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  1. I’ve said this a few times now, but I’d like to see the clubs retain home streaming for ST holders. It makes so much sense, especially for those that don’t live in Perth and may miss a few games per season. There will be a lot of people that don’t buy ST’s because they won’t make every game but stream access changes the game on that front.
  2. Why would it wind them up? They’re not rivals and there will be no away fans. players won’t care
  3. You’d assume we will be, but I read his contact was up at the end of 2021 so I can’t imagine we’ll be paying a huge fee.
  4. If we get smashed 5-0, are you going to pass up the chance to see Saints play Galatasaray?!
  5. The letter that came with the Season Ticket said all games would be on Saints TV I’m sure
  6. Looks like his contract is up at the end of 2021 so I’m assuming permanent, we could have got him on a PCA so it’ll be deal to bring him in early.
  7. Yup, I believe this to be true
  8. I’d have a guess at Greg Stewart but maybe the offer from overseas has complicated things on that front?
  9. Yeah, I’m guessing they’ll be doing the Day 5 “test to release” to hurry things along. That wasn’t an option when Melamed landed mid lockdown
  10. Finnish lad is quarantining before his medical
  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if clubs are no longer given direct away access, as it’s too easy for the home club to lose out financially by people using Proxy Servers to mask their location.
  12. Stewart is 31 though, he’s unlikely to get another contract on terms like that, and I’m sure he’s realistic enough to accept that.
  13. Got a caravan down here. Drove down for a month with the car, took that and my Mrs home before flying back down with my eldest for another 2 weeks. Got fed up quarantining and figured I’m as well working from here with a swimming pool, good food, cheap wine and AC, rather than at home. flights are literally £10-20 each way just now so I figured “why not?”
  14. Good luck with that one, now that we’re getting our Passports stamped everywhere… your passport will say you were in Turkey. Not only that, you’d be in a 10 day quarantine from the 5th, meaning you’d miss the home leg!! I’m in France right now. U.K. 10 day Quarantine from France is expected to end on the 9th.