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  1. Bad enough being beat but watching it online is soul less. I find this all profoundly depressing
  2. I don't think I will watch this even though I have a season ticket. I can't think of anything more depressing than having to watch Saints getting pumped on Saints TV by the Old Firm.
  3. I still think the season will finish but don't know if crowds will be back to see it. I think it is unlikely we see anything this year.
  4. Not confident in Callum Davidson being able to turn it around. In a tail spin at the moment and cant see where the goals are going to come from.
  5. Right at this point in time it doesn't look likely that we will be back before the turn of the year at the earliest. It may even be that we do not get back this season. All clubs need to get themselves through this period and we are no different. I want Saints to come through this.
  6. I don't think we are going to be back to McDiarmid before spring next year. The news is quite ominous at the moment and Football will be one of the last things to comeback. There is only one thing worse than seeing Saints being beat again and that's seeing them being beat on Saints TV in front of an empty stadium. This is really bringing me down.
  7. Unless the Covid figures start trending downward I think it might be next year before we are back at McDiarmid Park. Have a feeling things will be put on hold on Thursday.
  8. Feeling the same way. Lots of possession but no end product. Conway is not contributing anything for me. Waste of a jersey.
  9. That was a real sickener. We have to find a way of scoring - in both Aberdeen and Hibs games we could have played all night and not looked like scoring. Agree with the comments about McCann. I hope when Muzz comes back he starts playing further up the pitch. Really missing his passing and link play up front.
  10. Conway was pish. No I retract that he wasn't even that good.
  11. Jesus that was horrific. 1 shot on goal against Aberdeen reserves. It had 0 - 0 written all it over until tat deflection.
  12. Celtic player having a wee break in Spain. One more slip and they'll suspend the season.
  13. My understanding is that the players have very strict instructions to remain in a "bubble" and mix only with a certain number of team mates etc. The cricketer down south was hammered for nipping home on the way to a game. How they thought going out on the lash as a group was a good idea is beyond me. They should through the book at them and as I have already said we should be awarded the points.
  14. All it needs is another couple of positive cases and the seasons suspended again.
  15. The game should be forfeited and we should be awarded a 3 - 0 win and the 3 points. These players are absolute morons. This could set back everything never mind the risk they are bringing to other people.