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  1. I didn't fully understand everything in the report since it's a completely different language to German, but I'm 100% sure none of this was said ^^^ the boy is on the wind up! Guter Versuch FC Luzern fans will feel hard done by after dominating most of the game but that's football! If you can't put the ball into the net....think we deserved a bit of luck after we were robbed against Minsk! (yes, I'm still hurting from that night!) The pre-match build up at the Tulloch was fantastic and was great to see both sets of fans enjoying a beer together without any trouble! Really have to give their fans some credit, supported their team for the entire 120 minutes and were without a doubt, the best away support I've ever seen at McD. All the best for their season! Anyway, bring on the Slovakians next week! COYS!
  2. The day has arrived, May 17th! History in the making! Porridge had and now time to leave! Next stop, east end of Glasgow! Let's get behind the boys in blue! COYS!! Ps, sponny to score first, heard it here first
  3. Exactly, also hate getting moaned at by people - understandably - asking for me to sit down. Wasn't a problem at the semi at Ibrox as I was near the back of one of the sections but was in front of a few families at Tynecastle for the other semi....would it not be an idea for the club to advise supporters willing to stand (I know they are not allowed to encourage anyone to stand throughout the game) to buy tickets in said area? Agree with others on North Stand prices. Could have be an idea to add a few pounds onto the cost of an concession ticket in the North stand...At £35 a ticket that stand will be sparsely populated.
  4. Also holding off until b4 tickets get released! No way am I sitting down in the corner section! Let's hope those few tickets remaining for that section get shifted If I'm honest I've been humming and hawing about attending the game since it's a bit of a ball ache with travel but more due to the dismal display against the Dons in the League semi, which seems not that long ago! Yes, there have been many semi final disappointments following the Saints over the last few years but just imagine the scenes on Sunday when we reach our first Scottish cup final All of those semi-final wounds will be healed: If you can, get to the game on Sunday!!! Aberdeen are by no means unbeatable and we may well just do it! Come on you saints fans, get behind the team for the biggest game of the season!!!! COYS!!!
  5. And 7000 odd fans did stay off the pitch! Two idiots (probably not even attended a saints game before) spoilt it for the rest of us. Wasn't at the game today but feel the 'same crew' are getting blamed for everything. Yes.....actually i can't even be arsed replying, it's 2:30am and it's way past my bed time. Stop arguing over the same old shite. Every one of us has probably been 'an embarrassment to the club' before including myself.
  6. Best thing about the day was the banter in the Pol beforehand...Quick summary: Didn't think we deserved to lose by 4 goals but to give Aberdeen credit, they took their chances and we didn't, end of. Too many silly mistakes made which simply cost us, guess that' football. On a side note I had a delicious pizza hut to cheer me up and am now tucked up in bed when I should be out celebrating with the Perth saintees, ach well there's still the Scottish Cup eh....night all! Ps, i rather dislike Dons fans.
  7. First post in a while on here: absolutely buzzing for tomorrow's game! Last time I was this excited was for the Europa League games 6 months ago! Will try to however, be on my best behaviour and not storm the Tynecastle pitch again Saying that, I might be tempted to after another last minute winner See you Edinburgh boys at the Pol tomorrow for a beer or two and a sing song! Lets get behind all 11 players even when the game isn't going our way, COYS!!
  8. I'm keen as well so add me to the list too please Andy; may well be able to encourage one or two pals to come along as well. Good going organising this!
  9. I'm in, two seats is possible but will confirm tomorrow. Cheers Marc!
  10. Proud saints fan here in Germany!! It's quite simply amazing how happy football can make people! My Dad, brother and his pal (all non-Saints) are up for next Thursday, let's get McD PACKED!!! COYS!
  11. Financially can't afford to spend £600 odd quid for 2 days. I still haven't seen Saints away in Europe (21) though so I'm hoping we make it through to the next round. Pretty please?!
  12. Hey you guys, My year abroad in Deutschland is coming to an end and I'll be back in Edinburgh as of the weekend-buzzing to start watching the SPL again after taking in a fair few Bundesliga games here.... Joking aside I'm obviously planning on watching the mighty saints play in Europe again next Thursday and would happily travel with you guys; by train or mini bus so count me in. I'm sure I'd be able to persuade one or two of my friends to come along as well but would need to confirm. See you guys soon, Rory.
  13. Hello Lads! I'm actually going to be back in Scotland for the first time in 7 months for a few days before heading back to Sausage Land and am quite tempted to head up to Perth for the game-only issue being that i need to catch a train down south the following day fairly early. Would be good to catch up with you Edinburgh guys over a beer or two and take in the game but will need to see. Hope all is well Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland Ro
  14. Full car from kinross leaving after persuading a few of my pals to come along after enjoying the Eses game! Hopefully the atmosphere is as good as that game, COYS
  15. Alcohol ban on trains between a certain time just to warn you guys. Anyway really looking forward to this game There's a great buzz amongst our support at the moment so lets carry this on to Tynie, COYS
  16. Glad to hear so, catch you guys at the Pol! COYS
  17. Hope the Edinburgh saints flag will be in attendance!?
  18. Will be getting the train through early doors and already looking forward to it. Quick question, what time does the Poly open?
  19. EsEs 0-1saints M.Davidson 143569 (heart) Head, EsEs 2-0 Saints
  20. dreamt the other night that murray fired in a rocket to make it 1-0 to us! had to fire a few quid on it at 50/1, COYS
  21. Hoping that we manage to get through to the next round as i can't afford Turkey Will be some trip for you guys, enjoy
  22. As long as you're in beat with the singing
  23. Count me in as well Working away this summer back in Kinross meaning that I'm no longer a stingy student!!
  24. Russia to win the euros, heard it here first also allez les bleus
  25. R_mac

    Racism at Euro 2012

    Totally agree, would recommend watching a polish program called "the last argument", if you haven't already watched it, which paints a much fairer picture; subtitles are in English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eAlTVT_cM8