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  1. At McDiarmid this morning.
  2. Never doubt the Mole.
  3. The deal is already agreed with Callum. Expect him to arrive a few days before training starts. He has a 6 month break clause in his deal down south. I would not be surprised if he wasn't the only legend returning either.
  4. Saints are having real problems getting an extension sorted for Zander and Rangers have asked his agent (Jackie McNamara) to be kept informed on the situation. Talks have been ongoing for months but Saints are struggling to get much out of McNamara. A couple of times Saints have thought a deal is close but then nothing gets signed. Could really do with getting it sorted.
  5. Tommy is looking to sign much better than him. Expect a highly rated winger from England to sign in the next few days. He also wants to sign another winger, a striker and couple of midfielders. The plan is for a couple of signings to be young loans from England that will free up his budget for some real quality.