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  1. Wouldn't it be an idea in this era for St Johnstone football club to buy a pub ?? Maybe the old Sportsters place for days like this, Perth could do with a sports bar of some sort, why couldn't the club run their own, generating every day money, every day of the year. I know they have mcd for lunches and stuff, but a city centre sports themed bar would cater for a different clientele, maybe even running buses on match days, worth a thought maybe ??
  2. These events are becoming more regular, maybe the club themselves could look at doing something to keep the money in house so to speak, marquee on the AstroTurf maybe ??? Scottish music being played, pies on sale, obviously an alcohol licence would be needed, but it would generate cash for the most important organisation - St Johnstone !!!
  3. In all honesty, Barossa Street club isn't the best advert for St Johnstone these days, I found it very dark and grubby last time I was in there, 16th May. The weather on the 24th I'd imagine will be bright and sunny, drinking outdoors is the best bet, St Johns square has plenty of bars round it, I'd recommend that area.
  4. Count me in lads - having computer problems but working through it !!
  5. Teamwork


    Cheers mate - you too !!!
  6. She was a very even tempered lovely girl !!! A Celtic supporter though !! She saved her last bottle for me - top bird !!!!
  7. Local Europe please !!! Holland Belgium France or Germany will do nicely ta
  8. Teamwork


    I didn't know where the hell I was !!! Drink had been taken !! Popped into my mums in Scone, but didn't have much time left, couple of hours and headed back to London - waste of a weekend !!!
  9. Teamwork


    So many nutters about these days I doubt it's safe, but yes I've picked a few up over the years. Fell asleep on a train years ago from Glasgow to Perth and woke up in Inverness - no trains back till next day and decided to hitch it, got one lift all the way back !!
  10. Been trying to talk on the phone all day to work but seem to have lost a bit of power in my voice !! Doesn't hurt - just a little hoarse !!
  11. Garbage - total garbage
  12. Brilliant day !!! Amazing !! Good to meet you yesterday Sixties !!