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  1. Sad to see on twitter that Jimmy passed away recently. What a character. Watching him hare off round the cinder track if the ball was blasted out of the ground. Never failed to make me smile. Nice touch to see he got a mention on the clubs official twitter feed. RIP Jimmy.
  2. What a day. What a team. I never believed we would ever win a trophy. Two cup wins - unbelievable achievement.
  3. I think like most fans I would ideally liked him to have got the Northern Ireland job or a job outwith Scotland. Being based in Northern Ireland the job is ideal location wise. Hope it works out for him - if he turns them around could be a step up to an even bigger role like Steve Clarke. Maybe we should hang fire on the East Stand chasing it's name to the Tommy Wright stand. You never know where he might end up - we might need to install marble staircases
  4. Its pretty obvious what our problem is - we could play all night and not score. I don't know if it's the system or the personnel but we never threatened them apart from one shot late on. More worrying it's obvious to our opponents how to play us. Livi must be relishing the final
  5. To turn on a performance like that in a semi final is outstanding. Up there with the Aberdeen semi final Scottish Cup 2014. Such a shame I could not be there. I still believe the game should be played when fans can watch.
  6. A semi final and just ten posts on WAP in advance of it says it all. They should postpone the final until fans can go to it.
  7. I think it's touch and go for this season. Much will depend on what happens in the next few weeks. I must agree with Blue Heavens post the whole thing is becoming shambolic and if there were a major outbreak amongst the clubs the whole season would have to go on hold. I understand the financial implications of at least getting some income from pay per view but I just have no appetite for this set up. Who wants to watch their team win a cup on their laptop with no friends or family around them ? Maybe we should suspend the League Cup Final to next season when hopefully fans can attend.
  8. With the announcement today I think that's the end of any chance of seeing any Football this season. I have no appetite for the League Cup Semi Final. For me these games are meaningless without the fans.
  9. These are the teams we need to beat to stay up. Starting to get concerned now.
  10. The hard luck stories have to stop. The players need to channel this properly and fight back with points on the board. Next two games will go along way to deciding our season.
  11. The Ghost of Jim Morton - seems to have been relegated some time ago .
  12. Given the way things are at the moment I think we will be doing well to see more than a handful of games at McDiarmid. A lot will depend on the Covid figures post Christmas and New Year. If they spike again we might be lucky to see any at all. Our last game at Home was against Livingstone on 7th March. A year without Live football looks to be a distinct possibility.
  13. I think Hibs is the toughest draw after St Mirren who must believe their name is on the Cup having beat both Aberdeen and Rangers to get to the semis. Coming from behind to beat the Old Firm is such a rare occurrence they really must fancy themselves. All that being said I recall Rangers beating us on penalties in the semi to play Queen of the South in the final. At the time I remember thinking it would just be vintage Saints to beat Rangers and lose to QOS in the final. I really couldn't bear the thought of that at the time. To lose to Livingstone (Ferranti Thistle) in the final would be unbearable.
  14. What an away day that would have been. It's missing games like this that really hurts. Some diddy team will be playing Sevco in the final. Who will it be ?