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  1. Spoony getting a lot of grief here but I thought he was our most dangerous player. Bit of luck and he could have had 2 or 3 today. We were great value for the win today as a TEAM. Probably more so than Hamilton. United didn’t have a shot on target. Only difference was luck and a keeper on form.
  2. Yes but you need to use the PPV login. Google St Johnstone PPV.
  3. ALL OVER Spoony 7/1 anytime scorer on bet365 to give that some perspective, young Alex Ferguson is 11/5. I think they just pulled names out of a hat.
  4. Excuse me if I don’t hold too much faith in a site that claims Zander is 34! What’s the reference with those stats? I’m struggling to see games played etc.
  5. None of the players are in bubbles outside of football. They’ll have partners that work, kids at school etc. I think their infection rate probably ties in with their local situation. Impossible to say how many asymptomatic carriers have the virus but I’d wager it’s between 20-40x the quoted numbers.
  6. I actually think it’s affecting how teams set up against us too. Teams seem very willing to take pot shots from distance and that’s likely due to them analysing similar data and realising Zander is just not saving what he should be saving so they’re getting a return way above average. I also wonder how much of it is coaching, as he’s gone from being perfectly capable, to shaky at corners, to just generally dodgy.
  7. Pickford wee arms! De Gea has been Mr Howler for years too!
  8. 18 months Larky. He was propping up the keepers table all last season too
  9. I know, I have zero faith in either of them but statistically Parish has done more this term and could rightly feel aggrieved to be dropped!
  10. Pat McGroin


    Statistically the worst keeper in the league. Has been dire now for 18 months. Can’t remember the last time he won us a game. Surely it’s time for a new keeper. Right now I’d play Parish
  11. May for his 2 goals and unselfish cut back for Conway especially, but Spoony was a close second and Muzz and Conway both excellent.
  12. Agree on quality. Don’t know if the camera was a lot closer to the pitch than ours which caused it to move more, but definitely wasn’t as good a stream as we have.
  13. I thought Bryson oozed class against Brechin too. The weighting of his passes were sublime.
  14. You could be unfortunate enough to catch it off a petrol pump, door handle or shopping trolley. all it takes is a rub of your eye or something and the virus has a point of entry.
  15. Not complaining about Considine. Would Paul McGinn have been called up if he was still in Paisley? It’s grim and I thought things might have improved under SC from that perspective.