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  1. Got to agree, what an afternoon that was
  2. Out of curiosity what size of crowd was at the game in Austria last week?
  3. Just Sent you a message possibly able to help
  4. Phone lines melted and internet crashed by 10 tomorrow at Mcdiarmid then?
  5. What’s the chances of an announcement at the game today with regards ticketing for Thursday?
  6. Great results Saints,still all to play for
  7. Getting fed up the commentators touting our players to other clubs,ok they’ll go some time but let’s just concentrate on this game
  8. Thanks, appears I’m still a youngster
  9. Question,what age do you have to be to qualify for a seniors season ticket? can’t find the answer anywhere on the official site.
  10. Watched it all again this morning,how good is it when Spoony cuts back inside to put the cross in for the goal,think it’s Gogic who buys the dummy as he does a flying jump,he almost has to buy a ticket to get back into the ground,priceless.
  11. How feckin good is that,almost in tears listening to Spoony,just gotta love the guy