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  1. the wind at gayfield is terrible........wanted to add another stadium to my list but already been there, oh well
  2. i called before but the woman could hardly hear me, haha. a big party going on:) anyway i was wondering whether the bus could pick me up at kinross, as i'm pretty sure thts the direction the bus would be going, i think? will try again later or early 2morro.
  3. enjoyed the game even tho it was mostly route 1 stuff; danny grainger impressed me as did the doc when he came on- he won alot o balls nd is a really gd target man etc. Rusty was poor even tho he scored a goal (his long range balls were terrible minus 1 nd i thought his touch was fairly poor as well) but hopefully his injury isn't too bad-he had to come off 15mins before the end o the 1st half. Sammy should o scored when the ball was laid on the plate by savo but blasted it straight at their keeper in the 2nd half. Great ball by sheerin for our 2nd goal when he released liam, i think, and tbh we looked a better side when he was on the pitch. Nt the worst game i've ever seen and i now can't wait till the season begins:)
  4. heard a rumour from my pal tht a 17year left back from madrid was training for saints...........might be for reserves or youth team tho, nt sure-its my pal grant btw, haha training with the u 19's
  5. R_mac

    T in the park info

    did any1 else think tht katy perry was a highlight of titp??? thought she was amazing & worked the crowd really well...also pendulum were fantastic, the crowd was jumping:) imagine tht in the slam tent, ***
  6. yip have to agree, wap is a great website and sign up now:)
  7. haha, u joking???? on the other hand, the badges look nice...£3 tho!!
  8. just renewed my st:) any1 know whether we're heading for the 2000+ mark???
  9. have we not already got a section where we do the most singing???? eg east stand near the score board.....
  10. yeah good point here, don't quite know how it would work reflecting on this. At aberdeen its something like you get a point everytime u buy a ticket but i suppose OF fans living in the area could go to a few home games, meaning tht they could buy ticks when the OF come to town....?
  11. yes, there should be in my opinion but don't know whether or not saints will get their finger out
  12. na i'm not planning anything, was just wondering where every1 would like this be held:wink:
  13. After the great success at East End Park with the blue & white away day, are we planning on another "big day" out??? Would be class. What away games would you prefer to have "a blue & white" away day no 2 at? Personally i think Falkirk would be as good as place to do it at-that is if they remain in the spl. Would be a crucial game as we'll be fighting with these teams near the bottom (or maybe not). Where would you hold another big day out in the SPL???
  14. R_mac

    Fan Of The Year

    has to be ali91, what a man- saintee through and through, singing saints songs on every night out, ***. Na, every1 who has supported saints this year deserves a pat on the back. Well done to every1!!!!
  15. agree with u here hazel, we should really have a student season ticket/gate. My bro is a jambo nd he gets into tynecastle for just £10 (student gate), great price tbh. I'll be heading off to uni in a year nd a bit and i don't think i'll be able to afford paying £19 a game, will try tho:laugh: will hav to get a job
  16. agree with u here scobby. Aberdeen have a data base in which ur name & details get registered when u buy any ticket, which then allows u to buy ticks for "all ticket games", eg the OF. Gd idea and can't be that hard to set up
  17. yip me plus 1;) cmon the saints.......28th game o the season
  18. also agree with u, aberdeen home & away will be brill.....also hearts away as my bro lives in edinburgh-can crash at his
  19. AMAZIN!!!!! WELL DONE SJFC-should of won by mre in the end but every1 in blue today did us proud. SPL HERE WE COME;)
  20. has a 2nd bus been booked as the 1st bus is full??? thanks