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  1. aha aye just send him to burke and hare with a few fivers and i'm sure he'll be fit to play
  2. ah shite, apparently sandaza is out of the game, f**k
  3. after ordering my tickets yesterday, they have now arrived. Great service as usual COYS
  4. Think I'll just meet you guys at the Pol at 12ish as I've dragged 3 pals along with me. I still owe you a pint neil for giving me a lift back to the burgh after the united game, tennents it is? Same goes with Stu! COYS
  5. 4 tickets bought from the ticket office seems they're selling well! COYS
  6. Really buzzing for this game and bringing along a few non-saintees for the special occasion looking like we'll have a big support so lets all get behind steve and the boys from the start. See ya all in the Pol early doors, COYS!
  7. was wondering how the ormond day went? hope it was a success>?
  8. Great 3 points well done saints!! packed away end (well our one secton) at tynecastle on saturday me thinks. COYS
  9. buzzing for this one already dragging along a few pals as well! Think there should be a cash gate for us guys COYS!!
  10. defensive sounded immense well structured team steve! good work
  11. Wasn't originally thinking of going to this one, but i feel like i should be there! Really tempted but need to check the funds! Might stay in this weekend in order to save some cash Will get back to you! COYS
  12. Aye it was a dive but at the end of the day, had it won us the game not many of us would've been complaining. Yes, it is wrong and i do not support it but its part of the game these days- well until the sfa have big enough balls to start whipping bans out. Braw day out and was well worth the effort to get there great saints support as well, must've been at least 1200.....well maybe aha
  13. think there's a few of us from edinburgh, getting on this one, no idea if we've booked or not though! Baldymarc said that there was no point as there's still a fair few seats left?
  14. Right i'm game Checking train times as i write. COYS!!
  15. was swithering whether to go or not (due to funds) but **** it, i'm there just need to organise trains from the burgh! we need your support and may well see us move up to 3rd in the league ! lets all do our bit and get there!!! COYS!!!!
  16. really tempted to head to this one to cheer the lads on they deserve our full backing and here's to a cracking day out coys
  17. reckon i might go to this one, to cheer the boys on gotta look at train prices though. Might take up that offer nelly, very tempting but will get back to you! coys
  18. will be attending my first game at McD in a while and really looking forward to it. If we we are aiming for the top 6, we have to win games like these. Hopefully SaS are still on good form and here's to the 3 points at a packed McD
  19. Would agree with most being said on this thread tbh. McD rarely gets a crowd of over 7,000 never mind 10,000 so is there much need for the north stand. If it does go ahead, i would like to see terracing in replace of the stand but i'm not sure if this is legal or not? Anyone able to clear this issue up?
  20. pleased to confirm that haber has signed
  21. Didn't realise how much society (or is it just st johnstone fans?!), in general hates students. Not all of us live off of mummy and daddy going out every night getting pished, wasting the tax payers money. Anyway rant over. I think the main point that most people are missing is that this would definitely be an advantage for saints in the long run. Whether you think students are leaches or not is not the question. We all want the best for the club in the long run and if this means keeping a few students interested in saints throughout their studies, by introducing a student gate then so be it. After all they, they will be an investment for the future, paying back the club by going to games, once they are (hopefully) earning a decent wage. Then after a few years the kids come=more future saints fans or am i missing the point?
  22. stimmt, mal sehen aber hoffentlich werden wir mehre Tore diese Saison als letztes saison sehen und mit Sean Higgins, glaube ich, dass es moeglich ist COYS