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  1. ScottMann blasts topic starter. Does he have a point, or were his comments ill-judged?
  2. Included in a piece with Tommy Wright on the BBC website is a line where he talks about the negativity amongst the Saints support. Should he have made the comment or does he have a valid point? Maybe he's a member on this forum?
  3. I see that David Wotherspoon may be in line for a call up to the Canada squad, that he qualifies for through his mother. It could obviously involve a fair bit of travelling and they can't qualify for the World Cup but surely a good experience for the player and something that could benefit him and in turn Saints. Their next fixture is a friendly in June then they have the Gold Cup in July, so he would potentially miss a few of the early games for Saints if selected.
  4. The mistake Coyle made was not giving Dobbie a chance when he came back from Dumbarton, not what happened before that when he was out of shape. Dumbarton had been a kick up the backside and Coyle should have been able to see that. He hit the ground running at Palmerston, so Saints could have similarly benefited. We did have Milne, Scotland and MacDonald at the time but you only need to look at how many games Derek Lilley got to see Dobbie would have featured and obviously it was always likely we'd lose Scotland that summer.
  5. The story was he made him run back from Kilgraston School to McDiarmid. Coyle did run with him to be fair!
  6. Celtic got the East Stand in September 2012. I think that's the only time they've had it since the early 2000s.
  7. I'm not sure Mannus will be that bothered if he goes or not. He's third choice and would be a month away from his new baby, enjoying no summer break, especially if Saints make Europe.
  8. krm81

    Top Six

    It will be a financial disaster if we don't make the top six. Instead of two home games against a couple of Celtic, Hearts, Aberdeen and Dundee (potentially 14,000 to 16,000 combined crowd if things fell our way), you'd be looking at Killie and likely one of the Highland clubs or Accies and less than 5,000 fans. That must potentially be six figures, then you have the prize money. Saturday's game worth possibly £200k or £300k to Saints.
  9. Gary Gow, John Donegan, Simon Miotto, Jim Butter, Stephen Robertson, John Hillcoat.
  10. Maybe Inchcolm could tell us how O'Halloran is enjoying Ibrox? Despite his protestations, he's disappeared without trace since the transfer window closed.
  11. Need to watch out for Calum Campbell, diving git that he is.
  12. That there is slightly more to it than one fan speculating. Do you think Saints have contacted a club whose pitch they have been critical of about installing one? Your answer has as much authority as the other fan.