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  1. Watched that the other night, good film.
  2. Biggest day of the season since the united home one.....I'm a bit pessimistic at the moment with our past few performances but at the end of the day we've had a great season and if we win at tynie, we're in europe! Lets get behind the boys from the start, COYS See you guys at the Poly for a wee sing song.
  3. Off the booze for a month (which is probably for the best) so will just be on the water at the Pol. Catch you guys there COYS
  4. Him along with many others today, just didn't seem to want to touch the ****ing ball, resulting in our defense having to punt it route one to SaS.....couldn't string more than three passes together. No desire or passion from any of the team today. (maybe excluding Dave but that's about it tbh) Don't get me started on Fran or even Lomas's tactics....why did Robertson stay on the pitch for the full 90 minutes; he can't even run ffs Oh well... it's only a game eh....
  5. Buzzzzzzing Hopefully the perth public will turn up for this game; COYS
  6. Buzzing for this one Out of my "part-timer" group who usually only attend 5 games a season, 6 of us are already game for Sat. Hopefully see a big crowd at McD, COYS.
  7. Mmmm would argue it's our biggest game in the last decade (Premier League game that is). IF we do win this game, I believe it will spur us on to clinch 4th place-by the end of the weekend, we could be 2 points behind a champions league spot... ok I'll stop dreaming
  8. Back home just now, so I'll just be making my own way with the lads to Perth. With it being a 1230 ko though, we probably won't make the 208 pre match-maybe post though. Hopefully catch up with you guys soon, COYS
  9. neil lennon after the killie cup final game, "“It was a criminal decision and it's cost us the Treble", pahahahah *** fest!!!
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    ross county

    Glad they're coming up; its a braw wee trip up to Dingwall on the train, with the pub being right beside the station Pity they're converting "the jail end" and most of the rest of the ground though, but I guess that's the standards which the spl demand... Congrats County.
  11. a week tomorrow, we'll all be celebrating being only 2 points away from a champions league place, COYS!!
  12. That boy knows nothing about saints! Shocking stuff Anyway, I'm already a tad bit excited about this game; think everyone is tbh hence why this thread already has 4 pages COYS
  13. If the demand is high enough, then saints fans only. Obviously I wouldn't want to see any of our own supporters miss out...
  14. With United only getting roughly 2500 odd tickets, I can tell that many of their fans are going to miss out. The Ormond stand is only going to be half full with saints supporting families, so why not allow a couple hundred of united supporting families in? They're not going to cause trouble and IMO would add to the atmosphere; families today, regardless of who they support, are all in the same boat financially so why not? Win-win situation is it not or am I missing something? Would love to see a packed McD again; families of other teams were allowed in the Ormond stand in the past, so what's the difference today?
  15. Really excited about this one and looks like it's gonna be a big attendance as well (hopefully). Bringing along 6 saintees/neutrals, who have only been to a few games this season and we're all really looking forward to watching us eventually beat the Arabs! Am i right in thinking that, they are the only team that we have failed to beat since we got promoted back up to the spl? Regarding the Ormond stand, why not allow united fans in as well? Parents and their kids that is? Scoreboard end for me; lets get a good atmosphere on the go! Come on you saints!!!
  16. ach well, even bigger game vs united in two weeks time! can't complain, we're fourth coys
  17. come on saints! about 5 minutes to go, lets grab a winner to go further ahead of united!!!
  18. Agree but it would've been harsh on Haber especially with him juts coming back from international duty; remmeber that we have to have three u21 players in our squad. wooop dons winning
  19. mmm sounds like Fran should've buried that chance...COYS; gotta get the win!
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    ken, poor show indeed saints!