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  1. bet u feel like a t*** now eh???? best player on the park.....
  2. 50,000 ticks sold:) i'm excited.. CMON SCOTLAND... I BELIEVE (kinda)
  3. peat, u r a complete wanker.....great timing as usual!! well done to the sfa yet again
  4. i'm going to both of these games but tbh i'm not that excited, will still give my full support to the boys nd burley, even tho most of my believe has gone:( however i still want to gub these macedonians.....firstly they didn't let me into the game back in september (with a ticket) and secondly they pretty much forced the sfa to play tht game in skopje (the sfa wanted the game to be played at hampden) in scorching heats which cost us big time.....about 45,000 tickets sold tho:)
  5. can't wait till game, will be my first spl game of the season:) There will be a great crowd at mcD tommorow and hopefully we'll win (fingers crossed) so that i can get it right up my jambo supporting brother:) CMON U SAINTS!
  6. agree with u here, yes he put in one or two hard tackles but what about when he took, what seemed like a minute, to clear the ball when he was in his own box, and resulted in his punt getting blocked??
  7. yeah well done to all:) can't wait for the hearts game, will be my first spl game o the season:)
  8. i thought millar played well so i'm not sure whatever's complaining about????? don't know what planet hardie was on for todays game!
  9. working fine for me, if ur usuing firefox (which i am) close the pop up at the top of the screen, then starts to load:)
  10. aberdeen me thinks, show them how to support their team, they always go on about the red ultras
  11. there's a few sunday league teams in perth but don't know any details etc, anyone got any for him?
  12. R_mac

    I want

    now that would be class!!!
  13. prices are steep considering i paid £28 to watch frankfurt play nurnberg on sat in the bundesliga, had great seats, 2nd tier....was still txting my pal to see what the saints score was tho:) Both sets of fans were truely amazing, no trouble and the 4000 or so away fans stood throughout the game singing away....had to laugh at the ultras on the fence not even watching the game tho getting the fans going etc-best atmosphere i've ever experienced
  14. thats why i'm giving celtic park a miss, yes i know part timer....
  15. celtic 2 saints 0 fortune 52999
  16. saints 1 hearts 1 morais 5928
  17. saints 2 motherwell 1 deucher 6158
  18. celtic rangers hearts dundee united aberdeen hibs st johnstone st mirren falkirk kilmarnock hamilton