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    Supported st johnstone since 1978,was a ballboy from 1979-1981
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    Photography,5 a side football.women
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  1. shireypirey

    How long ?

    Its a fair question,we can sit and slag Dundee as much as we like but they dont pay better wages than us,and get bigger crowds. Our home support is pathetic,,,we are 4th in the League you would have thought we would be pulling in maybe 4,ooo-4,5oo,it sums up the whole apathy of Perth in general!!! Mr Geoff Brown works miracles,and i fear for our future when he steps down. I dont buy into the ''Perth fans going to watch the old firm''angle,be lucky if there is 3-4 buses leaving Perth to watch them on a Saturday... St Johnstone fans need to get real..we are FOURTH!!!! in the league...what more can we ask for on the budget we work with.
  2. I thought we were poor today,seem to lack ideas,St Mirren probably just shaded it.
  3. Also the vans that use to come round Hunters and Muirton..Cura,pringles,think there was one called Birrels?(had a shop on crieff rd)also the ragman!!!
  4. I grew up Hunters in the 70's and 80's/..... anyone remember ''Kungfu Willie'' ''Tin Ligs''McGoldrick and Piccolini????
  5. Agreed...and i said this from day one!!!!
  6. Brilliant pic,thankyou for posting.. i use to ride in pony/donkey races at the''dump'' every so often,if u didnt follow orders to lose races you could end getting a kicking!!!!
  7. Brian thats a blast from the passed..use to go his tatties as well in the october holidays!!!!
  8. cool ziggy ive got alot of good memories of the place some really great people there..piccollini on his bike with the toffee apples,fleets of berry buses leaving on a summers morning endless!!!!
  9. Anyone still alive from that period???? Knew alot of guys that stayed there in the 70's and 80's,remember the park in the middle ,just broken glass and burned oot cars,use to be some decent footballers back then,mikey whyte,Willie Burns..Tony Camilleri(???).use to be some cracking 15 a side games between hunters and muirton at the old firing range behind the jeanfield swifts pitch Use to be a cracking chippy at hunters run by the cavellini's,they owned the paper shop as well(looked like the shop from open all hours) Then at muirton anyone remember the mini market...sold everything my grandad use to take me there to buy airfix kits when in was a kid and how many times did the chippy at muirton catch fire?????
  10. I said Paul Sturrock last week and it was poo poo-ed!!!! Dont rule it out.....
  11. Brilliant post,i think the problem being we have a stadium far to big for a small team,,if we had a ground capacity of about 6500 we would have a better atmosphere.
  12. I agree also... Not just St Johnstone,Scottish football in general is far too expensive!!!! Something will have to give eventually,all SPL clubs are poorly supported except Celtic Rangers and maybe Hearts. I visit family in Italy 2-3 times a year and i try to go and watch the local team there Atalanta,they are in serie A and you can get in for €12!!!!,i believe in Germany its the same the admission is capped. I dont believe £20 + is a fair price for what we are watching.
  13. Only one man for the job Paul Sturrock