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  1. Not sure. Those 5 players aren't interchangeable. May, Kane & Hendry can play in the centre, but not Wotherspoon or MOH. I'd suggest only Wotherspoon and May can play on the left, and probably only MOH on the right. I imagine those who are on either side of the main striker are essentially winger who will push quite far forward. I may be wrong and we might play all 3 centrally I suppose.
  2. Maybe...either way we've lost Wright, Swanson & Kennedy as attacking midfielders/wingers. I'm amazed people don't think at least one player needs to come in to replace them. Can we really play a front 3 of May, Hendry & MOH with just Kane & Wotherspoon as back-up for those positions?
  3. Surely Wotherspoon and O'Halloran are the wingers either side of May in the 3 part of the 523? Davidson has said already that May does too much and he wants him to focus on just scoring again. Wotherspoon and O'Halloran are very capable, but they need back-up. Who would play those positions when they're injured? I'd say May could move to the left and Hendry in the middle, but we'd still need back-up on the right. I'd suggest, in reality O'Halloran is more of an impact sub anyway.
  4. If Davidson is going to play 5-2-3, in terms of defence we just need someone fairly cheap who can be back up at centre back and right back. Perhaps a younger player or someone on loan. Any money we have for wages needs to be spent on a winger who can play left and right. At the moment we only have Wotherspoon & O'Halloran in those positions. We also need a centre midfielder who can be back-up, again perhaps on loan (Butcher?). I always thought Slyvka just released from Hibs was good, but he would've been on a decent wage.
  5. I don't doubt that, I just think Davidson will already have in mind players he would like to sign from England.
  6. If we're brining in 2 or 3 I'd imagine that would be a centre-back, centre-midfield and a winger (who can play both sides), but it depends what system he is playing. He may want 2 wingers. I imagine we'll be signing players from the lower leagues in England who we've never heard of, but Davidson has seen in his time down there.
  7. Linky

    New Manager

    Or is that he knows he has somewhere to go fairly soon (once Tommy has had the N. Ireland interview) & so is happy to have a lesser role for a little while to tide him over?
  8. Is he a striker or a winger? If it's the latter, then the signing would make more sense.
  9. Linky

    New Manager

    MacLean has been confirmed. Really hopes he keeps playing too, would be useful off the bench. Why the decision to have no Assistant? Feels like a compromise to me, as if he wanted MacLean as Assistant, but couldn't get rid of Cleland. If Cleland is going to be first-team coach rather than Assistant, does that mean he has signed a new contract for the new role? Also, had Maybury's contract come to an end, or has it been cancelled?
  10. Going to be a real kick in the teeth if the court decides Hearts should stay up and Dundee Utd stay down. Not sure why Neilson would want to leave. There's a real possibility Hearts could implode.
  11. Linky

    New Manager

    The suggestions seem to be 5-2-3 and 4-4-1-1. I wonder whether the first formation is the attacking one, where the wide strikers (May & O'Halloran?) go either side if needed. I imagine this would mean high pressing, stretching defences and getting balls in the box to Hendry. 4-4-11 - O'Halloran would drop back, and May slip in behind Hendry?
  12. Linky

    New Manager

    I’d assume he’d still be around if needed. He’d still manage a few goals.
  13. Linky

    New Manager

    Very happy that he’s going with 5-3-2, I agree that those 3 young centre backs are the way forward. I do think we need another as back-up though. A Wotherspoon, Davidson, McCann midfield is great, but I’d like to see Butcher back too. I would like to see Hendry be a starter, and if MacLean joins we have 4 strikers, which is a luxury we haven’t had for a while. He said he wants 2 to 3 signings: MacLean, Butcher/Holt and a centre-back.
  14. Linky

    New Manager

    I wonder whether (if it is true), having MacLean & Craig join the coaching staff also gives us a bit of future planning. The hope being, if Davidson is poached in 3 or 4 years time due to his success, we have 2 potential managers waiting in the wings. The Chairman can take his pick.
  15. Linky

    New Manager

    Yes, I hope we have got a name for ourselves as a club that looks after players, gives them a chance, doesn't have a high turnover of players. This will be something players will be looking for, many will be severely lowering their expectations in terms of the clubs they can sign for and the money they might be expecting. However, I'm expecting 2 to 3 signings to occur 5 minutes before the end of the deadline, and all on loan. In fact, Maclean might take up one of those spots if he signs as player/coach. However, we do still need someone who can play on the wings, and a centre midfielder.