W2-0 24 10.02.1975 Airdrieonians (old) away D1-1 25 26.02.1975 Dunfermline Athletic away W3-2 26 01.03.1975 Clyde home W1-0 27 08.03.1975 Rangers (old) away L0-1 28 15.03.1975 Ayr United home D0-0 29 22.03.1975 Dundee home W3-1 30 29.03.1975 Motherwell away L0-3 31 05.04.1975 Dumbarton away D0-0 32 12.04.1975 Arbroath home W3-2 33 19.04.1975 Partick Thistle away D0-0 34 26.04.1975 Celtic home W2-1
  3. The number 10 got booked for handball before scoring. At the end of the clip the ref is about to book him.
  4. The kicks in the nuts just keep coming. Wished that if we got through we would get FC Z├╝rich and give them a right good doing. I hope Spartak Trnava win this. I wouldn't have said that last night after all the time wasting but then, today's another day.
  5. I might be daft but having not seen the game tonight I still think that we can go through. A 2-0 victory away from home will do it. Why all the despair?
  6. Wrong thread to discuss this my friend. (but) If we were being wiped out by the english for example and it was being ignored by the world media would you not be pleased if people were trying to bring it to other peoples attention. If there was a flag there tonight I am delighted that there are Saintees with compassion who know what's going on.
  7. Flying a Palestinian Flag has fick all to do with sceptic. It is about us all.
  8. A 2-1 win would take the game to penalties. 2-0 however has us all dancing
  9. 5 mins injury time due to slovaks time wasting according to bbc
  10. I didn't get it wrong about next Friday. The name of the thread makes it clear. Just saying.
  11. Aye they'll be asking us to turn up with our boots next. If they ever do that my values are right out the window. imagine the queue
  12. Of course I am young. 50th birthday 2 days ago. I actually thought that Saints were looking for people for next Friday to clean up and having already known about yesterday seen it as taking the piss. Having read it again I realize that I got that wrong. I understand the feeling of doing something for saints but I am still saying that if you do voluntary work for a business you are depriving someone of a job.
  13. God used to hang about outside the Garth chippy. Dinnae tell the religious mob They'll put a shrine there.