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  1. I agree but I don't think Davidson does
  2. Bingo. I imagine 4 or 5 would be Crawford, Cleary, Walker & MacPherson. Perhaps a striker? I think Ambrose would be one his way out, and perhaps a couple of the loans cut short?
  3. Middleton is barely in our plans, let alone in Rangers'. I'm naturally suspicious, and 4 or 5 sounds great, but does this include loan recalls?
  4. Linky

    Fouls Per Card

    100%. I said it at the time that the match against LASK was embarrassing for this reason. Discipline-wise, we looked like a bunch of part-timers. Need to get a grip on it, as it leads to problems elsewhere.
  5. I mean a verbal agreement, which surely happens all the time. 'You will be considered a first-team player if you sign'. I think in some loans, however, there is an agreement that the player will be in the first-team a certain number of times or they will be recalled.
  6. Davidson isn't going as someone else has accepted the Preston job. There was a post on Twitter saying that Melamed is coming back to the UK in January, could we perhaps have offered him another contract with assurances of first-team football this time?
  7. Was out on loan last season, not getting a huge amount of game time this season, has an illness which restricts his game time.
  8. Graham Alexander is a more likely choice for Preston.
  9. A good transfer window, for me, would be: 1) to get rid of Ambrose, MacPherson , Hendry & Crawford. 2) to sign whomever we can from the other loanees on pre-contracts 3) Gilmour back & into the first-team 4) signing this Irish defender, someone like Walker from Hearts and Drew Wright & Scott Allan from Hibs. Tried & tested players in this division. What I expect: 1) Crawford (& maybe MacPherson) signed on full contracts 2) these 2 loan spots filled with Millwall or ex Millwall players
  10. I think we could do worse the Charles-Cook from Ross County. Contract expires next summer, would be good competition for Wotherspoon on the left. Has been good for County this season in the games I've seen.
  11. So much of football is psychological, that's why teams go on good runs of form, and then be searching for a win for ages but with the same squad and tactics. After last season, there is always going to be a 'what now' in the minds of players, a sense that we've hit our peak and we can't go any further. When you win something, it can be hard to keep that momentum going as you lose some of the hunger - Rangers are finding that out this season. Add to that being so close to qualifying for the group stage in Europe, something that would've transformed the club due to the financial rewards involved. I honestly think we'd have been easy top 6 team for the next decade if we'd have got through. Plus, Kerr & McCann would've stayed at least another season for the experience of playing in Europe, potentially increasing their value in the process. Then, of course, the 2 deadline deals, and the fact that the replacements were short-term contracts or loans. Put this together, and there's no surprise we're having a difficult season. The only thing the club can do is ride it out, try not to lose any more big players, and begin to rebuild for next season.
  12. It's a case of: 'the fans are unhappy, and we've got to make it clear we're doing SOMETHING'
  13. Of course it's the strongest league in a while. You've replaced Hamilton with Hearts, and every side looks better this season apart from us and maybe Livi & Rangers. We're paying the price for bad planning in the transfer window. What worries me most is that Davidson is actually quite happy to settle for sub-standard performances. The fact that he thinks Crawford and MacPherson have been is so good is beyond me. His signings so far have been loans, oldies with a year or two left in them, and foreign players he doesn't give any game time to. Imagine if he'd have actually given Melamed more of a chance last year, and he'd have therefore signed another contract. We'd be in a far better position I think.
  14. Has played at a decent level. Interesting to see how he does.
  15. Davidson has confirmed interest in Cleary. He also says the club have offered contracts to many players, and are waiting to see who accepts. Loan signings are fine but they need to 'get things done on a permanent basis'. Presumably this means we'll be offering contracts to those here on loan? I'm not sure we'll go back for Kennedy and Wright. Davidson's signing policy seems to be picking up players from England. That's fine, but bringing in players who already know this league is a plus. I think it's worked particularly well for St. Mirren. Another one I'd be interested in is Jamie Walker who is complaining about not enough game time at Hearts.