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  1. Totally forgot that the season tickets came with the matches. Puts us in a tough position to be fair.
  2. Saints and Livi ripping the arse out of it i would say. I am used to paying between £8-12 per game for Ice Hockey live games and before people say its not comparable the 3 Scottish teams all get more people to games than Saints and Livi so buy rates would be about the same
  3. 2 Leagues of 20 then split out into Highland League and Lowland League below that. There are enough full times to sustain a 20 team league and the top 5 of the next division could be full time as well
  4. Does anyone who has seen the U18's or the Reserve League Cup match have 5/10 minutes to give me a rundown on some of the players - it's to make sure they are accurately represented in FM20
  5. FIFA abolished its Player’s Agents Regulations and the licensing system for players’ agents in April 2015 and replaced it with Regulations on Working with Intermediaries. As part of the new process, the Scottish FA is responsible for publishing on its website by the end March each year a list of all intermediary transactions detailing individually the name of the intermediary , the player and club involved in the transaction as well as publishing consolidated figures for payments made by clubs and players to Intermediaries So Basically as long as you agree to their rules you can act as a intermediary. You could do it tomorrow if you want
  6. Why would they make an announcement? it's not as if they said he was coming only that he was one of a number of targets. We would be releasing Sevco level of statements if we sent out a release everytime we didnt sign someone
  7. I think in January bringing in Swanson on £1,500 a week came out of this seasons budget However 5 first team players our and 2 backups in doesn't bode well
  8. B2B and B2C are the same guy - all included in marketing
  9. Never trusting Junior Mendes again!!
  10. I think you might find that the main source of income will come from sponsorship - so he may have been told to focus only on creating B2B revenue ……………… But you know whatever
  11. Bulletproof jizzed at the money this will add to our surplus
  12. Any news on an extended contract for Watt?
  13. Boom - it's different from the usual shite and I'd actually buy one
  14. Social media is the biggest sales tool any business has
  15. Dude we might end up with actual rabbits at this rate
  16. It's different having one player surrounded by more experienced teammates who can talk them through the majority of the game. Having a full team at that age getting knocked about could knock confidence more than anything (realistically it would only be one game)
  17. I think it would be very counter productive to have 16/17 year olds playing against other clubs first teams
  18. Contracts expire on 31/05 - Nice bite through
  19. There are clubs who do 15 games season tickets (in Englandshire) and they have to nominate what games they are going to attend when the tickets for that match go on sales That requires a ticket management system online and the selling of tickets online but that is the kind of ticket that would entice a lot more people to buy (the clubs still do full season tickets as well)
  20. It looks like it's DTG printing on the strips so we will get anything we want - I'd be suprised if the badge and sponsor where not just done in the same way
  21. Are we getting more services than just clothing?