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  1. it takes a while to "buffer"- leave it for about 5-10 mins...its worth the wait though
  2. has any1 else noticed the guy who is walking up the steps when craig scores the pen on 2:32??? He's not even watchin, ha ha
  3. link is working...wat a goal:D:D http://www.dafc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/FNewsDetail/0,,10288~1627748,00.html
  4. I'll be happy if the shankly sells out tbh- anyway lets get behind the team from the start. If we go 1-0 down, or even 2-0 down we need to stay behind the team- look wat happened at QOS, at home and even away. Great atmosphere at both of the games btw... So wat if we only have 3000 there, we'll all have to sing twice as hard and make it sound like 6000;) cmon u saints!!!!
  5. There was me thinking saints fans were going to be turning out in numbers to support us vs dundee--looks like i'm wrong again.....:sad:
  6. R_mac


    would be a gd idea mate but not gt any flags....
  7. Just got my 4 tickets, row i, quite near the derry;) There wasn't that many tickets left. Cmon the saints!!!!
  8. Have to agree-crucial game and if we get behind the team we can spur all of the players on to victory. With partick playing the pars it could be a great weekend for us:)
  9. Team wise i'd go with; main irvine rusty caff byrne millar hardie sheerin craig milne holmes Has to be caff & rusty in defence as they've been great all season-they know how each other play etc. Also i think that we've kind of missed hardie n midfield and he'll boss the team about-he'll only last 60 mins or so and then we'll bring on moon. Cmon the saints!!!
  10. Hi all. There doesn't seem to be that much excitment/intrest for the game on sat on the board. Its a crucial and v hard game for us, and we need as many saintees there as possible to spur the players on. The team needs all the backing as possible & we'll have to be behind them from the start- if they make a mistake, so what??? Get behind them all. Also Palmerston is usually a hard place for us to come back with points so we need as many of us there as possible. The players will really apperciate seeing a large away support there (eg East end park last year) and may spur the team onto having a good game. Apart from that We're only 1 game away from matching our record which will be a great achievment-we're probably nt going to see saints go 19 games undefeated in our lives again(well we might). So if you can make the game but your still undecided, be there on sat, cheers. Cmon the saints
  11. Hope so. Also booked my 2 seats. We need as many saintees there as possible. Cruicial game. Hope to see atleast 500 there on sat:)
  12. I'm totally up for this game!!!!!!! I'm so excited. Me and my pals r going to be waving £20 notes at the scum!!! ***. RANGERS, SHITE, RANGERS, SHITE, RANGERS RANGERS RANGERS, SHITE SHITE SHITE!!!. 2-0 to the saints is my prediction, liam craig to scoreCMON U SAINTS
  13. i'm going to this game but i think it will be quite a hard game even though livi thrashed them a couple of weeks ago at home. I agree with "sjfcsean" team and hopefully we can bring back all 3 points. BTW how many fans do we usually bring to dingwall??
  14. I have 2 vouchers but need 1 more please.....5 of us going. I'm not sure that there is going to be a public sale, as rangers fans might just buy these???
  15. Gd idea GBRA:) I think its good how half of the money will go to charity, as i think more people will be willing to donate to this cause. I'm in. What about there being a raffle with everyone having a chance of winning a signed shirt etc??? well done
  16. as you walk out of the train station, on the other side of the road there is a bus stop (leonard street) and bus number 15 going to crieff which takes you straight to tesco beside mcD. 2 min walk to 208. forgot to say leave at 13:15, 14:15 etc
  17. Oh when the saints go marching in, i want to be in that number.......
  18. really looking forward to this game- will be a big step to promotion if we win. Cmon u saints!!!!! Oh when the saints....
  19. think we'll bring about 1500. Its a big game and if we win we'll go clear by 6 points. "Oh when the saints..."
  20. really looking forward to this "big game"- bringing along a few pals and lets all make a fantastic atmosphere. CMON U SAINTS!!!
  21. yeah good idea- anywhere to the left nearest the dundee fans. 1/3 of the way up
  22. Well done ginger- great work:) Will be trying my best to bring alone a few extra fans as should everybody. What's the attendance we are aimming for? 3200+ saintees?? Oh yeah, i'll be sitting in the ormound stand with atleast 3 others
  23. can't wait like- "oh when the saints...."