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  1. just bought my ticks:) row 18, cmon the saints......
  2. just booked my megabus, only £3.50:) departs 15:35 (on sat after game tht is)
  3. just a quick question, i'm a st holder and was wondering whether i could just phone them up to order the ticks instead of travelling to perth??? cheers
  4. was an amazing day at eep last year and lets all pull together to make falkirk away a great, family day out for all. Everyone can help by filling cars or even by just bringing one extra saintee, who usually doesn't attend away games, with them. CMON THE SAINTS
  5. very much hope so:) well there's alot of intrest with my pals anyway:) CMON U SAINTS!!!!
  6. pretty sure it isn't, saints won't bring more than 800 fans and the away section holds 1500 i think???
  7. very much so looking forward to this game, think i'm getting a megabus up on the fri and then meeting up with my dad, game on sat:) should also hopefully be a big saints support of about 700 (i think) or am is it unlikely?? cmon the saints
  8. had a nintendo 64 for years and loved playing james bond on it, haha- was like 8 at the time btw, then moved onto a ps2 where my most played game was probably PES 4, now i'm on a ps3 slim:)
  9. saints 1 gers 1 deuchar 8125
  10. R_mac

    ps3 or xbox?????

    oh yeah can anyone recommend any decent ps3 games??? Just bought fifa 10- cod????
  11. R_mac

    ps3 or xbox?????

    thx guys for the advice-think i'm going to go for a ps3 slim purely because 1) most of my pals have an ps3 meaning i can play them online and 2) online gameplay is free:) buying it with amazon, getting a free game with it so fifa 10 here i come- watch out:) i'll put my user name on here once i've set it up for anyone wanting a game, cheers again
  12. R_mac

    ps3 or xbox?????

    hey all, since i've now saved up some cash i'm thinking about upgrading my ps2, but the question is what should i get, a ps3 slim:) or an xbox??? Anyone had both or even played both and could give me any advice on what i should purchase??? Cheers rory:)
  13. haha anderson scored on his debut ***, honestly we played terrible, so terrible infact that my pals and i were laughing about how bad we were, no joke. But well done saints for getting the 3 points:)
  14. the game was nearly as bad as their home support!!!! we must of had atleast 500 fans with us so they had a home support of 1600!!!! wasn't the best of games to say the least, however we deserved to win. On the other hand it must have been the worst i've seen saints play in a long time (football wise, just punting it) but we got the 3 points:) so well done:)
  15. evens for all o the OF players to pull out:( sad days tbh.....
  16. saints 2 united 1 savo 1st goal 6,756
  17. swankies finish was actually top class, well done to all including fans:) will be at mcD on sat, seems ages since i've watched saints, missed last 2 away games:(
  18. not sure why you think "if alexander ever plays for scotland again it would be a disgrace"??? Yes hartley is better than him but come on he didn't play that badly, i thought that he did his job v. well. Another point, i actually thought miller's touch was better than usual at yesterday's game but yeah it does usually turn into a tackle, haha cmon scotland
  19. not sure how we just got pass marks in the 1st half but anyway.....really buzzing about wed's game:) team wise i'd go with gordon, whittaker, mcmanus, weir, hutton, hartley, fletcher, brown, commons, s fletcher (behind) miller, so we'd be playing 4-1-3-1-1 but i'm no the manager and thats probably best for the nation.
  20. Ah ok i'm the real t***. His hunger to win today was unbelievable and i don't think we would have won the game without him. Well that pretty much sums you up, if you wanted scotland to lose, even if you have no intrest in the national team.