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  1. Pretty poor showing. Looked like the start of last season again: solid, but unable to really make any chances. Devine looked good at times, but I think we missed Booth's link-up play with Wotherspoon. Last season we started with MOH and Hendry too, before realising it didn't work, why are we doing the same this season? May at least had a few chances when he came on.
  2. Possibly - I can see us anywhere between 4th and 8th if Davidson stays. If he goes, everything changes. I think there four poor teams who it is hard to see us finishing below. Livi will remain in free-fall from last season, Dundee have come up a season too soon, Utd have lost their manager and replaced him with an unknown which often doesn't work out well, and Ross County are....Ross County.
  3. End of season predictions? 1 - Rangers 2 - Aberdeen 3 - Celtic 4 - Hibs 5 - Saints 6 - Hearts 7 - St. Mirren 8 - Motherwell 9 - Dundee 10 - Dundee Utd 11 - Ross County 12 - Livingston
  4. I did wonder whether May's new number is a sign that he's being developed into playing as a Conway replacement this season. This then leaves Kane, Hendry and the Finn as the strikers competing for what is 1 or 2 places in the first team depending on the formation. Stewart has played so few games over the last few years, but I don't think he was an out and out striker, so might be a Middleton replacement. In the Sky Sports interview, Davidson did talk about wanting a player who was a bit of a mystery (the Finn) and someone who is tried and tested in the league, which might be Stewart. From what I've seen, I'm not sure his work ethic is quite what Davidson would expect though.
  5. So, are all games this season going to be PPV or is it going back to the old system of Saints TV subscription and only being able to watch them the day after?
  6. I'm not saying he's good, I just wonder if he's the other loan target coming in. I believe he can be a back-up striker and winger, which might tick some boxes.
  7. Middleton won't want to leave Rangers permanently whilst he's still in contract. He'll have loan deals for the rest of his contract, and then be released, unless he can show himself to be a first-team player for them. The best we can do is to secure the loan deals to be with us. Deals were supposed to be done by the end of the week. I think Middleton and another (Hastie perhaps) to sign on loan soon.
  8. The only way Katic is coming in is one of the centre-backs going out. Rangers wouldn't send a player like that out on loan without confirmation that he'd be a first-team regular. More likely Middleton & Hastie. I did wonder though whether it is someone from Celtic instead. Davidson said that things have eased up this week in regards to transfers. Is that because Celtic have played their first Champions League Qualifier, with a threadbare squad, and are confident that they'll have brought in enough players for the second leg so are happy to send one or two out on loan?
  9. I think we're waiting on Middleton. Griffiths wouldn't sign for us. Given the current situation with him, I wonder if he'd be looking for a season loan abroad to be out of the spotlight for a bit. Melamed is on trial at Grimsby which is a pretty huge drop. Not sure what he's thinking.
  10. I imagine he had a trial for Hearts and didn't get a deal. As long as no one leaves, I think we are still in the market for a wide player who can also play striker. I imagine these James Scott rumours aren't too wide of the mark. Another loan though? I would be worried if we get to the end of the transfer window and we've only signed youth players, and loanees.
  11. What positions did they play? Left back and centre back?
  12. You've just ruined a perfectly good transfer rumour! (i.e. - one with no evidence whatsoever)
  13. It shows how dull this transfer window has been so far that we're discussing whether Wotherspoon is going to play in Canada, after he made a throwaway comment. Rumours are floating around the Aberdeen want to bring Hendry back, but don't want to pay for him. They are looking for another loan, or a swap deal. If so, I'd imagine only McLennan or Kennedy would be considered, and I'm not sure either would add much considering the way we play. I also think we need two players who can do what Kane does, so would probably be keen on keeping Hendry.
  14. I would count Middleton as the Conway replacement. He might also cover Wotherspoon too. I'm keeping my expectations low in terms of the number of players we will be bringing in.
  15. Yes, I'm hoping the signings so far are just back-ups. It seems this is the case from what Davidson has said. We need one more signing to replace both Conway & Melamed I'd suggest. Then, we need to wait and see in terms of players leaving.