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  1. Have they died yet? Taking their time that's for sure.
  2. aha, i'm a bit of a lightweight these days! ***, i'm now using a top of the range samsung purchased from the car phone warehouse at the pricey sum of £2.50!
  3. Had a blast last night Stu minus coming back to the flat and dropping my blackberry down the loo! Think that last strongbow killed me aha! Many thanks again
  4. Would be interested but guess i'm too late stu?
  5. Hope you guys have a ball, unfortunately due to only having a tenner to my name till Wednesday I can't afford this game. COYS
  6. Unfortunately not With only a tenner to my name till payday (next tuesday) I just cant afford it. Looking at the fixtures my next game is probably going to be Hearts at home...Hope you guys have a cracking day out! COYS
  7. Huge game and if we do win, the top 6 is pretty much ours; then we can focus on the European Places!!! Got a feeling that SAS are going to be on top form! COYS!!!
  8. Would love the first round to be in Ireland meaning that as many saints fans as possible could make it without it costing a bomb! Then Germany or if not, some random country Gotta get there first though!!! COYS!!!!!
  9. Really can't afford it but I'd get the money somehow The next time we qualify for Europe, I'll probably have other commitments so I may as well go this time (if we do make it). Was too young to head to Monaco
  10. Must win if we want to secure top 6. No excuses Stevie boy!
  11. Bloody hell, £23 to get into that dump. Up in Aberdeen for the weekend so guess I should go along but those prices are ridiculous....f**king joke. Anyway, we gotta get a result out of this one to keep up with the pack...COYS!!!
  12. ach well, we'll just have to knick fourth place off of them que the texts from my jambo supporting pals.......the joys.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/scotland/7742209.stm there you go man
  14. 2 minutes to go.....st johnstone vs st mirren quarter final?! Hold on saints!!!
  15. come on u saints!!!!!! goooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll
  16. Apparently had a few chances over the past few minutes; one or two close offside calls...COYS