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  1. Owner died recently. Wonder if this is part of a strategy change. Seems a bit left field.
  2. I’d rather have Efe in place of Kane if we’re going to start playing him out of position.
  3. Got a awful feeling that we might end up going down. Can’t keep going on creating nothing like we are now. Sold the family silver for next to nothing and we are really reaping the rewards
  4. Current form isn’t exactly helping either. We are grim to watch just now
  5. Saturday was grim but to suggest that Tommy had any influence on last season is plain ridiculous. We changed our entire formation and style of play last season. We have lost several key players this term and had more than our fair share of injuries. Am I concerned about the lack of cohesion between the midfield and the forwards? Absolutely, but it’s far from being a total disaster at the minute. The new midfielders need time to bed in. On Saturday we started a half fit O’Halloran and a half fit Muzz. Missing both Craig and Wotherspoon. So maybe not a massive surprise that things were a bit disastrous.
  6. They definitely made an offer to the player via the back door, and the financial package was such that you would have been left with a very unhappy player. Look at the Edouard situation at Celtic. He effectively downed tools for a season. That didn’t increase his transfer value at all and you risk unsettling the squad. The key for us I suppose is the sell on percentage. I’d hazard a guess that Brown saw how well Ali had done last season, for NI and in the Euro games and backed him to do the same in England and win a big move. I think he might only last a season at Preston. Bound to be teams at the top, top end of the Championship or lower PL keeping an eye on him soon.
  7. I’m not going to name names for obvious reasons but I have no reason to believe my source is incorrect. Was told Celtic had actually offered us a bigger fee but McCann wanted to go down south Kerr’s on £10k a week at Wigan too. He had been down at Charlton when Wigan came in offering more money. Both life changing sums for both players.
  8. Didn’t have much choice. You’re paying him £16500 a week, we were paying him £800. He wanted to go and the only teams keen were you and Celtic. he didn’t want to stay in Scotland. We’ve got 25% sell on though, and £750k if you make the playoffs.
  9. Melamed hadn’t kicked a ball in 8 months due to the first Covid Lockdown. Vertainen landed match fit.
  10. I’m not sure that’s true. I just think that for whatever reason, it isn’t working here under CD
  11. Haha! I remember Main having an absolute stormer away at Kilmarnock once, and that was what Zander reminded me of today. It’ll be a long time before we see another performance like that
  12. Just seeing this but said the same on Twitter. Best performance I’ve seen from a Saints Keeper since Main in his first spell