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  1. Joe for me. Done his job perfectly.calm under pressure
  2. Is anyone on this forum an ssc member? If there are any tickets left for the Germany game could you get me tickets before general sale. I will obviously give you money Aswell as a tenner for helping. Thanks
  3. sign dave


    get the well done messages out at inveralmond
  4. we'de fill the 3000 and the 1600 easy
  5. absolute piece of piss, after the way we played in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of previous seasons, we should go in to this confident, but not cocky, especially after what happened in Dumfries. whats the best way to convince your manager to get time off work at a short notice?
  6. Sorry not been on in a while and looked for a simillar thread, but is there any talk of a cup final dvd being released and if not, does anyone have a dvd recorder i could borrow as i have recorded it on my BT box and would probably try to make a copy if no official dvd is coming out. Thanks
  7. Any1 able to get yesterdays highlights on this? Seems a decent site. Search st johnstone, and it seems to have links to highlights from season so far
  8. Really enjoyed that, good to get something dedicated to the club, too long for neutrals, maybe have an editors choice in 10 mins for those fans to get in to it. I think we all know what kano means
  9. Only player for me from perth to be in national squad is frazer wright. Mackay is too slow for international level where as wright makes that up in strength. Hardie would have been picked a few years back had someone not told levein he's from egypt
  10. We're having a party in europa leage, having a party ....
  11. I'll be attempting According to that at the moment there should be a link.
  12. I thought tonights game was at 6 but links say 7:15. Is one a norweigan time and one bst time? Can some1 clarify what time it is locally
  13. I had mentioned that season ticket holders should be put in a raffle to play 10 minutes in a pre-season firendly against Dundee with them doing the same with their season ticket holders, have home and away ties. If we got 100 extra season tickets out of this then theres your £20k to the club.
  14. I really hope no-one in Perth jumped the gun and got "Brittain" on the back of their saints top. We should re-sign jason scotland as a statement.