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  1. Sell a “co-commentary” raffle. £25 a ticket. Winner gets to go and sit in the booth and get excited on the mic
  2. Don’t think he contributed anything of note before 40 mins, which in my view can be considered a poor first half.
  3. I said he had an excellent second half, but couldn’t complete a pass in the first. Am I wrong? He was miles better once he switched wings
  4. Doesn’t affect the rest of my statement. He gave the ball away countless times straight to a Hibs player. The fact he won a corner does not change the fact the he was honking for the first 45.
  5. Rooney for me too, but thought the 3 centre half’s were tremendous
  6. I don’t remember Conway completing a pass to a Saints player in the first half, he was awful, it’s partly why we were so poor. Thought he had a cracking last half hour though. Weird one last night. Felt like a massive smash and grab to be 2-0 up but confidence grew and Hibs heads dropped, particularly when we went 3 up. On the plus side, I thought our defensive organisation was excellent. It was much more reminiscent of a TW performance rather than the free flowing game we’ve seen from CD this term. That’s 2 clean sheets on the bounce as well. I’m not complaining though. We’ve barely had a rub of the green all season so we were long overdue some luck. Sare heid today! Can’t wait to watch the other semi now!!
  7. I see Kane has just signed with an agency down south, Shooting Stars. Seems like both Guy Melamed and Scott Tanser are also on the books. I wonder if there’s anything to read into that...
  8. Am I alone in thinking the last thing we need is a centre half? If I was spending money anywhere, it would be central midfield. we have a very young defence so they will will make mistakes but I have a lot of faith in Kerr, Gordon and McCart.
  9. Can anyone confirm that they actually use shots on goal for this stat. Surely it’s shots on target as shots off target are irrelevant.
  10. Yes, and I’m sure he had a howler by his own standards, but we aren’t judging Clark over one game here. He’s been poor for 18 months. You may or may not rate the metric, but every keeper is being graded on the same scale and Clark is at the bottom.
  11. Thank you for confirming my suspicions! Mainstand plucking numbers out of thin air.
  12. 50 shots on target or 50 shots on goal? I’m just thinking, the last 2 games he has conceded 100% of shots on target
  13. Dinnae say that. Someone will be along to move your post to parts of the forum where very few tread!
  14. He played well today but how long do you give a keeper? It’s been a year. I can’t help but feel he’s not the most agile keeper, and when he’s marooned on his line, he’s a sitting duck. when he commands his box like today, it’s a different story but that has been a LONG time coming.
  15. You and me both, but we mopped up defensively so well. Really pleased tonight.