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  1. i got half way through wouldnt accept my email address and them locked me out. Shambles
  2. So Frustrating Im not sure I can be bothered now.
  3. Locked out now. Wont let me in
  4. How did you manage that ? I still can't get in.
  5. Still not on ................
  6. Me too. Obviously cant cope with volumes. Phone engaged too.
  7. Contacted the SLO and no decision yet on whether payment by Direct Debit over the year is available. Would rule a lot of people out of a purchase, particularly the way things are at the moment.
  8. Hero to zero in a few weeks. I think we'll know if he has been tipped the wink for the NI job soon enough.
  9. Looks to be a good appointment I certainly can't think of any one better. He certainly has a tough act to follow. Welcome back.
  10. What a servant to the club. A stick on for Hall of Fame and the definition of a "Legend" as mentioned previously. Goodbye and good luck Ando - you will never be forgotten.
  11. Hope he gets the Northern Ireland Job. Worrying rumours from Edinburgh that Hearts might be interested in him.
  12. What an achievement by Tommy, his backroom team and the Players. Bottom in December and calls for his head. What a turnaround.
  13. BBC reporting season called. Hearts relegated but clinging on to temporary reconstruction to save them. Top 6 for us on average points