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  1. I thought we played really well, and deserved the win. To manage to keep those two strikers anonymous throughout the game takes some doing. We absolutely dominated, I can't remember them having a shot on target, or even much in the way of attacks. Ok, we didn't get the goal we needed, but this was a huge improvement on what has gone on before, and the best performance in an SPL game this season. We may have scored more against Hamilton, but their defence was shambles, and that game was chaotic. We controlled this one Ironically, it didn't quite click for Wotherspoon, although he still had some amazing play, beating 2 or 3 players at a time. Defence looked really solid and I think all could've been MoM. Bryson was pretty good, and played some nice balls forward. May started brightly but faded. If it wasn't for the goalkeeper we would've scored 2 or 3. Dundee Utd are a good side, and are likely to be top 6, so to dominate them so easily was a good side. We have a new striker to come, who might be able to put away those chances.
  2. I think playing 3 central defenders is actually making our defence worse. It seems like none of them quite know where to be or what they're doing. I'd like Kerr to move further forward as a defensive midfielder.
  3. Linky


    If a defence is really good, surely the 'keeper has fewer saves to make? Clark is on a decent contract. He'll stay as number 1 until he retires. Also, the idea that Ryan Fulton is better than Alan McGregor is a joke.
  4. Lovely free kick & finish from Conway, but he also messed up a few chances too. May, on the other hand was outstanding, and would’ve scored a few more if he hadn’t have been taken off (not that it was the wrong decision).
  5. It debut I think, and I remember thinking he looked really good before that happened. I wonder how much of what went wrong was down to that injury, never really settling in, and never properly coming back from it.
  6. He’s Israeli, not necessarily Jewish.
  7. Yes, I mentioned him, but that was on loan, and technically the manager had seen him play. On paper this looks to be a good signing, but it’s a brave manager who pins his hopes on a player he’s seen on a few videos.
  8. I mean signed from a club abroad. In other words, one that wasn’t to do with having UK connections.
  9. Possibly. This isn’t a road Saints often go down. When was the last time we signed a player from outside the uk? Vihmann was on loan & actually seen in a game, Krachunov perhaps?
  10. It's certainly and exciting signing. I'm intrigued by Davidson's comments that he 'liked the look of him in the videos'. Sounds like he hasn't seen any more of him than any of us have. How did this even come about? I'm doubting we have contacts in Israel. Was he sending videos of himself to clubs in Scotland in the hope of getting a deal? Davidson also said we were choosing between a 'target man or someone to score goals' and we 'went for the latter'. Not quite sure what the use of a target man who doesn't score goals would be, but I'm glad we did.
  11. That’s because Spoony IS that good.
  12. The report was that he was at the stadium today, although I'm not completely sure. Is it possible he's been in the UK quarantining already, and the last day of this was yesterday?
  13. Interesting signing. Just wondering how he came up on our radar. I'm guessing we don't need a work permit because he's half Lithuanian. He's scored almost a goal every 3 games for his Israeli club. I think the standard of the top division there is decent (it's just below Norway & Sweden in Uefa rankings)
  14. The rumours elsewhere are that it's Will Keane recently released from Ipswich. This might have some truth to it considering Stuart Taylor is their assistant manager. Apparently he often played as a lone striker last season, he was injured quite a lot. They had a bad season, but he was fairly decent. He is best with the ball played to his feet rather than in the air. The thing that I saw said that fans were hoping that he'd sign up for another year as he 'covers less ground' than their other strikers but 'provides a little bit of class'. The suggestion was that his lack of goals was a problem, and that his wage demands might be prohibitive. If so, not sure how we could be affording him.