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  1. With a pic of Big Zues
  2. Oh look who it is the bitter parent..Get a life you sad git
  3. I think you mean that the few names that that are being speculated about on here are running out
  4. So someone on a social media forum who is highly unlikely to have seen his contract is having a guess then.
  5. The Main Stand is absolutely filthy tonight disgusting
  6. Phew thank goodness we are not signing Stokes a striker who we had no interest in anyway.
  7. Oh wow just noticed this thread,and yes,I do. I have Frodo Bilbo and Sam Gamgee
  8. Sasha didn't "Ask" anything Random are you pished ?
  9. Ah well at least he got one bite
  10. Maybe if he was playing first team football it would have helped
  11. Can you name me one player that TW has not given a chance to that you think would be in the first team now ?
  12. Same here I actually said "Aw No" before reading the post