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  1. buzzing much cmon u saints!!!! ps where will pre pints be likely to be held?
  2. really looking forward to this one, local game for me with it just being a 10minute bus journey from my flat so will be defo going hopefully bring a good support topping a 1000 maybe note that tynecastle's capacity will be at a max of 12000, so hopefully we can benefit from this cmon u saints!!!!
  3. really looking forward to this one after not being to a game in ages! need to pick up my tickets at the ticket office tho!
  4. heavy snow in edinburgh the now, 2 inches already......
  5. Few pals and i will be at the artisan for a few before the game cmon u saints!!!
  6. will be there and hopefully a big support travels through for this one reckon we'll get something from if as long as we overpower them in midfield. cmon the saints!!!
  7. just recently moved to the burgh so can anyone fill me in with the usual matchday plan??
  8. will be the first time i'll see haber play which really excites me! think we've got a great deal on that front, transport booked and ready to have a great day out! come on u saints!
  9. hopefully it'll be just pay at the gate, which will attract a few more punters on the day of the game, hopefully we'll bring 900ish fans
  10. http://i49.tinypic.com/35kjqjr.png link to times not sure if all correct tho!
  11. sands in kinross are selling off a few w/end camping ticks m8, best be quick tho!
  12. no way is that 101!!!! it can't be hahah, always pictured him as an old grumpy lazy bas***d. l o l jokes
  13. tickets just arrived! hope every1's got their's too, tht week is going to be expensivE! tynie, blink 182, germany for 2 weeks!
  14. R_mac

    The yanks v bp

    completly agree with you here however i don;t think america would be making as much of a fuss about it if it was an american oil company in bp's shoes even though its a huge enviro disaster
  15. R_mac

    War Films

    enemy at the gates and saving private ryan- class 2 films also band of brothers is great but not really a film...
  16. http://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/newsitemsdetail.php?param=787 due to espn live coverage!!! I'm pissed of to say the least as i've already asked for the saturday off of work and i'm sure many other saints fans are in the same boat as me!!! train tickets bought etc, once again money comes before fans!!!
  17. cracking result for the mighty dees the day!!! aha, only 3 points ahead now!
  18. everybody knew that we weren't going to take anything from today so there's no point in negative etc. The big games are yet to come and we have to get behind the players and del (even tho i sometimes disagree with him) and give them our full support. The players need us on tues and if they make a mistake, so what??? evrybody makes mistakes so lets all try not to get on their backs. U never know, top 6 maybe???
  19. dundee losing 3-0 now aha!!! lets all laugh at dundee!!!1
  20. have the radio on at the same time as the live feed and there's about a 9 second delay!!! aha all celtic the now tho, come on the saints!!!! however can feel a celtic goal coming