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  1. Wee Nichola giving those Dons players it stinking
  2. Don’t know if they would be claiming for loss of income due to pandemic as such it would be the order from the authority that would give them grounds for a claim hence the government are so hesitant at issuing such a demand.
  3. If the government orders venues (pubs,clubs,cafes,restaurants etc)to close each one of these venues I believe would be obliged to claim off their insurance for loss of income.Thus likely causing most insurance companies to go bust trying to pay out claims.But if the government encourage venues not to close yet tell the pubic to stay away the venues go bust.Lose lose situation.
  4. All English premier league games likely to be suspended until the start of April according to the BBC,awaiting official announcement shortly.
  5. In what context do you think they won’t be with us? Other clubs coming in for them or the players themselves thinking championship here we come and telling their agents “I’m a player get me out of here” so to speak.
  6. Got to agree Cagey.Zander was palming away all but point planc shots for fun towards the end yet Cosgroves goal from out side the box seen all the way by Zander he goes down in instalments to try and stop it.
  7. Got the feeling Considine was the golden boy the day with his 500 up for the Dons,the comotators were wetting themselves over his professionalism,loyalty bla bla bla,infact they were gutted he didn’t head the winner late on,”couple o fannys”
  8. Murray is only ever one miss timed challenge away from a red card that’s just the way he plays,fare to say there was no malice in his challenge today but it’s no exaggeration to also say it was a leg breaker on another day