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  1. We went through some horrendous dips in form under Tommy but he always turned it around. It's easy being a manager when things are going right and everybody is doing their job properly. Not taking anything away from his achievements last year but I guess we are going to see how good a Manager Callum really is.
  2. Really missing Mccann and realising what a top drawer player he was. Tough times ahead and really need to start winning games but can't see where the goals are going to come from.
  3. Gerard being linked with Newcastle after the Saudi takeover. Might Sevco be interested in Callum ? Would he go ?
  4. £1.75 million is in today's money would be equal to just over £2.7 million
  5. We are undoubtedly a well run club - possibly the best run club in Scotland. Our PR and communication however is rank rotten. This announcement should have been made much earlier before the storm broke over the sale of Ali.
  6. Not in the same league as his Dad
  7. I can accept players moving on. It has to happen for a club like us. But 1.2 million is robbery. I wouldn't hold my breath on sell on clauses either.
  8. Surely we could gave held out for more for Mccann
  9. Will not be happy if we let Mccann go for just over a million. Way undervalued
  10. Its very obvious where the weakness in our team is - scoring goals. Our defence has been outstanding, possibly the best in our history but realistically we will loose most if not all of the back three in the not too distant future. Some tough decisions to be made going forward and any replacements will have to be absolutely spot on.
  11. I can undertsand the Clubs stance particularly if we are losing money over repairs etc. That being said they do bring a lot to the atmosphere and colour at games. Surely the club should have some sort of dialogue with them to lay on the line what is and isn't acceptable and allow them the opportunity to self police. We are doing an awful lot really well at the club but our communication at times is woeful - this just comes across as very heavy handed.
  12. Really poor system. It's unlikely we will have these sell outs on a regular basis ( I wish we would) but doesn't seem right that Season ticket holders don't get first shout to buy their own seat if nothing else.
  13. So proud of this team. Jason Kerr what a leader.
  14. Training top looked better than the actual matchday top.