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  1. I'm afraid whether he comes to the Millers or The Owls, you're gonna have to come to terms with loosing him sooner rather than later.
  2. I would like to think I have come across well so far, but those bitter saints fans, look at the above post. We now know we are the only team to have spoken to May, and it will be sorted on Friday. Yes he still may go to Wednesday, but my money's on us
  3. He was around a while though, and he was judged to not be good enough to play more than twice....by a manager who just got promoted for te fourth successive season, I'll take that opinion over soccer base.
  4. He's not good enough for you, if stevie is as prolific as you say, adam Morgan is not a suitable replacement.
  5. I'm guessing you work for Johnston Press?
  6. Adam Morgan from Liverpool? I wouldnt bother, we had him on loan in league 2 a year or so ago and he couldn't get into our 11. I'd have a punt on Sam Winnall if I were you.
  7. Basically this how it will go now. Us and Wedneaday have a similar budget to spend, however they can offer higher wages....so unless anyone else comes in for him, he'll be off there. But I wouldn't get excited, their bid will be the same/ similar as ours, only personal terms will be better.
  8. Weird thing is we've never played him in midfield. With Frecklington, Newton, Tidser, Milsom and Pringle, there's no room for him. So had to stick him at CB and after 2 successive promotions I'd say it's worked. Apparently we offered him more so would guess he's on about 5/6k a week with us.
  9. I doubt you'll get many big time charlies supporting us. 3 administrations, 3 stadiums and minus 37 points in 4 years makes you quite humble. However find ourselves in the Championship (maybe punching above our weight admittedly) with Steve Evans who is a fantastic manager and a chairman that wants the premiership. £1m is a hell of lot of money to us, our record signing until recently was 150k. If we sign May I'd be delighted because from his stats he looks a great player for his age (needs a haircut) but if your chaiman wants 2.5 M then that's way out of our league.
  10. Nicky was a strange one for us, definitely had the potential for good things and had raw talent, however he was lazy and it really doesn't surprise me that he dropped down just for more money. Lionel was different, he worked hard and could strike a ball brilliantly but he struggled for us in league 2, I guessed the physical long ball style hindered his play. Glad he's doing well now. Mentioned earlier we have Arnason, not sure how he did for Aberdeen but since he's been with us, he's been classy, skillful and always seems to be ahead of the players around him...however can become over confident and make a blunder from time to time.
  11. Cheers pal, it happens, we have them on our site as well. I know some fans down here seem to view scottish football badly but from what I've seen it's not drastically different from ours, just the tv coverage that differs really isn't it? How are Nicky Law and Lionel Ainsworth getting on in your league? Played for us in last few years but let them go, would like to think they're still scoring.
  12. Hi guys. Thanks to those who've been welcoming, to the others who've been abrasive, it's understandable and I apologise if I came across wrong. At the end of the day I have nothing against your club, not have I ever seen Steve May kick a ball, all I know is our club are heavily linked with him and the bookies have made us 2/1 favourites. As I said earlier we have 4 strikers so don't think we need him but Steve Evans clearly wants him and if you turn down 1m I'm sure that'll be our interest over with.
  13. That's fair enough. we have 4 strikers already so we'd have to sell at least 1 if we signed him anyway. Just wanted your guys' opinion on it. Bookies seem pretty certain though..
  14. Anyone wanting a big money move will surely have a good chance in the Championship? Score 10 goals or so in the Championship and a prem team will snap him up.
  15. I highly doubt Kirk will get near our starting 11 either. No way will he get in front of Arnason.