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  1. I'll be in my flat doing a 3000 word essay! Will be attending the United game though, COYS.
  2. 10 minutes walk for me Poly for 12ish me thinks!
  3. R_mac

    Steve Lomas

    paha agree! either i'm just sad or that was pretty funny... ...or both o.O
  4. http://www.vipbox.tv/watch/43406/1/celtic-vs-st-johnstone-live-stream-online.html there ya go
  5. ^^^ what he said. gotta get mcD packed again, some huge games coming up! hopefully the club will sort out another family day before the end of the season or how about offering a "post split" season ticket? 3 homes games for say £40?
  6. Cheers Jamie, going for a cheeky wee Fran hat-trick @ 33/1, COYS! Got a feeling that its going to just click today
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/17534079 there ya go, anyone got the teams?
  8. Well done saints was the family day a success? Rough figures in the ormond?
  9. Think that was the last kick of the game, great goal by the big man was it not his first touch of the game as well?
  10. Dunfermline, Dundee United, Bolton all to win with Saints drawing vs Hearts
  11. I'd agree with this; will be interesting to see how they play tonight. Hopefully Beatie gets injured within the first few minutes but saying that i hope they win tonight meaning that they'll bring a few more fans on Saturday; Going to go with a 1-1 draw with Sandaza scoring, Att; 4487
  12. Silly me, trying to read journals at the same time as posting on here. Meant baldy marc!
  13. Once again with it nearing the end of the month, i have few pennies left so its looks like i can't make this one.....unless as baldy marc suggested i get in as a kid in the ormond stand o.O Might actually work!
  14. True...Sheerin's goal against Dundee at McD was also something special as was Gary Irvine's only goal for us again at EEP; technique wise anyway! One which also sticks out for me is Rusty's last minute bullet header against Morton (i think). The east stand, for once, went mental With a few more important games coming up, hopefully we'll see one or two more crackers, coys.
  15. aha cheeky c**t! might get away with it actually can i get a picture taken with super saint too please?!!!!
  16. Watched a few hearts games over the past few weeks and I've noticed that since Beatie has come in, they now resort to punting the ball up to him from the back missing out the midfield. Tbf he does do a good job of holding it up so it will be interesting to see how Wright and co deal with him. Our midfield is however, stronger than theirs IMO and I believe that this is where the battle will be won to give us the three points Really want to go to this game but with £35 to my name till the end of the month it looks unlikely. Anyway hopefully they'll all be knackered after knocking the fake saints out of the cup in extra time...
  17. We've scored some cracking goals over the past few years but this scorcher by Liam has to be one of my favourite Saints goals. That goal put us top of the league and here we are in the spl fighting for a European place; Can watch it over and over again
  18. Well done saints, fantastic achievement for a club of our size. With us securing a top 6 place, we can now concentrate on picking up points to get us into EUROPE One question though; what are the likely home/away fixtures going to be post split? Guessing we'll be at tynie, tannadice and ibrox? Am i right in thinking this? Cheers
  19. Gotta get the 3 points now with united winning...COYS!!!!!
  20. huge game! by winning this we'll have our top 6 place secured meaning that we can then concentrate on securing a european place Not sure whether ando will be risked or not; not much point in rushing him back when there's more important games coming up, eg the hearts game! Anyway in lomas we trust... o.O COYS
  21. Good going saints; hopefully it will be another success and depending on funds i should be there too