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  1. I had switched off the stream in disgust at the officials. Saw a post on Twitter saying penalty and thanks to the delay, manage to get back in just before Liam stroked it home!
  2. Hopefully it’ll show in next seasons ST numbers
  3. All the lower league teams are playing silly schedules, but some teams are being made to play lunchtime today
  4. Ashcroft was training with us but was never offered a contract
  5. Give me Shelley Kerr over Sandy Stewart ANY DAY
  6. Chris Kane can’t hit a cows arse with a banjo. Ali having a mare. Time to go 2 up. Melamed on.
  7. I get loads of emails from the club but they would be easily missed as they’re sent by individual employees and not St Johnstone.
  8. Hibs are quite heavily stacked in midfield as well.
  9. Pat McGroin


    He’s a weird one. I have no memory of him playing for us despite attending every week back then.
  10. Contribution is another word for bail out
  11. Honestly, please break up your paragraphs. I get 3 lines in and give up. It always looks like you’re typing on Coke!
  12. Surely it’s the new manager effect.
  13. Not necessarily one of our highest earners but definitely worthy of a starting forwards wage. I’d heavily incentivise it with a goal bonus LAUGH OUT LOUD
  14. Seeing rumours online linking Melamed with Sunderland, Ipswich and Portsmouth. Tanser had been linked with Sunderland earlier this season too and they share an agent so may just be agent chat.