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  1. Bristol let me down on my accumulator, gutted.
  2. pffft, you talk an awful lot of pish stu aye i'm game as well. rose street pub challenge it is then? all 22 of them nah there's a fair few good, cheap pubs in town, where's everyone thinking?
  3. R_mac


    pahahaha, got my tickets for the scottish cup game already, wheatfield section e
  4. rudi is indeed a cracking player-would love to see him at saints but me thinks that hearts will try everything possible to extend his contract, despite them having no funds!!
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    The scum for you!!! Well hope he scores and celebrates right in front of them!
  6. 100-1? Didn't notice that before, worth a punt even if its just a quid! also got a rangers/saints for 40-1. Reckon Lomas will get the boys right up for this one. Not a better time fir us o beat them!
  7. Saints to win with sandaza scoring anytime, 10-1 braw!
  8. Got a feeling saints are going win this game might put a cheeky fiver (big gambler i know) on it. Rangers are pish at the moment with their injuries! Lets get behind the boys and cheer them to victory!!! COYS
  9. £12 braw, making 3 games this month, pity its when i'm skinto though
  10. guessing it would suit a lot of people living away from perth, including me. hopefully saints are thinking up some of these ideas as well!
  11. How about a 8 game season ticket, where a fan can choose 8 games he or she wishes to attend excluding old firm games, for £100? Not bad....
  12. haha, epic. Will catch up with you guys at the hibs game in 2 weeks time
  13. aha as always then saying that our away support ain't half bad! i spotted a fair few beauties at the pars away game
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    Like ghosty and a few others, all i expected from Fran when we signed him was for him to stay till the end of the season, scoring a fair few goals in the process. He can do what he likes in the summer at the end of his contract. Obviously i'd love him to stay but this is highly unlikely; we simply can't afford matching the other offers he'll get. Perhaps European football will entice him to stay
  15. Probably not tbh and this is one of the reasons why even when we do speical promotions, its nevertheless unsuccessful.
  16. Exactly! We have to do something radical in order to bring back the lost fans. Personally, despite only being able to make probably 6 home games a season, i'd snap up a £100 season ticket. If fans couldn't make the game, maybe a system could be developed to give their spare ticket to a local child etc....
  17. Aye most likely aha :laugh:
  18. Right pretty much what I wanted to say but summed up; Moved away from the Perthshire area in 2010 to Edinburgh for uni (yes I'm a money sponging git, who always goes out and gets pissed and never studies....); gave up season ticket and went from attending 30 odd games in both the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons to 10 last season; currently on 7 ( only 2 at home ) this season. Feel that paying £21 is not value for money- £45 on a match day experience at McD! Em no thank you-almost my weekly budget-many others, not specifically students, are probably in the same position as me. Hence why I don't go to many home games. Almost every other club in the spl has a student gate, so why not Saints?! I think that we lose tons of saints fans once they move away from Perthshire in order to study. Take a look at my group of pals; 5 of us went to uni and we struggle to make 30 games combined never mind 30 each! The club does not encourage these fans back! There ain't enough incentive for my pals and I to regularly attend a game at McD! Agree with the block ticket idea; probably would have bought one over the festive period since I was back home at the time. The price structure on the whole is not value for money. Even once I have graduated from university, parting with 21 quid is hard hit. £16 would be a better price imo. The whole SPL needs a lot of radical changes in order to bring back the lost fans and the Bundesliga is the place to get these ideas from. Recently went to an Eintracht Frankfurt game and the whole match day experience cost me no more than 25 euros. Travel to and from the game is included in the match ticket, saving the supporter a few quid. Its things like these which encourage the fans to go to the game!!! Lower prices, summer football and terracing would be three changes which would be needed, imo, to spur the lost supporter back to the game. Obviously if the OF went bust it would help, since the league would be more competitive. Anyway enough of my pish, plus I gotta go.
  19. No ****ing way, just spent 30 minutes making a fair few points and my internet crashes. ffs
  20. Exactly! Muzza just needs to add finishing to his game.....should've scored
  21. Pish, those 3 players you just named are defo straters (probably not Haber) at the moment. Who would you replace them with considering our injury problems?
  22. Probably the shittest game i've watched in a while-we can't string more than 4 passes together-just resorting to punting it up the park, giving the possession back to aberdeen; really poor so far. Sam's touch looks awful as well. Can only get better....get ripped into them Lomas. COYS