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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Best squad in over 10 years, yet we still can't get 3000 home supporters to the game.
  2. Doesn't seem to be that much hype regarding the game boys!!! United are the only team that we haven't beaten since we got promoted in 09'! CMON lads, lets make some noise tomorrow and get behind Steve and the boys!!! A victory tomorrow would be a huge step to furthering our European ambitions. We hate dundee united....
  3. :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
  4. Great day out and delighted to get a draw considering we went down to 10 men. We were probably the better team in the 2nd half but overall a draw was a fair result. Great support through Got a real "buzz" after Sheridan fired in the equalizer; who needs drugs when you've got SAINTS COYS!
  5. May well indeed open at 8 but it doesn't mean that they will serve alcohol from 8! Anyway, I'm buzzing for this game, seems like my last game was ages ago! Hopefully we'll bring a decent crowd through as well COYS
  6. guessing everyone will just be at the pol for 12.30 then?
  7. What am I like eh! Just as well I won't be sitting down at the bottom tier on Sunday! Em on the stv website actually! Where you heading for a pint or two before the game? The Pol is calling
  8. haha, just some t*** who got a bit carried away with himself when Peaso banged in the winner against Hearts last year in the Scottish Cup. What a numpty
  9. haha, one of my many Jambo mates shall be at the Pol before the game so will try to cone him out of a pint Got good seats in the Wheatfield Stand actually, should get a good view of Skacel banging a few in
  10. Arbroath must have the best squad in that division by a mile! Fingers crossed they'll get promoted!
  11. Just bought my 4 tickets, should be a decent away support Team wise, I'd go for the same starting 11 against the well' assuming no one is injured/suspended!
  12. Good going Stevie Love Alloa as a club so hopefully he can push them on to promotion! Lomas will be keeping an eye on him, keep it up!
  13. Tickets bought Managed my finances quite well last week so I can now afford 2 pints at the Pol, going be a messy one! aha
  14. The only saints player I would call up at the moment would probably be ando=he's had a great season so far and Scotland are lacking a strong centre back in my opinion. Liam, Dave and Chris are no where near the set-up-harsh but true.
  15. fantastic loved the celebrations, huge game coming up versus well' this week. COYS ps, leigh you;re still sh**e
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    Players WAGs

    true was a few crackers at the hibs game as well
  17. R_mac


    Liam;s at east end park stands out for me as well as peaso's at tynecastle Got a wee bit carried away at that game but was well worth it!!! Loved seeing the players celebrating with us fans yesterday as well, COYS!!!
  18. i'll be there at about 12ish as long as tonight is not too messy! might head to the standing order as well since its fairly cheap there!
  19. guildford? where about is that? also what time are we thinking of?
  20. sorry for the wee delay lads. So what is the plan? pub crawl or just the artisan? I'll probably head into town at about 12ish and then make my way east on towards the artisan. Stu, what are you thinking?
  21. Think most people will be buying the tickets just before the game. Out of my 5 pals going none of us have tickets! Really not too sure how this game is going to go-with hibs winning at the weekend, their confidence will be "sky-high but with SaS back we are more than capable of beating them. Hopefully have a decent, vocal support through with us all shouting abuse at that wee sh**e leigh!
  22. 11 is a tad early for me, up to you guys really. The Standing order on george street may be a shout-quite well priced. mmmmmm, where else? Or will we just see what happens?