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  1. The rumour I heard is that we tried to get Jones & Stewart on loan from Rangers. Both said no, so we're going for Middleton and Gilmour instead. Although this would suggest we're still in the market for a striker perhaps?
  2. I think Middleton & Gilmour will benefit the team, and I'm looking forward to seeing them play. Is there the likelihood of a third signing? Are we going to see players move on? I would guess Hendry might be out on loan.
  3. I'm not sure. If he does really well - they'll want him back, or some other team will want him. If he fits in ok, finds a home and feels that a few seasons here will benefit his career, then I think they'd be willing to let him go. I agree that the manager has run out of patience with MOH and Hendry. I think ill-discipline on the field has been a problem for both of them.
  4. Would £300,000 offset our losses this season? Might one or two more signings be forthcoming in the next few days due to us getting to the final?
  5. I doubt we're paying much for him. I expect Rangers just want to get him some game time, perhaps with the hope that someone might be willing to take him off their hands permanently if he does ok.
  6. I think he has his faults, but overall he’s had a good season. Whether I’d offer him another contract, considering his age, I’m not so sure.
  7. I assume Middleton is back up for Wotherspoon? I think Davidson may have run out of patience with Hendry & MOH, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved on. Not sure what is happening with Gilmour now. His signing suggested that Bryson was moving on, was there a snag in that deal which has held this up? I would suggest both are the sorts of players we need: young, with great promise, but have lost their way.
  8. The first 20 minutes was tough, and Hibs could've had a few goals. However, we just needed to soak up the pressure. Our goal was our first real chance. They just fell apart after that. Their defending got progressively worse, and by the end they were backing off our players and giving them so much space. The only team I've seen defend worse this season is Brechin. Really, we could've had a few more by the end (Conway messed up a good chance). If I was a Hibs supporter I'd be really concerned at how their team just crumbled.
  9. Rooney, without doubt. Clark was good too.
  10. Apparently the Chairman has told Gilmour that we're looking for a striker rather than a midfielder. He's still training with the squad, but thinks it's unlikely he'll be offered a deal. We have 4 strikers, 2 of which are starting to form a good partnership. Is this the Chairman pulling his usual stunts? If we wanted a striker, why did we bring him on trial?
  11. Does the fact that the rumours are that we're looking at 2 centre midfielders in Kyle Turner and Charlie Gilmour suggest that Ali McCann is on his way? I can't see how we are making space for them otherwise. How long is Bryson's contract?
  12. Yes, on loan at Telstar last year. I'm guessing it means Bryson is on his way out?
  13. I know his great-aunt quite well. She told me he left Telstar last year, as they offered a contract but he wasn't sure that he wanted to live in Holland, and wanted to sign for a club in the UK. I suggested he contact Saints for a trial! Not sure if he did, or it's just coincidence. Anyway, she now says he will sign in the next few days.
  14. On your last point, I think some research was done which suggested that, the availability of elite sports on TV encouraged people to stay inside, rather than meeting up with others. I imagine this is why it has been allowed to continue, & will be throughout barring any huge issues. Essentially, the Government are willing to trade off on the fact that a small number of fit and healthy sportsman and women will get Covid by continuing to play, but this ensures that more (less healthy!) people will then stay inside to watch the games and potentially not get Covid.