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  1. i'm really looking forward to this game and bringing 2 extra with me who usually never go to away games. If we all have a good day out and come back with 3 points, of these 1300+ extra fans, i think atleast 300 will start going to more away games, more often. I want a pair of cheerstix's:) ***. Oh when the saints!!!
  2. http://www.dafc.net/pictures/index.php?ID=7105 "a good support for the pars" ha ha u must b joking- only about 250:)
  3. who the f**k do they think they are??? Makes me more determined to try to bring along more of my pals. Bunch of tinks. As said before i think we should be aimming for 1500+
  4. well done "ginger..."- good work! Trying to get some of my pals to get to this game and maybe livi. This is really building up- can't wait!
  5. Away Support East Stand 3073 SGM North East Stand 1204 South Stand East Wing 736 South East Enclosure 354 Wheelchair Spaces 12 total 5379 so "ginger bakers rebel army" there is the answer to ur question What be delighted if we brought 1500+
  6. we now need some sort of article to be put on the saints website/ programme to help generate intrest. Also great news "wee john" about the prices being only £6. Well done but i'll be going on the dunkeld road supporters club with my mates:) Hopefully we should be able to fill a few busses.
  7. I think this is a really good idea and may help the players bring back the 3 pts. Will still be great if we just brought 1000 though:) I'll also be going to the livi game!
  8. i know you love saints and all that but you just need to do what you said, and calm down. WE need to get behind the team and encourage them. We'll come good:)
  9. R_mac

    Reality Check!

    Aye, we played pish but the only positive we can take away from the game is that we can't play any worse. We need to get behind the players and give them some confidence to make them bounce back- although i have to say it was pretty hard not to shout at any of the players yesterday. Lets bring a big away suppport to partick and cheer on the saints. YELLOW ARMY!
  10. lets bring a big away, vocal support. I'm going. Come on you saints!