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    Steg reacted to Cleveland-Saint in Player contracts and transfers   
    This is the key in all this, hes had a few great years of money, settled more financially I hope, he loves saints, he has confidence at saints and the passionate lad just wants to get back to banging in some goals and being a fukin hero. We dont have high expectations here, but cant wait to see his face when he nets his first though.
    He could have been pushing for closure, as much as anyone, to get out of Aberdeen and avoid the loan scenario.
    Just fantastic all round by the club, by Wright, Broon, Stevie and Mr Vine apparently.
    I hope they market the hell out of this.
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    Steg got a reaction from Havana Saint in Player contracts and transfers   
    Matty Willock, on loan at St Johnstone from Manchester United, would like to return to McDiarmid Park next season. (Sun, print edition)
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    Steg got a reaction from Norsaint in Player contracts and transfers   
    Matty Willock, on loan at St Johnstone from Manchester United, would like to return to McDiarmid Park next season. (Sun, print edition)
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    Steg got a reaction from 541ntees in Player contracts and transfers   
    Matty Willock, on loan at St Johnstone from Manchester United, would like to return to McDiarmid Park next season. (Sun, print edition)
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    Steg reacted to PerthSeany in Ched Evans   
    He was convicted of rape, not of being a paedophile.
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    Steg reacted to PauloPerth in Dundee V Saints 8/11/14   
    Enjoyed that game, first half was awful from saints- strange line up from Tommy with caddis playing off Graham. A combination of dundee playing well and us being stinking and mannus kept us in it.

    Would like to see it again but at the time I thought mannus had pulled the lad down and was going to get a red.. Definitely a saints penalty as Graham's shirt was pulled as he was going for a header at goal.

    Second half saints were superb without creating enough clear chances. Croft was excellent, Mackay pushed forward more and did well, lappin looked a class act in the middle and spoony showed real hunger and desire. It turned into a real ding dong derby, and was nice to come away from a game feeling it was good value, a rarity this season.

    Overall I thought a draw was fair. Great saints support after the way we've been playing, got behind the team well. About 1200??

    Now all we need is to show that passion and ability for a full 90 minutes....
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    Steg reacted to TheYellowBox in Is Steve Brown Qualified / Should He Go   
    Agree. Highly doubt Roddy phoned 1,000 folk. Seem to remember seeing somewhere that it was also claimed that they took folk buying cup final tickets e-mail details and the club e-mailed a whole load of them. Didn't get asked for e-mail address or got one. I fear that not a lot will change and we will
    Be no further forward this time next year. Don't want to be negative, but saints just don't do being proactive well, so won't hold my breath.
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    Steg reacted to slf in Defence Of The Scottish Cup   
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    Steg reacted to templeofsaints in Sports Direct Fc V St Johnstone 28/10/14   
    Wrights was a bad miss and if he left it big Brian had a better chance. Midge and OHalloran both playing well though and we're still in in
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    Steg reacted to Hazel1884 in The obligatory 'What Music Are You Listening To?' Thread   
    That is why you get standing ticket! It was amazing! I had a GREAT time!

    Editors were fantastic, wasn't too impressed with the rakes, but they were ok!

    FF were something else though - well worth the wai twhile they set up for him!
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    Steg reacted to byebyedundee in James Mcfadden Anyone?   
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    Steg reacted to Jamie_Beatson in Relegation Battle   
    We lost three and drew two at the start of that season, before beating Celtic on September 15 to record our first win of the term.
    People need to bear in mind we're still the same team that was brilliant against Luzern, brilliant against Celtic until we were reduced to 10 men, who beat a good Aberdeen team and won trick away matches at County and Motherwell.
    I don't think anyone's going to suggest we're setting the heather alight just now. Far from it. I don't agree with the lack of investment in the squad - but equally, we've been massively unfortunate with injuries already this season. As I said above - Maclean, Scobbie, Millar, Brown - all would probably be in most of our best XI's - all were out today. We then had Graham ruled out due to the terms of his loan. Murray Davidson played his first league match in months today - four days after playing his return match on the plastic at Kilmarnock. He can't possibly have been 100% fit.
    I hope we can bring in a decent backup striker ASAP - that's essential IMO - but I'm not getting myself hyped up about being down the bottom of the league quite yet.
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    Steg reacted to Center Half in Player contracts and transfers   
    The thing about these players that are still available is they are in Limbo now, they need to get back in the picture again, So if someone comes up for say 13 weeks until the transfer window opens takes a Fee of £20K and scores a load of goals then someone down south will look at them again, if they sit do nothing till the window opens again then what is the difference from the previous window when no one signed them, think it is worth it for someone.   
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    Steg reacted to Dunkeld Fury in Tommy Wright   
    Now the Chairman has to back him with some much needed dosh !!!
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    Steg reacted to MagyarSaintee in Riot Police   
    Fully agree with Glenrothes Saintee, Slovak Rep is in Central Europe, as is Hungary. Having lived for four years in Ukraine the difference is much more than geographical
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    Steg reacted to JEccles621 in Riot Police   
    Good to hear Norrie. Picked you out on the telly. Must have been proud to be there supporting the lads who again did us proud away from home in Europe. Safe journey home
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    Steg reacted to ZurichSaint in St Johnstone V Spartak Trnava 31St July   
    Flying a Palestinian Flag has fick all to do with sceptic. It is about us all.
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    Steg reacted to Nelly78 in Bus From Bratislava To The Game And Back Same Day   
    Doesn't matter what time it's leaving, Stu. Your wife said yesterday she wasn't funding another Saints away trip for you!
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    Steg reacted to slf in St Johnstone V Fc Luzern Thursday 24 July 2014   
    how come we weren't allowed flags with sticks but they were? would that be discrimination.