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  1. not many seats left on the 2nd dunkeld road bus:) think i'll be getting a lift there tho, bringing 2 extra fans so done my bit, cmon u saints, lets fill the away stand:)
  2. R_mac

    Away support

    another great day out at 'well, good backing from the saintees there 2:) bring on FALKIRK!
  3. first of all why did those 2 saints fans get chucked out?!!! for nothing thts y, just standing up at the back giving their team support, stewards nd the police really do boil my piss at football games:( well done to the saints support today tho, pity we were in the top tier (good view tho) but we still made some noise, well done guys, maybe 600 saintees??? Not too sure, hard to say. Anyway back to the football, smith kept us in the game in the 1st half, 2 great saves if i remember correctly, seems to be getting better nd better every week. One more thing to add, PEASO IS BACK:)
  4. hopefully we bring not a bad support through, big game which we can take something from, we need all the support we can get so get aff ur arse's nd head to motherwell 2morro....cmon u saints!
  5. well tht was shite:( only positives from today was tht i only got charged £1.80 for the train from alloa to glasgow and then finding out, once i had arrived at the train station at 5:10, tht there was a train leaving for alloa at 5:18....RESULT meaning tht i was on time for my work:) plus i enjoyed the mcdonalds haha. right to the game, em stupid defensive mistkaes for the goals but on another day they could of pumped us by 6 with the chances they had- denfence was terrible but thts been the same all season:( how we've not sorted it out i don't know. we've conceded 29 GOALS!!!!! its the worst in the spl and its tbh not good enough- ironic how our defence was solid last year- and yes i know, better strikers and all tht in the spl but it seems tht our defenders are all over the place. One more point to make- morais...when u take a corner try to get it past the first defender, i've got a better delivery...rant over:)
  6. rangers 3 saints 1 boyd 44889
  7. got my 3 tickets through the door yesterday, great service! think we'll have only about 500 fans, doesn't seem to be that much hype about the game:( we'll still outsing them tho:) 500 outsing 50,000 haha
  8. ah ok, called last night to try to book 3 seats but no luck:( em.....my pals and i will have to think of another way of getting to ibrox
  9. liam criag's at eep last season, had a perfect view of it and took us to the top o the league & we remained there:)
  10. haha nothing gay about it, fine i'll use another one instead lmao
  11. welcome * * * y does ll oo ll not work on here??? ***
  12. agree saw them play nurnburg which ended 1-1, best atmosphere ever, also saw few other games in deutschland including 1860, hertha.....
  13. olympia stadion in berlin, great ground, amazing how it didn't get destroyed during the war! also eintracht frankfurts ground is pretty amazin, some view for the 2nd tier, other thn tht maybe allanz arena?
  14. could well have been, recognised most of the players tho minus 1 or 2, morias wasn't training tho or if he was he was, i didn't see him.
  15. saw the lads train today for about 40mins when they were training on the new astro at kinross high, during my study period ***. Good session and jody told reynolds where to go when he kept on hacking him haha, was funny as f**k ***, young may was on fire2, impressed with him and jody was class as usual:)
  16. what will the allocation be??? 750?? also anyone have a clue on prices???
  17. think it has to have been our 5-0 victory vs stenhousemuir in the cup!!! hopefully we'll have another high scoring victory some time soon:)
  18. R_mac

    Away support

    yeah i've been really impressed with our away support, so much better in terms of numbers and backing than last year, lets hope it continues:)
  19. rory92mac on the ps3, game anyone???
  20. anyone have an idea of home many ticks we've shifted???
  21. damn it haha, thought i got a bargain, well it was actually £7 return, still no bad value.........need to start booking buses months in advance like u mike, would save me a bit;)