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  1. Tanser was outstanding in the first half
  2. I think the stability thing is a key factor. We offer players another year on their contract even if perhaps they haven't had the best of seasons. Teams like Motherwell change half their squad every year. If I was a decent footballer, but felt I couldn't play at a hugely higher level, I know which I'd prefer. I think players like Middleton perhaps recognise this, and that's why he wants to come back. We'll be patient with players, and allow them to improve. This is why I think May and the like will be given a new contract even if they might not be at their best at the moment.
  3. I think they have been fine, but no more. My concern is that Conway particularly is getting to an age where his fitness will drop off considerably. I would hope that we'd be looking at younger players as back-ups that we can develop.
  4. Indeed. I said we’d potentially have 3, as I think out of the 3 that are out of contract, we’re likely to retain 2 plus Hendry. Melamed is off I think. Davidson rates Kane. May is the question mark. I just wondered if you’ll think all 3 will leave, or we’d retain just 1 of them, etc.
  5. Sounds good. So, we let May & Kane go, I doubt we’ll be able to keep Melamed. If you want 4 strikers, which 3 strikers do you suggest we sign within our budget, considering we’re very much lacking defenders, might need 3/4 midfield replacements and our ‘keeper is suspect?
  6. Do you think we'll let May, Kane & Melamed all go?
  7. I’d love us to sign a striker who can get double figures every season & we can sell onwards for £££. Unlikely though with our budget. If we let May go, who would we honestly be looking to replace him with that we could afford? Aberdeen will be looking for 3 new permanent strikers, Hibs perhaps for 2 if Nisbet goes, Motherwell for 3 perhaps as many of their strikers are out of contract, etc. etc. What’s your plan in terms of competing with them for the likes of Greg Stewart, or anyone else who is willing to come to the league and score more than a few goals a season. Bear in mind we usually only play with 1 striker, and we will potentially have 3 for next season already anyway.
  8. What I really mean is: getting Melamed was pure luck. I'm not sure we'd have the budget for a striker better than those 3. If we do, it'd be someone like Lafferty who I think may disrupt the squad. Part of the reason we're doing well, I think, is that we have a squad of great professionals who work hard for the team. One player can ruin that.
  9. Have to say, I don't keep a close eye on the Championship, so just going on Premier players who might be decent. It is a big step up though, we've done well with Rooney & McCart, but it won't always be that successful.
  10. Just to give my suggestion (& see everyone else shoot them down). This is bearing in mind we'll probably have to cut the budget once again: OUT MOH, Conway, Parish, Tanser (sadly), Bryson, Melamed (unfortunately I think he'll be gone) IN Hendry back - I'd be happy enough with him, Kane and May as the three strikers. Middleton (another season-loan. I think he's done well enough to warrant another chance, but I doubt Rangers will want to keep him, or anyone else will be interested). I doubt this costs us much. Replacements for Conway & MOH - Niall McGinn & Connor McLennan are out of contract this Summer. If not, how is Jordan Jones getting on at Sunderland? Are they likely to make that permanent? Will Hibs want to sign Jamie Murphy after their loan? 3 young defenders who can cover left-back, right-back and centre-back between them. These need to be players for the future, who can step in when our main defenders are injured. Replacement for Bryson - Liam Polworth out of contract this Summer GK - If Hamilton go down, Ryan Fulton has always looked ok for them, but I don't know about his stats.
  11. It wasn't awful, and losing against Aberdeen is never a disaster. We started brightly and they looked terrified, as the barely had any time on the ball. The game changed on Kane missing from a few yards out. It was a chance he should've put away, and that seemed to wake them up, and the game became more balanced. By the end, we deserved a draw. However, for all the pressing, passing and movement, we still don't put enough pressure on goalkeepers. We'd get a good cross in and no one would be the middle to do something with it. Kane has improved by a huge amount this season. However, he's still not a solo striker, but needs to hold up the ball for others. Conway seems to get chances and can never put them away due to his lack of speed. Middleton was disappointingly quiet. This was a huge game, and might've been the difference between us getting into Europe and not, so I'm not sure why Davidson decides to rest some key players.
  12. Not quite fair. I haven't said a bad word about her, and from what I can see did a good job. It was worrying that Tommy's exit seemed link to her arrival, but I think that was more to do with the budget cuts she was bringing in. The club have now made a statement clearing her exit up. The reasons given make sense.
  13. She arrived Dec 2019 I think. 17 months in a job isn't long. It's not a natural "I've been doing this for a while now and felt it was good to move on to something new". If you move after this short time it's either for a better/more suitable job, the job wasn't what you'd expected, you weren't up to scratch, you had issues working with someone else, or cost cutting.
  14. Any idea why this change is happening? Always worrying in any business when someone exits so quickly.
  15. Really? By the end of next season, Conway will be 37. He has been a fine stop-gap in a difficult season, but his time is up. These 3 players should be in their way out. I can't really believe that these 3 are his main priorities over, say Melamed, Kane and & Booth. Where did you get this from?